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Approved Tech Achlys Grenade

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John Locke


  • Manufacturer: Locke and Key Mechanics
  • Model: Achlys Grenade
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market (Any character can use this if they have explicit permission through, for example, a marketplace purchase)
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Mass-Produced. (Anyone.) Characters refer to NPCs & PCs.
  • Material: Magnesium, Aluminium, Smoke,
  • Able to obscure an area in smoke making it difficult for people to see into the area covered.
  • Use of aluminium chaff disrupts radar and sonar, providing some measure of protection from sensors.
  • A flare released with the smoke creates a source of extreme heat, disrupting infrared and thermal sensors.
  • Obscures an area from visual and other sensors allowing a team to escape or approach a target.
  • Temporary cover: The grenade releases smoke which tends to dissipate by itself even if there is no wind or any other force acting on the particles.
  • No explosive force: The Achlys is not an explosive grenade and does not provide any damage. Instead, it is solely a utility device unless you let it go off while holding it when it can burn you due to the flare or set you to coughing due to the smoke.
  • Advanced sensors: The smoke and its add-ons only provide a basic level of protection from sensors, and of course they provide no protection from sensing through the force.
  • I'm right here: The smoke and flare act as a signal to anyone that there is something happening right here. While they may not know what's under the cloud, they can be sure there is something there.
  • Double-blind: The smoke works as effectively on allies as it does opponents making the use of the grenade a tactical decision that can backfire if not thought through properly.
  • Grenade: Like all grenades, it can be shot or moved nullifying the intended effect of the smoke cloud. Like most other grenades it is a one-use device.

In a battlefield which was increasingly dominated by power armours packing onboard sensors spotting out and engaging targets was an increasingly easy task. The engineers at Locke and Key sought to alter that math by introducing a way to disrupt those sensors. Before the advent of suit sensors a basic smoke grenade was all that was needed but now you needed something a little more complex.

The engineers took the basic smoke grenade that obscured vision and sought to improve it, adding two more methods of hiding, small flakes of aluminium designed to distort radar and sonar returns (chaff) and a heated flare to prevent infrared sensors from penetrating the cloud. The smoke will of course disperse, but hopefully not before giving the users to cover then needed.
Not open for further replies.