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A Practical Arrangement

Lucianus Adair

Patience: The Most Dangerous Tool of All
Of all the tenets that Lucianus Lucifer Bane-Adair lived by, the tenet of lifelong learning and continual betterment of the self was a highly important one. Add that to the fact that he was never so foolish to consider himself invincible, or most powerful, and it would explain why he spent the majority of his time in the company of tomes and scrolls, or in training of his body and power. This was a learned way of life, one taught from a young age, one that… even after the realized betrayal of his father who had raised him so, he could not abandon. It was a strength, and strength was not to be abandoned or ignored.

It was to this end that he had come to an arrangement with @[member="Sargon Vynea"]. Though not of his particular ilk, nor sharing in his alignment, there was still a good deal that the Sith Knight could learn from this Master. Their differences mattered little, for one common thing did - they were both of the Fringe, and thus were driven to aid one another.

And so, one evening, the tall, dark-haired knight awaited the master at the appointed time and location, for the commencement of their training together. His mind went back to a time that was indeed several hundred years, instead of the matter of mere months that it felt, to the training given by his mistress; he wondered at the differences he would see between her and this master.

Sargon Vynea

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Sargon had invited the Sith to his own world of Bakura, and in every way it was now his world, Iridonia feeling more like a memory at this point in his life. Dressed in simple green robes over his military uniform the Zabrak walked through a broad field towards his new apprentice. Not a single building could be seen on any horizon, nothing but fields, fields and endless life for one who could feel it.

Breathing in deeply of the clean air Sargon nodded as he approached the Fringer, the dark side emanated off his aura, but Sargon didn't allow that to restrict him ever. The Fringe was a place every man could make a choice for himself, but it also would allow @[member="Lucianus Adair"] his first attempts at working with a light sider in a peaceful manner perhaps.

"Welcome to Bakura, Lucianus, I am Governor Vynea and as you've requested I've come to train you. Tell me, what have you learned of the Force so far, an what are you hoping to learn?"

Lucianus Adair

Patience: The Most Dangerous Tool of All
Bakuka - he had once ventured onto the world, in his old life, but there had been nothing for him. Now, there was knowledge in a vast field, far from the civilization of buildings and populace, where they could be uninterrupted, unseen. This was preferable. He felt the other man approach, saturated in the obvious will of the light, and to him his pale blue eyes turned as the Iridonian spoke.

“Good evening, Governor Vynea. It is... a pleasure, to be here.” He replied, with a short tip of his head, considering all that he had learned since he had come to the Sith as a younger man, so that he might answer the query. “Thus far, I have acquired knowledge and skill in most basic abilities, such as physical enhancements, basic telekinetics, and rudimentary telepathy, among others; I have trained further in the areas of telekinetics, stealth, shielding, and psychometry, and lastly, I possess quite reasonable skill in illusions, as well as the manipulation of energy and matter.”

He had not been required to detail his skills in the Force… ever. In times past, he had been trained by his mistress and her blood sister, by and large, had been taken into their family in ways other than union, and they knew him. Saw him for what he was, for they were the same as he.

“From you, Governor, I hope to gain some improvement in my sensory abilities, as I believe what you have to impart will be useful in the hunt.”

@[member="Sargon Vynea"]