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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​a.k.a. The Cyborg Queen
​The Metal Lords of the Void
Dark Jedi Knight

​Age: ​26 (Time of Assimilation)
Species: ​Bando Gora
​Birthplace: ​Unknown (Memory Wiped During Assimilation)
Force Sensitive: ​Yes
​Voice Sample: Voice
Orientation: ​Non-Existent
​Relation Status: ​System Error

​//System Check...Checking...Checking//

​​Height: ​6'2
Weight: ​179 lbs.
​Eye Color: ​Blue-Gray
Hair Color: ​None
​Hair Style: ​Bald
Skin Tone: ​Blue Pale
​Body Type: ​Robotic
​Birthmarks/Distinguishing Marks: ​Tribal Tattoos On Face

//Uploading Personality Parameters//

​Passive Aggressive: ​Exhibits indirect hostility through stubbornness and sullen behavior

​Cold Hearted: ​Exhibits no affection for organics

Snarky: ​Sharply critical

//Downloading Implants/Abilities//

Droid Agility Upgrade
Droid Memory Upgrade
Droid Warfare Upgrade
Mimetic Combat Processor
Mechu Deru-Vitae
Electronic Manipulation
Force Flash

​//File #34890//

​The doctor removed his surgical mask, wiping the sweat from his upper lip. ​"Send in the cleaning droids to dispose of these parts. Afterwards, have the nurse droid bring our subject to the recovery room. Keep me posted on any changes," ​the doctor said before leaving the hidden medical facility. The facility was built deep underground on the planet of Eridu, a left-over from some Faction who at one time used this facility to create abominations just as the doctor done with the test subject.

​Later that night, the test subject opened her eye; feeling pain coursing through her body; or what was left of her body. She tried to scream, but her attempts were cut off by the three tubes jammed down her throat. Her rate began to spike, prompting the medical droid to enter her room. The prototype subject ripped the tubes from her mouth, asking in a angry tone, "What have you done to me!" ​Trying to get up, she noticed her legs, or what now constituted as her legs, were restrained to the bed. She noticed her other hand, what was left of it and her arm, too were restrained.

​Whe she noticed her other hand, what now was mechanical in nature, she finally did scream. The medical droid tried to hold her down while using it's own internal communication system to call the doctor. A couple of masked men entered the room, one carrying a hypodermic needle, and injected a small sedative into her neck. The doctor finally showed up to examine his creation.

​"Do not worry darling, when you get through this initial shock of your new transformation we will discuss your rebirth," ​he said running a cold hand over her now bald head. The doctor and his entourage left the room, and the test subject stared viciously at their backs.

​A week passed and the test subject, with an armed guard, was escorted to the doctor's office. "Please, have a seat." ​When test subject declined his offer, the subject took notice the drastic change in the voice sound. Slamming a fist on the desk, the test subject practically screamed, ​"What have you done to me!"

"I made you better, AD-Iqatar.13"

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