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Academy & Ministries


Disney Princess
@[member="Diana Moridena"]


The Ministry of Public Security
Rooftops of Tower B

The beautiful silver skyline of Coruscant was perfect. Karen smiled blissfully as the curling white clouds and endless blue ocean that awaited her. From the roof of the Public Security Ministry Building, you could see the grandeur of the Senate District all around you. The warm buzzing air gave her a wonderful contentment for a bright, sunny afternoon.

Roberts had just returned from lunch with Hideo Kuze of the Public Security Ministry and arranged to use the garden rooftops for a little training session. Diana was given flight and security permissions as well, to accommodate the unique location. Should be fun.

"Was there anything else you need Commander?" The ugly old man called from the door. Kuze was a rather important, if impatient male.

"Nothing else Director. Thank you." She smiled in return. Standing out by the edge and availing herself of the warm breeze.

"Very good than. I look forward to our next meeting. Good day Commander. Force be with you." He retired from the roof and back down into the building's operations center. Leaving Karen alone with the gardens for the moment. No doubt Jedi Master Moridena would be along shortly.

Cedric Dorn

Diana stepped onto the rooftop with a smart little walk. She seemed to be all around pleased with herself and an air of perfectly fitting confidence hung around her. She walked through the flowers and plants quickly, knowing that she was already late and not wanting to make Karen wait anymore than she had to. The Jedi Councilor waltzed through the gardens until she found her target, then her face broke out into a smile.

“Hi!” She called out to the woman as she walked up to her. “Sorry I'm late.”

The Master didn't comment on why she was late, though presumably it had to do something with the council here on Coruscant...or perhaps she had overslept, it was difficult to tell. Either way Diana seemed to be more than ready for the task ahead of her.


Disney Princess
Karen twisted in her perch and waved a hello,

"Why hello there. Master Diana, I presume. I must say, your picture in the Archives does you no justice. Haha. You look lovely. ...And welcome to the Ministry. I do hope Kuze let you in alright. He can be such an old goat sometimes. Hehe."

She hoped down from the edge of the skyscraper and retreated to the garden area. The breeze turned down and the sounds of the busy city dimmed to casual humming.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice. I've only recently returned to Coruscant and my meeting schedule leaves much to be desired. Hehe. Who knew?"

Karen waved away the comment with a smile.

"So? ...I understand you might be able to teach me a little about Force Light? I look forward to it. Really."

@[member="Diana Moridena"]