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A Traitor's Gambit

Avner Obasi

Enemy of the State
He was beginning to think they wouldn’t call.

For the past few months, Avner Obasi had been dodging CSA security forces and intelligence operatives, all in a bid to keep himself alive and out of prison. He had become a traitor, an enemy of the state, someone whose face was all over the HoloNet and at every security checkpoint in the Alliance. So, he’d left CSA space and ventured to where no one could find him – Hutt territory.

Frustratingly enough, it had all fallen into his lap. A former contact of his had come to him, looking for help. The contact had tapes implicating Lady Kay and the Commenori government in a false flag attack on the planet of Yutan in order to make them join the CSA. Since he already wasn’t a huge fan of the current administration, he’d decided to help. The contact was killed soon thereafter, and he was forced to take the tapes and run.

At the time, he didn’t think about how he’d never be able to set foot on his home planet again.

After laying low for a time, Avner had decided that he needed to use this information somehow. It was virtually dynamite, but it had to be used properly. So, he began to weigh his options – who could he tell? The Galactic Alliance had collapsed, so Avner contacted the only people he thought he could trust: the Silver Jedi. He’d worked with Jedi during his time in special operations, and had always found them to be trustworthy. While the Silvers were a little controversial depending on who one asked, Avner had to have faith.

A little while after he’d sent out an encrypted message to their base in Kashyyyk, he was contacted by a Jyoti Nooran. A meeting place and time were agreed upon, and that’s where Avner was now. His YV-100 light freighter was sitting in the middle of a field, hundreds of miles away from any civilization on the planet Nimban. The surrounding trees were tall and thick enough to conceal his ship from the ground, and he had left sensors in orbit and around the area in order to detect any incoming ships.

Avner sat in the cockpit of the ship, his mind as calm as it would be before a mission got underway. He’d quadruple-checked everything, his weapons were still active, and the deflector shields were still on, just in case. He glanced at the ship’s chronometer. Two minutes until the meet time.

Standing, Avner made his way to the loading ramp and stepped down, breathing in the fresh air. Waiting next to the ship, he looked up into the sky. This was a risk, but he had to take it. Something had to be done about the CSA.

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