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A Very Solo Dinner Party!

Planet: Selonia, Corellian System
Capital City: Selonia
Location: Brad’s Condo

It had been some time, too long in Brad’s estimation. So there was one course of action to take. If his younger siblings would not show up more often to visit, then he would invite them both over for dinner. He was excited when he got the Holo transmissions that [member="Hawk Solo"] and [member="Samantha Solo"] , his younger siblings would be showing up for dinner. So much so he, as always over planed in ways he only could.

For the pre-dinner appetizer, a high end Corellian Brandi. The cost of one bottle runs the same amount as, one mid cost speeder. Because Hawk would be there, Brad had bought two bottles. Expense Corellian cigars, Hawk would like those…Sam would not. The appetizer, broiled lobster tails with garlic and chili butter. Of course there was to be plenty of the appetizer and dinner for leftovers... for days, unless Hawk showed up with a new Wookiee girl friend.

Dinner itself, Ribeye steak with goat cheese meyer lemon honey mustard sauce. For a starch side, a rice and vegetable mixture, that had a dash of nuts... to give it a hint more texture. The salad, a wild arugula salad with pears. A dinner he cooked on his own. A side hidden skill set, he had acquired over the years.

The extra effort was not meant to be flashy. The effort was Brad’s way of telling his family he loved them. Family was at the very heart in everything Brad did, from his early days learning the ways of becoming a Jedi, to his bloody years in Coresec.

Light classical music played as Brad fluffed the end pillows on the couch. Soon his guests would arrive. What Brad did not know is Brad would be expecting another guest for dinner, someone from his past… [member="Delila Castillon"] .
[member="Brad Solo"] // [member="Hawk Solo"] // [member="Samantha Solo"]

Shoulders squared, staring at the door. It had taken awhile to get the funds to actually make her way back to the condo, not that she wanted to be here to begin with. Yet if she remembered correctly the items she needed might have went to Brad during her 'death'. According to her will, credits from her death and her savings would have been dispersed to her parents, followed by her brother. Brad would have got some harder assets : her apartment on Etti IV, retirement account, boring things of the like. Despite being long divorced, Delila didn't have anyone else in her life that she felt comfortable leaving such things to.

Cue Brad.

Part of her hoped he kept some items from her old apartment. She really, really needed those boots considering the ones on her feet had been to hell and back. She had bought them when they were married, incredibly expensive boots, but then again they had a fairly wealthy lifestyle at the time. As a bonus they had stood through her jungle hell.

Finger reached out and depressed the doorbell.
The Doorbell!

Like a young kid who just got what they wanted for Christmas, Brad balled up his fist, threw it up into the air, then brought it down slowly, in a fashion the palm would be up…if the fist was not closed. Pretty extreme reaction, yes it was for a man in his thirties. Brad loved his family though. Standard galactic proof would be the paper trail of how many times Brad showed up to get Hawk out of trouble. Only a big brother cared would go to those lengths to help their younger brother.

A couple of strides and Brad was over at that door. He was expecting to see either Hawk or Sam. That was not going to be the case.
Brad opened the door.

“Chit”, an actually curse word slipped out of his normally well mannered mouth! His face was death white pale in shock of whom he was looking at, "Del!" It was [member="Delila Castillon"], his ex-wife whom he thought was dead. She was alive and standing in front of him. She was no illusion, this was actually her. He did not care where she had been. He cared she was still alive!

He wanted to reach out and just hug her. He did not though; if he did there was a chance she would run. If she did who would get all that stuff of hers out of his guest room! "Please, come in", Brad peered around her to see if anyone was down the hallway.
[member="Brad Solo"] // [member="Hawk Solo"] // [member="Samantha Solo"]

"Cursing now? That's new."

Amusement colored her tone. He seemed a see her. Which was odd. One would have thought he would have threw several parties at the news of her death. Not that she considered herself a terrible ex-wife. Never took alimony, never hated on his girlfriend or family. Wasn't to say she didn't share her opinion loudly and often though.

Eyebrows raised at his peering outside.

"My ass looks the same as you saw it last, well, I'm older now....Perhaps a bit saggy at this point."

Either way she entered, putting her bookbag down just inside the door. It had all her possessions inside, including several weapons. Not that she would dare use them on Brad. She waited just inside the doorway, taking in the home. Light music played, it smelled like food. Eyebrows knit together, putting two and two together.

"Oh, sorry. Didn't know you had a girl over. Hey...." She looked down at her chrono. "Think she'll be gone by morning? She has to work, right? Don't want any trouble, just those brown boots I bought. Kind of need them before these disintegrate."
Yes it was [member="Delila Castillon"] , jury confirmed it with the evidence of her snarky humor. Brad liked it though. Humor was good for the soul. A little bit of laughter never hurt him, though snaky humor worked both ways. Hopeful she still held the believed as Brad did, it being good for the soul.

Del was still standing in the doorway?

“Yes indeed, I do have a girl over”, utilizing a bit of fast talking, Brad summoned up a serious tone. “She just happens to be a red head”, he was actually referring to Del, “You better be nice, because I’m confident she is packing blaster." Brad smiled tying to use his Solo-Charm, “Also her ass looks just fine!”

“Are you going to come in Del”, he asked still smiling?
[member="Brad Solo"][member="Delila Castillon"] @samatha solo

When Brad invitation to have dinner came..Hawk was a little cautious. It had been awhile since he saw any of the family. Especially...since Nate..Hawk hadn't had time to tell them the news. Brad's gathering would give him the opportunity to tell them all at once. He was afraid of their reactions to the death of their Father.

His only hoped that he won't be blamed for it. Who knew with his Perfect Brother would think about it. Probably blame him. Hawk blamed himself for it. He left Maddie with their Mom, Sabrina. This dinner was for the sibling.

He put on his red silk shirt and black pants. His light saber was tucked into his leather jacket. He jumped on his swoop bike and made his way to Brad's condo.

He parked the bike in the lot and walked to the door. His hair was ruffled by the wind giving with a scruffy look about him. He rings the doorbell.
[member="Hawk Solo"] // [member="Brad Solo"] // [member="Samantha Solo"]


Come inside? She supposed waiting around by the doorway was a bit suspicious. Feet shuffled further into the spacious condo. Blue-green eyes looked around the space, waiting near the couch. She didn't feel comfortable poking around any further.

"I see you kept the curtains I picked out. They still look good."

Doorbell rang.

"There's your date. I can hop into the nearest closet."
Hilarious, yes Brad thought so. In was indeed in great spirits. His brother [member="Hawk Solo"] was supposed to be here soon and his sister [member="Samantha Solo"] as well. Then there was @Delilia Castillon , whom Brad thought was dead was in fact not dead. Joyful, joyful news! In fact it was a really perfect night to celebrate.

Bring a gracious host Brad had walked over to the couch as well. On the table sat a crystal decanter full of the Corellian Brandi. He was just in the process of pouring two drinks, when Del was talking about her good taste in curtains. He did like them, if he did not he would have replaced them. Brad did have a well defined taste. The curtains matched the decor of the living room.

Indeed, they do”, Brad voiced his agreement with his ex-wife, while he walked from the in table over to her. Before anything else could be said they were interrupted by the doorbell.

His, date? Hide in the closet? Brad’s eyes did not hide the mischievous thoughts that were most likely having. Funny as it would be to hide his ex-wife in the closet while his brother and sister showed up for dinner. Brad was just too nice of a guy and he did not foster any harbor any ill feelings towards Del.
No, I will not be hiding you in a closet”, still smirking, Brad said and attempted to hand Del one of the crystal glass with Brandi in it. Please, do not say no and take it. I have to answer the door. It is either Sam or Hawk”, hopefully she took it.

It took little time for Brad to reach the door and open it to see his younger brother. “Hawk”, good thing Brad did not drink out of either of the poured drinks. Extending out his hand, Brad attempted to give the other glass to Hawk, “Welcome bro, have a drink, and come in!”

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[member="Brad Solo"][member="Delila Castillon"] [member="Samantha Solo"]

"Hey Bro." Hawk returning Brad's warm welcome while accepting the glass of brandy. He took a sip. "Ahh the good stuff." He says walking into the condo. His eyes widen when he see Dell. He wasn't expecting that. "Isn't she dead?" Hawk throws his brother a quick look. "Aren't you supposed to dead."

Hawk asks Dell. He was a little confused. "Does that mean thatyou will have to start paying spouse support or are you guys still married. I'm confused."
[member="Hawk Solo"] // [member="Brad Solo"] // [member="Samantha Solo"]

Delila took her brandy, the kind of drink that had recently gotten her in a bit of 'trouble' while being rescued. It had become her favorite drink while they were married. Something about coming home, eating a dinner of nerf steak and potatoes with a glass or three of brandy. Taking a sip, it was clear this was the good stuff. Expensive and aged quite well, the liquid went down smooth.

"Hiding in a closet might be worthwhile. Think of the benefits."

Benefits for herself. Delila wasn't sure if she wanted to see Hawk or Samantha at the moment. She didn't harbor any ill-will towards members of the Solo Family but there would be questions. Questions about where she was. Questions about what she was doing here. Shoulders braced for the impact as Hawk walked through the door.

"Hell didn't want me, so I was thrown back." Another sip of brandy. "Pleasure to see you Hawk."

"No, no spousal support. Not married. I just came by to ask if he happened to have an expensive pair of boots I purchased long ago. If Brad doesn't have them, I'll be on my way. If he does, I'll still be on my way. Not to worry."
Brad had thought of the benefits and they were very selfish, and un-Jedi like. Locking [member="Delila Castillon"] in a closet to keep her safe and alive was not really an option. There were other benefits, those however were settings saved for a more private setting?

Both [member="Hawk Solo"] and Del took the drinks, fantastic!

“Yes, she is alive”, Hawk’s question, one that Del had already answered. By now Brad had already shut the door and walked further into the living room.
His brow did perk up at Del’s mention of the divorce. He knew she was jesting with some aspects of the divorce. Humor was great way to keep conversations light. Also it was a way others handled stressful situations. “Did not, want you”, Brad with a bit of surprise, “Thrown, you back?”

Brad was very loyal to those he loved. He was Corellian, loyalty and stubbornness could be said easily in the same sentence. “I would never throw you out. You can stay as long as you wish”, that was a statement that could easily get him into trouble. However, it was a statement he would keep. “All of your stuff that was sent to me is in one of the guest rooms. I can’t stop you from just taking what desire, which is yours. However, I would like you to stay for dinner. I’m very happy you’re still alive. I see no reason way we all can’t sit down for dinner and celebrate.” He hoped she would stay for dinner. As always, she was free to go or stay. It was entirely up to her.
[member="Delila Castillon"][member="Brad Solo"][member="Samantha Solo"]

Hawk chuckled at Del comment about even Hell not wanting her. He took a sip listening to Brad flirt with his ex. He didn't blame him. Del was a good looking woman. Hawk was still nursing a little crush on her.

"Good to see you too." He took a seat in one of the chair. Brad had a really nice place. Could tell that he didn't have kids with these colors. Maddie and her art would wreck this place in a Coruscant minute. "Maddie says Hi." He tells Brad. It was hard to believe that she was seven. "She wanted to come but.....I felt like this should be a more adult evening. Oh..". He rummaging around his jacket pocket and pulls out a drawing Maddie made especially for her Uncle. "Here ..she wanted you to have it." It was a picture of Brad in his Jedi robes with law books surrounding him. He hands it Brad. "She really into drawing portraits right now.
Sam had looked at the invitation several times, to go, not to go. She and [member="Gregory Gray"] had discussed the invite long into the night. She wanted him to come with her and he couldn't. A new mission came up that required his special intuitive skills.

Ever since someone had tried to kill her, and nearly killed Greg they kept to themselves their lives private. She didn't want to invite too many in just in case they turned into another psychopath. She had not taken him to meet her brothers even though Greg was not aware of what her life was truly like away from the persona of spoiled rich girl. She was down to earth unless someone was looking.


She decided she would go frowning all the while because Gregd not go. She packed a bag showing up on Selonia a day early to settle in look around and see if there was anything she needed to do or get

She was late, more than just fashionably. Once she got dressed. and stood staring at herself in the mirror she felt odd. She argued with herself for a while and then decided to get over it and go.

Now she stood at the door of the address of her brother's home. Ok...she thought. Then she knocked.

[member="Hawk Solo"] [member="Brad Solo"] [member="Delila Castillon"]
[member="Hawk Solo"] // [member="Brad Solo"] // [member="Samantha Solo"]

"Um....I probably shouldn't. Seems like a family thing. I don't want to intrude."

More like she didn't want more questions. Especially if Sabrina, her former mother-in-law came. Somehow she suspected questions would get around to grandchildren with a pointed look at herself and Brad. Brandy finished, Delila gently placed the crystal high ball glass on the coffee table and caught a glance of the drawing. It was cute, although Delila wasn't a fan of the Jedi robes. Call it the divorce, but ever since she had been jaded on the view of Jedi.

"Cute." Delila nodded towards the guest room as the doorbell rang. "Thats my cue to hurry up and get out of here."

Silently she slipped off to the guest room, on a quest for her boots.
It was a bitter sweet moment of happiness and pain. The drawing his nice made was a genuine heartfelt moment of joy. His little Maddie, his nice was growing up so fast. Not seeing her as much as he should was a mistake. It was a mistake he could easily remedy by making time for his nice.

Other turbulent emotions was about [member="Delila Castillon"] . She never had to leave and it had always been her choice. There was a knock at the door and Del left to the guest room. It was a reminder when she left the first time. All she had to do is ask for him to spend more time with her and he would have. Was this a trait common with all women? He got the message and this mistake he would not be making with his nice. Yes Brad was making mental plans to spend more time with his nice. “You don’t have to, go”, he had already mentioned it once to Del but said it again anyways. Still it was here choice. There was no conditions, no requirements. There was just an open door if she wished.

“Well, Hawk”, Brad said to his younger brother [member="Hawk Solo"] . “That is most likely Sam at the door”, Brad walked over to the door still hold onto the drawing his nice made for him. The door opened and there stood Sam. “Hay, Sam” Brad reached over to give his sister [member="Samantha Solo"] a hug. “Please, come right in”, despite the pain he felt, he still smiled. There was no way he was going to great his little sister without a smile and a hug!
[member="Brad Solo"][member="Delila Castillon"][member="Samantha Solo"]

Hawk tried not to pay attention to Brad and Dell exchange. It was obvious that they had feeling for each other. He consider Del part of the family. "Yes, please stay. You are part of the family." Hawk had the feeling that Brad was going to need Dell moral support after his news.

Then there was a knock on the door. Hawk glances at a clock. Yeah it has to be Sam. Fashionable late. He stood and waited his turn to get a hug.
Sam was looking down at the ground when Brad opened the door. She looked up at her older brother and smiled, "Hey Big Bro" she returned the hug one of those quick ones often shared by siblings as she stepped into the place.

Beyond Brad's shoulder she saw Hawk, "and there's the Lil bro, hey Hawk" Sam walked over to give one of quick hugs to the other brother, then she began looking around dinner, Then there was a clunk coming from down the hall, Sam give a quick look over to Brad, "who else is here?"

Sam was oblivious to who could be in the house, other than her father because Dels was dead right? So she put her coat across a arm chair and looked at her brothers. What had they been talking about before she arrived.

[member="Hawk Solo"] [member="Brad Solo"] [member="Delila Castillon"]
Yes it was a good question, who else was here. [member="Delila Castillon"]

Brad’s left brow lifted as he pondered where to begin. Shutting the door seemed like a good idea. So Brad shut the door and walked back into his living room. “Well, Sam”, might as well break the news right? “It turns out Del is not dead and is up stairs going through her stuff. I did ask her to stay for dinner but I do not know if she will”, Del was pretty stubborn.

“Could I get you anything to drink, Sam”, Brad asked his younger sister [member="Samantha Solo"]. “There is some Corellian Brandi”, Brad pointed over to the table by the couch and [member="Hawk Solo"].
[member="Brad Solo"] // [member="Hawk Solo"] // [member="Samantha Solo"]

Delila didn't take long to find her things. Up in the guest room was a closet and in the corner were a few boxes of her personal effects. Professionally packaged, it looked like whatever made it over probably made it in one piece. Out of the few boxes were some interesting 'finds' : holoimages, little trinkets she had picked up in her travels on work, military medals. Last box had her clothing and her holy grail ; the expensive brown boots. Old, practically falling apart boots went off and the new ones went on. Toes wiggled around in them.

"Can't believe they still look this good....Anything would look better than the old ones."

Looking over her couple boxes, a twinge of sadness struck her. No way would she be able to take everything. Then again, did she really expect such things to be around? Carefully she started to pack everything up again, to clean up her mess. Maybe someday she could write Brad for them, pay him back the credits for the time and energy he took to store everything so nicely for her.
[member="Brad Solo"][member="Samantha Solo"][member="Delila Castillon"]

"Lil Bro? I'm older than you by a few minutes little sis." He says to Sam playfully. It was the same old arguement that all twins do. Who was older? Who was better looking?

Hawk help himself to another glass of brandy. "It good stuff. How is life sis? Where your guy parking the speeder?" He wanted everyone together before he dropped his bomb about Dad.

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