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Acer Maximus Luchance III

Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden​
Acer in his many commissioned oil paintings
The following is a full report filled with the Coruscanti Citizenship Application Office
(Edited by Acer Maximus Luchance III! These people got all their facts wrong!)
NAME: Acer Maximus Luchance III
ALIASES: Bird-Brim Luchance
PRONUNCIATION: A-sir, Max-ee-mus, Loo-chance
BIRTH NAME: Dan Rottwood (Acer Maximus Luchance III)

FACTION: No Affiliates (His own, beautiful, manly self)
RANK: N/A (Greatest Pirate Captain to Have Ever Pirated the Nine-Rims)

AGE: Thirty-four (spectacularly young)
SEX: Male (Yes Please)

WEIGHT: 145lbs (of pure muscle, I assure you!)
EYES: Dirt Brown (Lush chocolate dots that sparkle like jewels from heaven!)
HAIR: Jet Black
SKIN: Darkened Tan/Smooth Complexion

LANGUAGES: Basic (Galactic Standard)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral

CHILDREN: None (I think)
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single (and ready to mingle one-night stand)
Yes Please)


This is Deck Master Craig. I hire him to throw my money

[+] Everything Ever: If you ask Acer, that is. In fact, he has it engraved in his belt buckle. The truth is that for what Acer lacks in...almost everything else, he makes up for in an impossibly dumb approach to life that works out based on pure luck and unpredictability alone. Though his flight skills are remarkable.
[+] A bit of Flair: Acer is a flamboyant, egotistical, imbecilic pirate who you can't help but notice. This might be a weakness to some people, but with a spot of luck, Acer has managed to turn this into the staple of everything he has accomplished. His ability to spit out hastily made stories as fact and his undeniable ability to distract a room allow more competent people around him to pick up his slack while he dazzles and annoys.
[+] A (mostly) Competent Crew: Acer would be nothing without his fearless and nearly competent band of followers who excel where he crashes, burns and begins crying in a fetal position. This, alongside his ability to dazzle the more...easily influenced among us is a strength all on its own.
[+] Credits, Schemes & Panache: Acer, despite his incompetence in nearly everything he does, has a knack for creating hairbrained schemes that are surprisingly elegant in design...despite their chaotic executions. They usually manage to get him the credits he needs to pay those around him to do things he couldn't be bothered doing, even if he was actually talented enough to do them himself in the first place. These schemes often end in his limited combat ability displayed with an astounding display of theatrical mishaps and style that dazzle his enemies just enough for him to win...sometimes.
[-] Everything Never: Acer has two things in life. Flamboyance and luck. Everything else is a complete loss on him, aside from his ability to pilot and repair almost any starship. He cannot defend himself well, he is often annoying to those around him and his personality tends to get him more unwanted attention than it would ever do good. This is all not even mentioning the fact that he quite...stupid.
[-] Training...HA!: Acer never received formal training in any combat forms. He can barely hold a blaster without shooting himself in the foot and use a sword is a good way for him to give himself a close shave. Not only does he not have this training, he would rather never actually admit he can't do something. "winging it" never hurt anyone in the past...right?
[-] The Price of a Name: Not once in the history of the galaxy was there ever a person born with the name Acer Maximus Luchance III. In fact, it's such a fake name that he often forgets to put "The Third" at the end of his "name" when introducing himself. This alias that consumed his life was put there because his true identity hides a dark past that would most likely break him in many painful places if it were ever revealed.
[-] The Layers Lust: Acer has little to no self-control. He flirts. He gambles. He drinks. He cheats. These things alone are enough to get him in deep trouble, but it gets only worse when you take into account that without The Lusty Wookiee, his personal ship, he would not only be homeless but would most likely wither away in a ball of tears and hunger somewhere due to his having nearly zero survival skills.

For Acer, there is but one way to dress. Like a captain. Problem is that in his mind that means something completely different than the rest of the galaxy. He is never seen without his large, feather bearing hat that he is on an ever-going quest to replace with a larger and larger hat. Expectedly until he can no longer be seen behind its sheer mass. Taking inspiration from Tof pirates of old and even ancient sea-fairing cultures from human worlds, Acer dresses in a lavish red coat lined with armor weave and topped with obnoxiously outdated belts, shoes, and ridiculously large cufflinks.

It is also worth mentioning that, despite what he would have many believe from his oil paintings, he does indeed have use of both of his hands. He simply wears a hook or blade over his left hand when in public sometimes because he thinks it makes him look "fantastically deadly". A far-fetched statement, especially considering that he stands at only 5'4 and sports a goatee complete with curled mustache that makes him look more akin to a cartoon villain than a brutal pirate. Despite the goofy facial hair and curled locks of hair, he isn't an especially ugly man...he just has a very poor choice in everything he does with his appearance.


This is Rea-PO...He scares me.


Dan Rottwood, known more commonly by his alias Acer Maximus Luchance III or by his Law given nickname "Bird Brim Luchance", is an infamous delinquent of the high stars. But things weren't always this way, once upon a time, he was nothing more than a simple mechanic's son living in a secluded town on Lianna.

He was raised as the child of Denari and Haldron Rottwood, poor starship mechanics who often did business with local nobles who wore extravagant clothing. Throughout his entire life, Dan felt that he was destined for something greater than being bossed around by nobles in big hats. He couldn't accept being just another number on their charts, an income source and nothing more.

But what is a small child on Lianna supposed to do? He went hungry most nights and his parents couldn't afford to send him to a proper education facility. How was he supposed to be anything more than a simple Mechanic? The answer was simple, he'd run away. Far away from his home, leaving his loved father and adored mother behind in favor of a life of lavish adventure.

So at 15, luck and sheer force of will saw him to the planetary Capital where he sought to join the Lianna Navy. Unfortunately for him, the military had strict regulations against child soldiers.

Even at his young age he knew what he wanted and wasn't prepared to just settle for his ill-planned runaway failing. Until three weeks on the street hungry began to change his mind. Just as he was about to fold into fate, he dug into a garbage heap to find a nice placemat for his evening meal and found, to his own surprise, the identification card for an older, much wealthier eighteen-year-old.

Jax Silva was the name written on the identification, but Dan simply wasn't pleased with such an ordinary name. So, taking several names from nobles in his small town, created a new name. Acer Maximus Luchance III and used his limited computer ability learned from his parents to change the info stored on the identification. Using his best noble voice and stride, he demanded that the Navy recruiter give him a prestigious military post and immediate entrance into the academies. Luckily, the recruitment officer bought into the act, but unluckily he didn't take too kindly to Dan's tone.

And so Dan, now known as Acer, was immediately sent to basic training and quickly assigned as an assistance cook aboard an orbital military station.

In order to gain the respect of his fellow ship-mates, Dan practiced his talent for extravagant storytelling by telling great tales of his father and their lands. Unfortunately, this seemed to have the opposite effect on them and they took to beating and mocking him instead; usually under the watchful eye of an aggravated commanding officer.

Years went by and the Dan saw very little action but did well enough at his dead-end job to become the head cook on an escort vessel for trade convoys. Still, the adventure the Navy provided was not enough for him by the time he was in mid-twenties. He was still just doing his same dirty job aboard the same dirty ship and was now seeing the same dirty places.

He ached for more. So the night of his twenty-eighth birthday, he gathered all the supplies he could and stole a blaster pistol from his captain's quarters before entering an escape pod and sending himself spinning towards the planet of Taris. Just as the ship began to disappear, Dan saw the unmistakable shapes of fighter craft enter the system.. As he spun around, the ship he was on burst into flames and a viscous pirate frigate emerged from the black smoke.

It was the infamous Captain Maridius Black and the crew of the Dark Enchantress.The pirate crew sailed up alongside Dan and took him aboard, binding him and setting him in the airlock to be spaced. Before they sent him to the dark abyss as just another Imperial dog, they asked him for his last words.

Which he, of course, turned into a epic tale of his time on the seas as a daring pirate after forsaking his corrupt father's fortune in favor of a life on the seas making an honest man's living. Until "Those Rotten Peckered Navy Boys" got their hands on him and shipped him off to be hung in the capital. So amazed was the crew by this tale of courage and bravery that they voted to keep Dan aboard; much to the dismay of Captain Maridius.

Although the crew may have been able to keep Dan aboard through a vote by law of the ships constitution, it was Maridius who had the say on what he did in the end. So, he was given the most demeaning of jobs on the ship. He was to be the cook and the floor scrubber of the lower decks, which Maridius left to him alone.

Despite Maridius' best attempts to uncover Dan as a fraud, the young scoundrel was always able to talk his way out of trouble with the crew. Tensions between Dan and Maridius would rise higher over the next two years as Dan began to grow more confident in his standing on the ship and would occasionally challenge Maridius' rule. There had even been stirrings on the ship that the crew may vote Dan into power and cast Maridius to the wayside.

Enraged, Maridius set out to find proof of Dan's past and began to put out word through his contacts to find him something solid. Word would come back to Maridius that an envoy vessel carrying records of recently deceased and missing individuals from the Lianna Navy was being taken to The Republic as to allow them to help search for the missing and confirm the deaths of the assumed deceased.

Maridius told his crew that the ship was said to be holding gold and set them out to capture it. The ship they found carrying the records was a single frigate whose crew was untrained and inexperienced; they were quickly defeated by the pirate crew and captured. That is when Maridius boarded the ship and raided the records; finding quickly a small box with the two noble families with importance to the region. What he found were the records of the vessel on which Acer served, along with an extensive list of the crew.

Maridius ordered his crew back onto the ship, leaving only enough behind the guard the prisoners while he confronted Dan with the evidence in the kitchen. The crew was enraged that they had been lied to and they demanded to know who he really was as they approached him with blasters at the ready. In a panic, Acer fired his own weapon; causing the blaster bolt to bounce about the magnetized room before impacting a plasma regulator for a nearby cooker. The resulting explosion set ablaze the lower decks of the ship as plasma ate and burned away at the hull.

Dan was able to squirm his way out of the lower decks and lock the crew in and made his way back to the envoy ship. As he jumped across to the captured ship, the fire reached the munitions hold and the Dark Enchantress was blown in half by the explosion just as the crew of the envoy frigate was able to unhook from the pirate ship and move to safety.

Acer proclaimed that he was a fearsome warrior and that he had used his skill to destroy the captain and the ship. He told them that he would do to them the same if they didn't join his new crew, the crew of Acer Maximus Luchance III aboard his new ship which they would help him find. The terrified crew responded by taking him to the ship's hold where he found a massive bird feathered cap from the days of the Tof invasion that was to be gifted to The Republic Galactic Museum as a diplomatic gesture. And so Bird Brim Luchance was born.

Soon after, Acer and his new crew set about piecing together a new ship by stealing the required parts from around the galaxy; eventually building "The Lusty Wookiee" from ancient Tof designs.

The Lusty Wookiee






Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden

Oh-ho-ho! You obviously don't realize the magnitude of who you are in the presence of! I am ACER MAXIMUS LUCHANCE!...THE THIRD!!!!

Come little hooded....dwarf...thingie, I shall prove to you my great pirate-ness!

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