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Abraxas the Martyr | A Sith Defector

Basic Information
  • Name: Abraxas (Changed to Beleth)
  • Alias: Darth Eversor (Former)
  • Rank: Rogue-Knight
  • Faction: N/A
  • Species: Epicanthix (Derived from Kaine Zambrano's DNA)
  • Age: 33 (Physically)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 157lbs
  • Eye Color: Deep Ember
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin: Pale White
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Formerly part of the Sith Ascendancy
  • Former noble of Panatha
  • Former Executioner of [member="Darth Carnifex"]

(+) Time: Through time Abraxas has learned much about himself and how he differs from the typical contingency of the Sith and their political agenda. Restraint, reason, and a better sense of understanding and perspective has made the former Sith aware of other concerns rather than just bloodshed.

(+) Calm Storm: Once fueled by anger and the desire to annihilate foes until the brink of extinction, Abraxas has come to a compromise within himself as well as the Force. The anger that he once felt now being suppressed and controlled to be utilized as a tool rather than a weapon of mass destruction. No more will he wrought death and suffering upon the undeserving like he has once before.

(+) Veteran: Years of battle experience and direct interaction with some of history's most gruesome and unforgivable moments has given Abraxas the unforgettable perspective of what it's like to truly be Sith. Through this experience, he still retains the underlying ferocity and darkness that he once expended upon innocent worlds. From soldier to monstrosity, Abarxas has not forgotten where he's come from or what he's capable of.


(-) Branded: There is no going back from the past that has forged Abraxas' name and reputation. He is painted as a spawn of evil, a bringer of strife and pain. His hands are forever stained by the blood of the undeserving.

(-) On The Brink: Ghosts of war and the past will continue to haunt Abraxas as he tries to run from his deeds, never escaping the nature of what he was and what he still somewhat is. Once a murderer, always a murderer. The urge to lash out will always be buried inside the former Sith.

(-) Alone: With not many people or groups to turn to, Abraxas lives a life of solitude. Unmoved by the regret that one should feel after leading a life such as his, he has learned to not feel weak or sorry for himself, but instead use it as a reminder of what not to be any longer.

Notable Possessions

Notable Skills

Average [I] - Above Average [II] - Proficient [III] - Specialist [IIII]

  • Force Choke: [III]
  • Force Rage: [IIII]
  • Force Crush: [III]
  • Force Push: [IIII]
  • Force Stealth: [III]
  • Force Scream: [III]
  • Telekinesis: [III]
  • Force Speed: [III]
  • Force Lightning: [II]
Lightsaber Forms
  • Djem-So: [IIII]
  • Shii-Cho: [III]
  • Niman: [III]


" The wheels of fate have begun to turn once more, each time another cog falling into place to build the machine that is ultimately our destiny. There is no looking over one's shoulder nor apologizing for the wrongs we've known about and kept buried. There is no escape from the actions we choose. Long has it been since peace was ever an option, or even an idea. Longing are the ones that use malice and greed to spread hysteria and strife among the denizens of this finite space we all inhabit.
There is no winning side, no good nor evil to accurately label. We are all heathens and murderers in one way or another, be that for the political gain of one's idyllic fantasy, or to see how much blood can be spilled before finally seeing the folly of it all. The Force does not hold prejudice over whom it chooses, but those who wield the Force teach it a judgement that was never there before. But there is no turning back. We have all made our beds, and now is the time we sleep in them and dream of the fates that await all of us.
Some dream of sunshine and the bluest skies, while others stay in darkness.
And the darkness stays with me. " - Abraxas' Log
Once a proud, venomous serpent that served under the throne of the God-King Carnifex, now reduced to a confused and troubled man of multiple sins. Abraxas now sits and ponders over the life he has led far from any civilization, upon mountains unknown where the clouds nearly coast over his head - and the skies are almost as blue as an ocean, just out of reach. Reminders of his past incarnations and wretched deeds flash across his eyes like a camera taking pictures, forever burned into his mind. Even as he sat and pondered, there was still a certain thread which he clung to, one of the memory of the Empire.

That life had never left Abraxas, but he foolishly left it in the moment that he felt he understood the Sith and thought he was ready to become part of their plan. But he learned something after experiencing it all, and it's that each and every reiteration has been just as unstable and tainted as the last. The agenda, unstructured and with a feeble foundation; however, it did teach him one thing and one thing only, and that was his potential with the Force.

They taught him how to carry himself as a weapon, to be beside his own power and to take no lip nor ilk from any meager Jedi or beggar. But that was all long over with, and only the uncertain future lay in wait. Could it be death? The very thought of a finale intrigued the former Sith, the very idea that there could be an end for him and not another rebirth for a glory that no longer held validation or merit for him.

Or was it yet again to be war and blood-soaked earth? The same path that he had walked down for years with no destination in sight. But if it had to be once more, then Abraxas would fight on and prove his redemption through the very same means he used to destroy others.

For now the horizon beckoned, and from the mountainside he descended to construct a new path.



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