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A Skeptic's Biggest Trait {Salina}

Azrael Asura

Give Him A Gun
What is more satisfying then bringing a piece of filth to justice? In the mind of this leatherscale, there was nothing. Nothing that could make her smirk more, or grin wider. Crime was what she dealt with every day. So taking a minor villain off the streets was the best kind of reward. That and a good drink. Today had brought witness to another killer, one who toyed with his victims before cutting them down. It was sick. Luckily he had been caught, and would likely get the death sentence. That was the cop's one regret, letting him die. For letting him rot in a prison cell was much, much crueler. But alas, not everyone thought that way. Many thought that the man dying was a better punishment...

Half in celebration, and half in frustration, Ksayral Zekaidos had been drinking at a local bar for nearly an hour. The lass' toleration to alcohol was high, and even now she was barely effected by it. Almost a full bottle had been drowned by her, and while she wanted more, she figured it was best to stop now. Quietly she paid and took the rest of the glass with her, deciding she'd save it for later. The container had been sealed and placed in her shoulder bag. Now she walked, slowly heading back to her apartment.

Something had caught her attention, making her wander towards a little table away from some of the shops. Two people sat in front of it, holding hands and talking with a figure hidden in shadow. Curious Ksa watched from a few yards back, wondering what was going on. She did not have to wait long before the realization hit. This... person, was a fortune teller. The couple in front of her were foolish people, looking to find answers amongst the supernatural. Calling the cop skeptical was an understatement. This whole affair made her chuckle, and she shook her head in response. Deciding to have a little fun, she waited until the two were done before stepping up herself, taking the seat one of them had previously occupied. Grinning she opened her mouth to speak.

"So... Tell me then, what does this galaxy have in store for me?" She asked, leaning back in her chair.
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Salina Aviner

Seeing is believing, but one must see first.
Salina had her hood up to provide more mysterious atmosphere for the customers. While such a thing wasn't always necessary even she couldn't up but add a little effect to when she had to read for someone. The current pair she dealt with were a recently married couple, wondering if their child would be great when they grew older. Salina gave them a cryptic but more reassuring answer before they left, satisfied enough with what they'd been told. She smiled as they left but then heard someone asking about their future. Salina could smell the alcohol on her a sighed a little before letting her powers see into this persons past.

"Ah." she said, not looking up to see the woman. "You seek to know if the path is ahead is more enlightened than the path behind? And your path that has lead you here is a troubling one indeed. So much pain, suffering. So much death and sadness. A heart that breaks so often is very hard to repair."

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