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A + OM (Atom)

Vora Kaar

In the Cold
  • Full name: A + OM
  • Preferred Name: Atom
  • Alias: Puppy
  • Titles: N/A
  • Species: Near Human
  • Race: Epicanthix
  • Homeworld: Pantha
  • Faction(s): Independent
  • Rank(s): N/A
  • Class: Soldier
  • Force Sensitive: No
  • Force Alignment: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown. Assumed twenties to thirties
  • Height: Six foot even
  • Weight: Approx. 180 lbs
  • Complexion: ​Caucasian
  • Eye Color: Unknown
  • Hair Color: ​Unknown
  • Distinguishing Marks: A couple scratches and marks. Always wears a helmet that displays emotions, words, and even images.
  • Voice Sample: N/A
  • Appearance description: WIP
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sexual Conduct: None
  • Languages: Speaks none, but understands many.
  • Occupation: Assassin, Agent, Hunter, Soldier
  • Residence: No owned establishment.

  • Soldier: It is unsure where he got his studies, tactics, or ability to use various weaponry. He most often carries a pistol and a rifle.
  • Mental Protection: It is known that Atom is an Epicanthix. Thus mental force abilities cannot harm him. Biological trait of all of his species.
  • Head in the Game: You won't catch Atom talking at work, or ruining some stealth mission by talking. He focus on the job at hand and keeps his head cool in a fight, or in whatever situation he is in.
  • No Force: Mental powers do not work well with Atom. As such, no telepathy to speak to him. It also hinders mental based powers such as battle mind and the like.
  • Mute: He can't speak. Its not sure if his lips are sewn shut, if his throat was damaged, or if he just chooses not to speak. However, he is very silent. About they only form of communication he gets, is the faceplate of his helmet.
  • Cybernetics: Due to having various cybernetics in his body, and even an entire arm that has been replaced, Should he have any chance of having the force, would be diminished due to so many parts of his body being replaced.
Have you ever walked around Courscant looking at the many faces that you pass by? Have you ever stopped to think about their stories? Their upbringings? Maybe you can make a game out of it! Look at someone and fabricate some idea of how they came to be the way they are?

For instance this guy up here?

The helmet is weird. All black and almost reflective in the lights above. The hard leather jacket that is worn from years of use. A very simple shirt underneath revealing barely anything of his neckline. His fair skin barely poking out. On the shirt is some kind of emblem that we don't know, and his pants are very simple. Jeans with a right sided thigh holster. Holding some sidearm. On his back is a rifle. Likely blaster in flavor due to the heat sinks on the side of the barrel. Then all of a sudden his helmet flashes with images, too fast for you to really understand what it was. Only to stop on static, and then black. With the blinking text line of "No File."

All you can do is move over to the side of the sidewalk to avoid the man as he passes you by. Knowing full well he can take care of himself with the weapons he has, and curious on what military branch he works for. You stop to turn around and look at him again as he walks away. Only turning around to face you, and his face flashing a couple times to then come up with a phrase across his face with what seemed to be a sunset in the background.

"We were never friends"

He then turns away from you and walks down the street, and around the corner. You are left there not sure what happened, but hoping the rest of your day goes on without having to see this guy again, and its very likely that you wont.


Vora Kaar

In the Cold
Nervous System - Implants and systems have been added to the central nervous system of Atom. Two of the systems aid in the nervous systems ability to keep poisons and toxins out of the body, as well as to keep him at a healthy state. While the others aid in combat with reaction times, sensory of actions done around him, and aid in spatial awareness.
Brain/Mental Systems - An implant to prevent EMP or Ion based weaponry from damaging the systems in his body, Atom has a few other implants in his head, or around his head that increase his memory usage, and logging it. It also contains a connection to other systems through the interface that allow all of the Cybernetics in his body to work in tandem, as well as connecting his mind up to ships to provide faster, and better piloting skills.
Cardio/Body Systems - Lungs, Arm, and even muscle replacements allow for Atom's body to work at maximum proficiency. Added with a durability implant to keep his stamina up, and even a cardio power system to help sustain him in battle should it be necessary, One lone Biotech implant aids in the healing process. While it doesn't give him a healing factor, it reduces the need for medical aid on most non-lethal injuries.

Ranged Weapons
Nadir P-Series Rifle - A small lightweight rifle that is the choice weapon of Atom.
BR-212 ACR - A Charric Rifle that fires blaster bolts with a kinetic impact. General use rifle.
Jackal Sniper Rifle - A high powered, slower firing sniper rifle for the specific use of One shot kills, or hitting targets from long distances with a very powerful shot.
Puppy's Nibble - The personal Sidearm of Atom for his use.
​VP-9 Heavy Pistol - A rather large hand canon that shoots volatile blaster bolts.
HG-54 Hand Cannon - Verpine in design, the weapon fires slugs like any other gun.

Melee Weapons
Nadir P-Series Knife - A small knife kept on his person for the use of various needs and uses. While it can be used in combat, its more so used like a large pocket knife.

No File - Always seen on Atoms head, This helmet protects him from quite a bit, and also keeps his identity a secret.
B-11 Combat Boots - This pair of boots are useful in jumping, as well as holding a hidden blade in the toe, or even hold a firearm in a holster. Never go without one.
MV-18 Vambraces - A set of bracers that apply many utilities to Atom and his efforts in the Galaxy.
HH-78 Holster - General wear holster for any of the sidearms that Atom chooses to wear on his side. Good for every day use.

Fang Starfighter - A starship at the use of Atom for any travel he needs.
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