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AD-Iqatar.13 Armor/Body [DONE]


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂


Intent: Droid (Cyborg) Body Armor for Ad-Iqatar.13

Image Source:

Canon Link: N/A

Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source: ​N/A


Manufacturer: Venjuta Industries, Ignus Industries

Model: XR-ADI.13

Affiliation: AD-Iqatar.13 / Venjuta Industries

Modularity: Yes, droid components. Future Submissions.

Production: Unique

Material: ​Phrik, Flexsteel, Electromesh, Insulfoam, Focus Crystal


Classification: Multipurpose

Weight: ​2kg.

Quality: 4


MM9 Rocket System
Armsaw Blade
Gravity Generator
Laser Scanner
DNA T/T Module
Computer Probe
Hip Compartment
Wrist Data Pad


MM9 Rocket System: Small mounted right wrist rocket system capable of firing various rocket types.

Armsaw Blade: The blade is hidden a small compartment on her left forearm between the wrist and elbow, can be called into service at will. The blade is 15cm. in length

Gravity Generator: Utility item when that creates a small gravity swell, that works with the opposite effect of a repulsorlift. When activated, it increases the weight of an enemy thus slowing their movements. A small button under her right breast activates the gravity generator.

Laser Scanner: The scanner was designed to read and identify bands on cargo modules, but this was upgraded to read ship signatures as well.

TL III CM: This device allowed for the understanding of over six million dialects. A tube was attached from the armor to the base of her skull, with the probe imbedded into her brain.

DNA T/T Module: Like the TL III CM, a single tube was attached from the armor body into the base of her skull, with another probe imbedded into her brain. This allowed for easy tracking of targets through images passed into her mind. It also records DNA.

Computer Probe: A small probe was created and placed under her right wrist. This item allowed for connecting to computers for gathering of information, opening doors, and on occasion taking control of a ship.

Hip Compartment: Built into the left side of the suit, the hip compartment is the storage facility that houses her pistol. With a slight tap on a button above the compartment, the unit opens enabling her to grab the weapon.

Data Pad: Located on her left hand (not palm), she can retrieve any information from the computer probe, the laser scanner, and the DNA T/T Module.


Resilient To Blasters (Electromesh)
Resilient to Lightsabers (Phrik)


​EMP Attacks (Heavy Technology On Suit)
​Skin Grafted (Not Removable)


​Venjunta Industries and Ignus Industries decided to collaborate on a project to create a prototype armor-skin suit for cyborgs. Ignus Industries brought their know how of armor fabrication to the table, while Venjuta Industries brought their droid knowledge. The two company's engineers went to work on the prototype, dubbed Project White Out. The schematics were fleshed out to everyone's liking, but they were lacking a body.

As their luck would have it, a recent luxury ship disaster occurred taking the lives of nearly everyone on board when it crashed upon the surface Kalee. Both companies sent 'specialists' to help scour the wreckage for any potential survivors, but their objective was to find a suitable candidate for the prototype suit. They discovered a Banda Gora female, whose body was damaged beyond all imagination. Without much success elsewhere among the wreckage, they took the female to a hidden facility on the planet of Eridu.

Once the initial diagnosis was complete, only forty percent of the female's body was salvageable, but it was the high midichlorian count in her DNA that drew them. Removing the damaged parts, they began surgically grafting the prototype skin-like armor to the remaining flesh, while adding the droid parts to fill in the missing links.

Because she was deemed a Force Sensitive, the owner of Ignus Industries proposed adding a Focus Crystal into the woman's chest, the armor skin thus crafted over it for it's protection. Phrik, flexsteel, electromesh, and insulfoam were brought in from Ignus Industries, while Venjuta Industries added their droid accessories to the armor skin. Designed to be multipurpose, a wrist mounted rocket system was attached to the right wrist for the cyborg's protection.

After several weeks of recovery, the test subject now named AD-Iqatar.13 was now ready for the tests. However, the female cyborg's emotions took control of her, and in a fit of rage killed the engineers, doctors, and destroyed the facility; including all the data and schematics associated with Project White Out. Before any security forces could arrive to capture the cyborg, she fled the planet.

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