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Active Faction Threads/Stories

This will be a list of faction stories that are taking place, or threads that we can potentially jump into as the Vanguard. If you feel your thread is noteworthy, or could hold some value with the faction, just tag me with a Link in this thread to let me know, and I will add it. I will also update this post as much as necessary to be up to date with any threads we may have.
Friendly Faction Threads
The New World - Commenor - The Knights of Commenori wish to create a temple, and center for learning for them to stay, and to learn about the force. As the Vanguard, we have been invited to help create this with them.​
This has been updated as of this post. Adding the Commenor Planetary faction thread. As well as a new section for any allied threads that we are invited to join in.

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