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Approved Tech AC-RCO Anti-Coagulant Bullet

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Intent: Initially intended for hunting purposes, this type of bullet allows hunters who miss the vital organs of their targets to still bring home a kill. This helps all hunters galaxy-wide to bring in meat for the table and it aids big game hunters to take down the larger, more dangerous animals found on various worlds around the galaxy. The bullet is for hunting purposes and is only found in rifle calibers, but can be improperly re-purposed to military use.
Manufacturer: Mythosaur Munitions
Model: AC-RCO (Anti-Coagulant Rifle Caliber Only) Bullet
Affiliation: Mandalorian Manufactured, All Markets.
Modularity: None
Production: Capable of mass production, currently on limited production
Material: Lead bullet, Anti-coagulant fluid core, copper casing, chemical propellant.
Description: The bullet operates as all standard bullets do, but upon impact the bullet shatters. This serves three purposes: First, it causes fragments of the bullet to tumble through the target's body causing massive shock and trauma. Second, the core of anti-coagulant fluid ruptures in the vial held in the center of the bullet, spreading the fluid through the wound more or less evenly which causes the blood not to clot. Third, because the bullet fragments, the kinetic energy bleeds out preventing the round from punching through the target at all but the closest of ranges for safety purposes.
Bullet Weight: The bullets weigh a few grams each, and being solid ammunition they weigh more in bulk. Obviously, larger caliber ammunition weighs more than smaller ammunition and this weight is directly proportional to the amount of ammunition carried.
Caliber Range: AC-RCO are used in rifle calibers only ranging from from 7.62mm x 56mm bullets to .340 (.340in/8.6mm diameter bullets by 3.6in/91mm overall length). Anything higher is unnecessary as anything larger than .340 will kill or maim anything of average size without armor (whether artificial or natural). Anything lower is considered custom ammunition and will be made on an as needed basis. All pistol calibers are excluded from manufacturing at this time.
Range: Approximate range varies from rifle to rifle and bullet to bullet, but the average range of most hunting caliber slug throwers is 500 to 800 yards (about half a mile maximum). Planetary and geological locations can shorten or lengthen the shot depending on gravity, weather, atmospheric composition, etc.
Cost: AC-RCO bullets are sold in boxes of the same price as regular ammunition. However, because of the nature of specialty ammunition, specialized/custom ammunition boxes contain half as many bullets as Regular ammunition. This saves cost of manufacture while promoting maximized proftis (ex. 20-30 credits for a box of 20 7.62mm x 56mm regular rifle ammunition while 20-30 credits for a box of 10 7.62mm x 56mm AC-RCO ammunition).
Strengths: Causes severe bleeding, causes major shock and trauma, hard to dodge and deflect (slug thrower traits)

Weaknesses: After enough bleeding or proper medical aid (flushing the wound thoroughly) the fluid is washed out and the blood will clot, lack of bullet penetration, only available from Mythosaur Munitions (hard to get the further away from Mandalore you get), only available in rifle calibers.


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This is an interesting concept. A few questions:

1) How much do these things weigh?

2) What calibers/sizes do these bullets come in?

3) If the calibers are standardized, what approximate range do these have?

4) What is the approximate cost of these bullets? The cost can be an actual number or a generic "It's as much as a starfighter/cheap as a blaster pistol" description.

Please tag me in your reply. Thanks! :)
1) They weigh the same as any bullet. A few grams each, really. In bulk they'd weigh more, but seeing as they're initially intended for hunting purposes, I'd think a typical hunter would only carry a few dozen, if that. That said, larger calibers will be slightly heavier than smaller calibers per bullet which is directly proportional to the weight of all ammunition carried of this type by the hunter.

2) They come in calibers of all rifle sizes. Smaller than 7.62mm x 56mm would probably not happen except on a specialized/custom arrangement. Pistol sizes are not manufactured even on a custom arrangement unless there's a really good reason for it, in which case I'll resubmit for smaller calibers. These bullet types would probably go no higher than .340 caliber (.340 in/8.6mm diameter bullet and 3.6 inch/91mm overall length for clarification. It's used for big game hunting, usually). Anything higher and the anti-coagulant coating is completely superfluous as the size of any larger bullet will usually kill or maim anything unarmored of average size.

3) Approximate range is determined by the size of the caliber and design of the initial bullet. Obviously, you wouldn't get the same range as a .340 rifle as you would with a 7.62mm rifle, but generally the effective range of any slug thrower of hunting caliber is roughly 500 to 800 yards, though using custom ammunition, specialized rifles, and acknowledging that atmospheric conditions vary from planet to planet and geological location to geological location, you're looking at adding or subtracting yards of varying amounts in such cases. Obviously, on a lower grav world you'd shoot farther and on a higher grav world you'd shoot shorter. It just depends, honestly.

4) Cost, again, varies. The average cost of RL 7.62mm x 56mm is roughly twenty US dollars for a box of 20-30. So, if one were to compare the Star Wars Credit to the US Dollar for standardization, it would cost roughly 20 or so credits for an average box of 20 7.62mm by 56mm bullets. Twenty .340 are about $50-60 so the price for the average would be 50-60 credits for a box of twenty. Now, since these are specialized ammo, I have two options. Either up the amount for the box by a percentage, turning a 20 credit box of 20 bullets to a 30 credit box of 7.62mm x 56mm. I can also keep the price the same and lower the count of ammunition which means the 20 credit box of 20 7.62mm x 56mm bullets is now a 20 credit box of 10 7.62mm x 56mm bullets.

Honestly, the latter option would make more sense for a specialized round for two reasons. First, hunters or buyers in general don't want a huge amount of rounds as they only need one or two and since they'd be able to stockpile more effectively, upping the price would be a one off sort of thing. I'd get a decent amount of credits for the initial purchase, but I'd have to wait a while for another purchase from that buyer, especially if they don't hunt regularly. Second, I'd be maxing out profit and lowering production costs. Having to manufacture less bullets and selling them for a higher price per box would mean I'd min/max my sales and profits, which is the goal of any business.

So, essentially, you'd be looking at the standard going price of regular ammunition per box, but for the specialized ammunition like this, you'd see half the bullets for the same cost.

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@[member="Arrbi Betna"]

That's a very well-thought response. Can you work your answers into the description? My intent is that someone looking at the description can get a very good feel for the ammunition, and that most questions (cost, range, etc.) would be answered. Your responses are good, and they answer my questions, so working those into your first post would be the last thing I'll require before I approve this. :)

Please tag me when you are done!
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