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A Warrior's Respite

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle

Aya couldn't help but swallow a little bit as she walked up to the doors of... Hhawa Kouiehh (which she wished she could really understand). After recent events, and a nearly fatal situation for herself, she'd needed the time off to relax somewhat, to let her adrenaline die down, to avoid getting her head chewed off. In short, a date. She was quite thankful then that [member="Zenva Vrotoa"] had shown something of an interest in her, though for what reason she couldn't particularly say. The two had fought together, once, as warriors, admittedly the more glamorous and enjoyable half of her existencee... and the human had only seen a few Zabrak, and met far fewer still.

Even so, she was hoping to enjoy a calmer night, or at least a less fatal night, with the red-skinned huntress... and had picked out one of her favorite dresses for the evening. It was far more free than most, the red fabric was flowing easily with her every movement. It was the closest she got to the more... scantily clad? Tight? Whatever... clothing most of the galaxy at large wore to dinner dates.

Perhaps it showed she cared, to try and bridge some of the cultural divide that no doubt existed. She had her hair resting comfortably at her shoulders, no lower, and in her gown she had been let in without issue. No weapons, after all... and to her surprise she was lead off to a private table. She thanked the staff that lead her there, and offered a curtsy to Zenva herself, mostly out of habit. She gave her a smile, and folded her hands in her lap, unsure if she should take a seat, or if Zenva wanted to greet her with.. oh how did off worlders, or at least non-Aelozians, greet people for dates?

"Thank you for inviting me to dinner..." She spoke softly, to break the silence. Without her helmet, the almost twi'lek accent was more obvious than usual. Though it was diminishing with each passing day.
The Blood Matron, as she had come to be known in certain circles, often the less "reputable" circles throughout the galaxy, sat calmly in a comfortable chair near the center of Hhawa Kouiehh's dining room. Club Vicious, as the establishment was called in Galactic Basic, was a thriving nightclub in Nar Shaddaa's Corporate Sector, and by far Zenva's most beloved business to date. The Club had two floors accessible to the public, the first floor being dominated by the upscale restaurant the Matron currently sat in. Above her was the Club's main dance floor and wet bar, a massive area overflowing with music, vibrant lights, and enthusiastic party goers.

Below her were two floors accessible only to Club Members, the rich, or wannabe rich of Nar Shaddaa's darker society. These subfloors featured private lounges, a small dining area, bar rooms, dance floors, the works. They also played host to some of Nar Shaddaa's darkest business dealings. The Club itself ran a steady business distributing narcotics, and collecting bribes to facilitate shady transactions of every description. It was the Club's main source of income, and the true purpose of the establishment. It was also the last place she wanted to let her guest tonight find out about in any true detail.

[member="Aya Clarke"] was a woman unlike any the Zabrak had known in her life. The two had stood shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield not long ago, and what Zenva had witnessed was simply incredible. Aya was a warrior in the truest sense of the word. On the modern battlefield, ripe with blaster weapons and hovering tanks, Aya stood tall in simple plate mail, a sword in hand, and left a river of blood in her wake. A sword not seen in a long time at that. Not a modern vibroblade, or Sith Sword like Zenva carried, but a plain band of steel that had mowed down men like a scythe through wheat. Just remembering the woman on the battlefield set Zenva's hearts to racing.

The only other interaction they had had was a heated exchange in Aya's tent after the battle. An exchange that was likely fueled by the endorphin rush of having just survived a battle that should have been certain death. Zenva's black painted lips curled in a smile at the memory. The two had decided to back track a little by trying a dinner date, and the Zabrak found she was desperate for the date to go well.

Before Zenva could loss herself in that pleasant memory Aya appeared at the end of the table, dipping a proper curtsey for the Matron. The Zabrak simply stared for a moment, and it took another second for Zenva to remember to close her mouth. She quickly flowed from her chair, straightening her dress in an elegant fashion that had clearly been practiced to the point of being reflexive. "My Lady Aya, I'm very glad you decided to join me." Zenva motioned to the seat across from her's. "Please, sit. I took the liberty of ordering dinner for us. You are a fan of seafood I hope." The Matron flashed a quick smile, and seated herself when Aya did. "I'm sorry!" She said rather abruptly. "My Lady isn't the appropriate term, is it? Ser Clarke is I believe?"

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
Aya couldn't help but giggle a little bit, lifting her hand to cover her mouth as she moved to the seat. [member="Zenva Vrotoa"] was quite the odd one, if Aya had much to say about those outside her planet. She'd fought well, of course with more modern weapons, but she'd also proven quite capable with more honorable forms of combat as well in the short time they'd had together. Not to mention, as the light flush on her cheeks might show, the encounter shortly after was still fresh in her own mind as well. Quite the interesting character, this Zenva Vrotoa.

As Aya took her seat, she smiled lightly at the Zabrak's attempt to fix her slight error in titles. She appreciated the effort, you had to understand that, and it honestly made her give a genuine smile as she did so. She knew it was odd for people not of her own culture to understand how, significant these titles were. They shaped not just the stratification of social lives, but everything about their life. She spoke gently as Zenva finished speaking.

"Yes, Ser Clarke, or Ser Aya Clarke, is correct. I appreciate the effort, Lady Vrotoa, but please call me Aya. We aren't in a setting where such titles are necessary, unless of course you had a more, business like intent today." She gave another giggle, before continuing. "I haven't had the luxury of much seafood. There are oceans on my world, but most of it is grasslands, or forests, and Kalis is quite far from the shore. Not to mention it's entirely likely your seafood is different from anything on my planet..."

She gave Zenva another look over, and bit the inside of her lip gently. "I'm not.. overdressed... am I?"

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