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Abregado War Galley [DONE]


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)

  • Intent: To create an anti-starfighter and specialized ramming/boarding vessel for Abregado
  • Image Source: DeviantArt, KDY Trireme-class Corvette by RavingDork, link here
  • Canon Link: Shield Disrupting Projector
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Abregado Combat Shield
  • Manufacturer: Abregado-Rae Guild of Hammers, Metal Lords
  • Model: Abregado War Galley
  • Affiliation: Closed Market, ARGH, GA, Firemane, Metal Lords
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Durasteel hull with Duranium armor plating
  • Classification: Corvette
  • Length: 150 meters
  • Width: 30 meters
  • Height: 29 meters
  • Armament: Low against Capital Ships Very High against starfighters and other small craft. Turbolaser turret on the bow, point-defense quad laser turrets.
  • Defenses: Moderate, Durasteel hull with duranium armor plates, ship variant of Abregado Combat Shield. When reached Ramming Speed Very High on the bow and front sectors Very Low on the rest of the ship
  • Hangar: Average: 0
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate, Very Low when reached Ramming Speed
  • Speed Rating: Moderate, Very High when reached Ramming Speed
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average
  • Ramming Speed- On the Galley's control console there is a big red button, pressing it pushes the vessel into ramming speed, the ship is launched forward, quickly gaining high speed while losing maneuverability.
  • Boarding Drill Ram- The bow of the ship is adorned with a spike-like drill ram. The purpose of this ram is to be smashed against the hull of enemy ships and pierce their armor, drilling through it and opening up, creating a pathway through which soldiers carried aboard the Galley can quickly board the enemy vessel.
  • Modular Matrix Focus- a feature of the Abregado Combat shield, the systems can change the focus of the Deflectors to specific parts of the ship, this is mostly done during ramming actions when the shields are boosted at the bow to increase damage done to enemy vessels while decreasing the damage Galley receives from impact. However, doing so opens up the rest of the ship to enemy fire from the rear and flanks.
  • Troop Compartment- Directly behind the drill corridor there are compartments for troops, these can hold either 60 war droid or organic soldiers prepared to board enemy vessels or 120 drones, 2 phalanxes, along with weaponry who can fold themselves to be stored in smaller spaces.
  • Tractor Beams- the galley's bow holds four tractor beam projectors, these are used to slow down other corvettes or frigates, if they are not too big, but mostly to anchor the corvette towards its target to accurately aim the vessel in preparation for ramming and hold the two ships together should it succeed.
  • Shield Disrupting Projector- based on ancient Iskalloni tech, the bow of the ship can emit out a shield disrupting ray, this is done during ramming in order to open up a pathway through the enemy's deflector shields, although it is not instantaneous and its effectiveness is based on the target's own shielding systems, it is more effective up close.
  • Ramming Speed- these ships have been optimized for ramming actions, including a forward burst of speed their engines can get after pushing the Big Red Button, shields shifting their focus to the bow of the galley to absorb the impact of enemy hull, a drill ram to penetrate enemy hull, and compartment for troops to board the enemy vessel.
  • Anti-Starfighter- the Galley's armament is mostly consisted of quad laser turrets meant to intercept and shoot down fast moving targets like starfighters, missile, and other smallcraft. When not used for boarding or ramming action these corvettes are mostly utilized as escort ships against fighters and bombers.
  • Shield Disruptors- equipped with shield disruptors based on old Iskalloni tech these vessels have a mean of depleting deflectors at a specific point to create an opening through which they can ram more easily. These disruptors emit out a beam that interfaces with the shield's systems, their effectiveness is based on the efficiency of the shields they face and proximity to the enemy ship, they are much more effective up close.
  • Low Long Range Damage- What guns the Galley does have are mostly based around point defenses and shooting down enemy starfighters, being more efficient in up close engagements especially when ramming someone rather than long distance barrages.
  • Low Capital Ship Damage- the only guns on the ship that can deal damage against capital ships efficiently is the turbolaser turret by the bow of the ship, however this is used mostly to help deplete the enemy vessel's deflectors before ramming rather than for continuous barrages.
  • Moderate Defenses- the vessel has only moderate defenses, when compared to other corvettes, these are just enough to get it through enemy line of fire without exploding while ramming and are further weakened when its shields are diverted to the front of the ship or deactivated. These defenses are not meant to withstand continuous focused barrages from capital ships, making them weak to longer-range engagement in space.
  • Ramming Speed Limitations- while the ship reaches ramming speed its shields are diverted to the bow, opening it up to the attacks from the sides and rear, the rear thrusters also overpower other engines used for maneuverability, cutting down on the ship's agility while ramming, this can allow more agile or faster ships to dodge out of the way before the two vessels collide.

Intro: Abregado War Galleys are the first capital class space faring vessel manufactured by ARGH in greater numbers. While the company had experience before creating space-borne drones and droids, along with work on singular vessels, this is the first in their effort to create a line of vessels to use in their personal armadas as well as to supply them to other factions like the Metal Lords.

Description: War Galleys are elongated corvettes, equipped for a dual purpose of serving as escort corvettes in larger fleets, creating an anti-starfighter screen with their quad laser turrets, and as boarding and small troop transport craft, ramming enemy vessels to pierce their hull with the drill ram by their bow and unload the drone, droid, or organic soldiers stationed aboard the vessel. When placed in Metal Lord command these vessels are often highly stylized at the bow, with their ram being colored according to their machine commander's preferences and faces being printed on their hull. The Galleys are crewed partially by computerized systems flying the ship autonomously and partially by a drone and droid crew, they are rarely seen being manned by organics as these vessels don't often survive too long in grand battles or after ramming, even if successful.

Special Features: Most of the special additions to the corvette are centered around its ramming capabilities, including a booster to the engines which can propel it forward at great speed while cutting on its maneuverability, the drill ram previously mentioned which is meant to pierce through enemy vessel's armor and hull and then open up, creating a pathway for the troops stored aboard the board the targeted ship, modular matrix focus of the Abregado Combat Shields they are equipped with, allowing the deflectors to divert power towards the bow of the vessel, helping minimize damage to the corvette from impact against enemy vessels, compartments in which troops can be stationed in preparation for boarding, along with their gear, tractor beams which could capture small craft like frigates, corvettes, or starfighters, but the galleys do not have systems to dock with them or board them outside of ramming on their own, most often these beams are utilized to steer and lock the corvette towards their target and then keep the two vessels together should it succeed, and a shield disrupting projector. This projector is based on ancient design and emits out a beam that drains power from a specific location of enemy deflectors, opening up a passage for the Galleys to push through without the enemy deflectors interfering with them, their effectiveness depends on the efficiency of shield systems they are trying to shut down and the proximity to the target, being more effective up close.

Strengths: The Galleys' strength is based on their two roles- protection against small craft like starfighters and ramming. The quad laser turrets are effective at shooting down quickly moving targets, providing protection against them for larger vessels, while the variety of special features based around ramming allows the ship to get close to enemy targets quickly without, hopefully, exploding. Shield disruptor and the single turbolaser turret are meant to deplete enemy shields before actual ramming, with the turbolaser weakening them before the disruptor can finish the job while the galley closes in. The drill would then pierce the enemy armor and hull, cutting deep as the focus of the shields changes to the bow to absorb direct damage from enemy weaponry facing the galley and the impact of the two ships. Once the drill opens up a pathway the drones and droids aboard would be allowed to board the vessel and either damage it further from within or capture it, if they succeed.

Weaknesses: The Galleys fall short when it comes to longer range engagements. Their armor is not well suited against handling focused barrages from capital ships while the only thing they have to fire back are the smaller grade laser turrets and the single turbo laser turret, dealing only low damage against bigger ships over long distance. Going into ramming action also brings around a series of trade-offs, including lower agility, which would allow faster ships to outmaneuver them while they try to ram, possibly dodging them entirely, and shields being diverted to the front of the ship, opening them up to attacks from the rear and the sides should the enemy ship be able to flank them.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Galleys are corvettes with capacity to carry troops aboard them, while they are suited for providing escort against small craft like starfighters or bombers, when it comes to capital ships they are more effective in close range, ramming their targets to allow the troops aboard to board the enemy and wreck havoc within, but having little defenses or means of fighting back when it comes to long range barrages or focused fire from bigger capital ships.

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