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A New World and a Nation in Fire.

Serah Oricion

So, with the coming of a new age i come with the news of a new Story arc for characters to partake in. The planet of Iferetus has been found by stargazers and the news has spread throughout the galaxy, but mostly to two powers in general. The planets discovery is right at the border of the Sith and Republic space and stands to hold possible new wonders. Ever deep space probe though has mysteriously vanished though and single scouts were never heard of after dropping out of hyperspace in the system. With so little information to work on the Republic and the Sith both send expeditions unknowing of each other or what the planet holds for them. Neutral powers and those that wish to have a chance at the pot also partake in this venture, after all, the first to reap the rewards of this new world would surely become heros and rich if the planet held the treasures that it could.

But on the planet the sentients known as the Infereti are very much so the reason for nothing leaving this planet and are prepared to remove anything they view as a threat and enslave them the very way they enslaved their own people. They wait in their solar system, their prey coming more and more often now and when the ships of those looking to colonize this planet arrive, they will be in for a rude awakening as the Infereti will be waiting and the crews of these vessels are bound to lose their ships, and connection to the rest of the galaxy.

OOC: Hey guys, your good ole friend Yusan Fenn here. Started as a possible story arc for my character Alexandra it soon became something more as i found interest in it on skype. So now here i am to say, join me in a story that will be ever changing with the actions of your characters and with the possibility of one of three outcomes.

The sides are easy, you shall either come as a Republic Colonist to set up and explore this new world, a Sith one with the same intention, or that of a lone spacer looking for the possibility of finding a precious metal that will make you rich. The last group to come under is that of the very people that will be shooting down these colonists. The Infereti.

Now, onto a little info on these Infereti guys. Technology similar to what is expected of a Neo-Earth Society, these near humans with Corellian ancestry are a warlike, caste system people that for the past several thousand years have lived under the rule of a single continuous dynasty that continually incites rebellions among its own people to test out new weapons and root out the disloyal.

A little background info on their Culture, tech and History can be found here...

Culture: Infereti were completely focused on their military and had a male dominated caste system in which woman were kept under close watch and had very specific roles.

The Military training in Infereti culture took precedence over that of anything else. The Infereti were inspected at the age of ten by the committee of elders chosen by the king and if deemed to weak to serve his highness they would be cast out into the role as slaves or thrown into a mine to work the rest of their days away. Those that were not cast out or chosen to serve were then forced into military training and academies which they attended for two decades before actually taking up military service or thrown into a branch of military. Due to such the Caste system worked to be ranged from Slaves to Woman to Merchants to Warriors to Officer to Nobles to the King. Note the Queen is actually at an authority level of that of a normal female in their society and has no special rank.

Food and other essential resources were rationed and kept under heavy watch and control by the Infereti leadership. This forced children to risk their lives to steal for an extra bit of food to keep them going, this was actually a test for the children of the society to recognize those who were cunning enough, quick enough, or skilled enough to steal successfully from the store foods and to late plant them into a special intelligence sector of the hierarchy. Those who are caught are publicly whipped in the cities central plaza, these events draw a crowd normally due to the fact that there can be something learned from the failure of one.

Although Infereti girls did not go through formal military training, they were educated in the use of weapons and other tasks that would be useful around ones home. As such any academic knowledge was minimal to females and special papers were needed for woman to venture out alone in the streets, much less carry a weapon. A female with a weapon without proper papers was thrown into the mines immediately, or detained and taken as a slave for the king.

No Infereti was free to live as he wished in their society or cities. Their cities are like a giant military camp in which constant patrols and strict curfew and laws. If a Infereti was not assigned a duty at the time, the man would watch his son and teach them something useful, or they would learn themselves from the elders.​

Technology: Infereti Tech is at a Neo-Earth Level status, the best and fastest way to put it is, take current earth tech and multiply it by three hundred years. Now, i do recognize this will need a better breakdown... your about to regret wanting one.

Transportation on Infereti is very much like in the rest of the known galaxy where hover capabilities and repulsorlifts are common among Infereti life. Their public vehicles utilize it to cover the vast militaristic cities. They still utilize Naval ships and trains as well due to the cheaper construction of them as even though repulsor tech is common its massively expensive. Most of the highly over priced revenue made from the purchase of the tech is sent directly to the king's coffers for him to do with which he pleased. Planes and more commonly used Zeppelins are common place as well, the Zeppelins being used more due to their slowness and the ability for the Infereti for once to rest compared to their normal lives. Though this also means they are a lot more expensive then a plane ride by a factor of five. Space travel to other systems is virtually impossible as Hyperdrive tech is not known to them and as such they are only able to travel from place to place through Ion engine capabilities and nucular powered engines.

The weaponry of the Infereti is a mixture of both Ionized energy and the physical kinetic energy akin to rail-guns and that of inertia powered weaponry. Their weaponry is varied and created as to encompass a wide variety of of threats that are found in different environments throughout their solar system and incidentally when found throughout the known galaxy. These constant improvements are due to almost every day revolutionary movements and internal strife that is like stealing encouraged. But the reason for this is much darker than that of the stealing, the king sends out his own agents to stir up those disloyal to the crown and as such creates a state of perpetual revolution that he can test his newest weapons on and remove anything he finds, unsavory.

The breakdown of the types of weaponry in the Infereti arsenal include both vehicles and weapons themselves.

Small Arms: Small arms encompass a number of engagement areas but are generally for close quarters combat and quick or silent infiltrations. These weapons are used generally as a last resort or for concealment to allow for assassination. Said arms include.

-Thrown Weapons

Medium Arms: Medium arms are the most common you would see on the battle field as they encompass both large scale melee engagement and ranged engagement akin to the battles used in the dominion of other nations. As such these weapons are common place in Infereti homes and battle grounds and as result have also undergone some of the most large scale improvement projects.

-Energy blades
-Long Bows/Composite Bows with Ionized Arrows
-Assualt Rifles

Heavy Arms: Heavy weapons encompass those skilled with the use of a specialized weapon or for those that use... well heavy weapons. Encompassing things that would be used to over power or take down the enemy from an extended distance these weapons rely on stopping power.

-Sniper Rifles
-Rocket/Grenade launchers
-Broad Swords
-Battle Axes

Light Vehicles: These are light and quick vehicles used by the Inferetes to get them from place to place quickly in the event of a battle.

-APTT(Anti Personnel Troop Transport)
-ATAV(All Terrain Assault Vehicle)
-AASC(Amphibiasus Assault strike craft)
-ATSW(All Terrain Scout Walker)

Heavy Vehicles: Heavier, both weight and weapon caliber. Used in prolonged battles or against strongholds.

-ATHW(All Terrain Heavy Walker)
-Artilliary Batteries
-HAT(HEavy assault Tank)
-LST(Light Strike Tank)

Drones/Droids: Completely unmanned and programed by unique software unseen before in the star wars universe(Yes, i will be adding USB ports to these guys:D) These droids are new to the field of battle and as such can deliver nasty surprises that are to be unexpected.

-UAVs(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
-AUAV(Assualt Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
-ULVs(Unmanned Land Vehicle)
-AULVs(Assualt Unmanned Land Vehicle)
-LBDs(Light Battle Drone)
-HWDs(Heave War Droid)

Air/Space: The Air and Space craft of the Infereti are one in the same, every ship in their arsenal is made to operate in both atmospheric and space combat giving them an edge when assaulting other planets. Due to this though and the fact that they lack the capabilities of leaving the Solar System they call home currently their largest ship is only a thousand meters and is held for Royal use alone.

-Stealth craft
Economic and Public Works Tech: The use of precious metals as coins is the current system of trade and economics on the planet, this is akin to what you would expect of roman level economics where bartering and monetary trade. Public works structures are more like that of today rather than the norm in Star Wars, where the cities are on the ground floor and they still use actual roads to travel upon instead of skylanes. As such they have a driving code that would seem highly strange to that of anyone else in the the Star Wars universe. Basically take New York City and make it futuristic looking and you got their normal city. Telephones are as well still used due to holographic communications being massively expensive.​
Circa 25,000 BBY: Corellian Explorer craft Genesis activate Hyperdrive and heads out into the unknown galaxy, after an extended amount of time the Corellians arrive in the Inf-1 Star System but come out too close to the Planet and are pulled into the gravity before they are able to pull out of it. This was due to a malfunction in the Hyperdrive which was common for this era and had actually knocked out the engines with it causing the crash. The Exact date of the crash is unknown.

Circa 24,000 BBY: A Thousand years after the crash the survives have constructed their own society after failing to fix the Hyperdrive due the inability and lack of needed resources or tools. Forced to resort to absolute base tools available the survivors have been reduced to what would be considered neolithic tools. Though the use of Galactic Basic was still used by them and thus allowed for it to be passed down from generation to generation.

Circa 20,000 BBY: The Infereti, as they are calling themselves now are beginning to evolve to better fit their environment, becoming leaner, paler, and attaining darker hair. Their eyes have all turned Blue or Silver as a further result and furthermore they have begun to develop their own culture. The Caste System has begun as the population was on a steady increase and groups formed into tribes with different territories. Tribal warfare has broken out but large scale deaths or war have not arose.

Circa 19,950 BBY: The death of a tribal prince during a raid has caused a massive war between two tribes and their allies, the deaths number in the thousands of a population of only Thirty thousand at the time. Effectively solidifying the use of slaves after the fact and a dynastic rule of several kings in constant war for supremacy. Around this time one group in particular, a heavily militaristic tribe began to undergo heavy change and began subjugating its female members to what would become their place for the next twenty thousand years.

Circa 15,000 BBY: Around this time the official religion of the Infereti as a whole was created. Their gods were five entities, War, Death, Life, Earth, and the Sky. These five deities would become the Infereti's prominent gods and also be used in future wars and crusades as a reason so subjugate others and cause widespread destruction. Also around this date a faction of Amazonian like female warriors rose up and created a kingdom that rivaled the male dominated ones, threatening the caste system that had become widely used.

Circa 12,500 BBY: The Amazonian like kingdom falls to a united army of the male dominated caste system nations. Its females are all but turned into slaves and concubines and those that escaped resided in small tribes in the thick forests that covered the planet. Those that were turned into slaves would further expand the slave caste system and due to the utter destruction of female power on the planet the fate of those in the male dominated nations were sealed.

Circa 10,000 BBY: The Infereti's most prominent king orders a crusade upon the other nations on the planet and as such cause a scar of widespread destruction across many cities and ends up doubling the size of his empire before being halted by a collection of lesser nations. Around this time the first powder powered ranged weaponry is created, due to this the death toll grows once more and several thousand die in the King's test on a disloyal city. After its destruction he turns the weapons on his enemy and begin a new push.

Circa 7,500 BBY: The last free Nation void of the caste system is held up in its city, and the first use of a nucular bomb is recorded by printed writing. The death toll was said to be nearly twenty three million by the end then anyone or anything that survived the genocidal bomb was systematically exterminated and removed from Infereti society. With the city's destruction the King assumes complete control over the Infereti people and creates a dynasty that is still in control today.

Circa 5,000 BBY: The creation of the first space craft is accomplished and the exploration of the moons begin, the practice of inciting rebellions also begins and is done to test out new weapons against those who are not loyal to the Infereti.

Circa 1000 BBY: The dynasty begins to create massive bases on the other planets in the solar system and on their moons, to which are both created for the purposes of mining valuable and needed resources while also using them to again incite rebellions and test out new space weapons. As such this creates the trend that would happen for the next thousand and eight hundred years.

Circa 400-836 ABY: While the rest of the Galaxy dies off due to the Gulag plague, the Infereti experience a golden age due to their forced isolation. As such their technology is able to progress to the point that it now rivals that of the rest of the galaxy even without ever coming in contact with them.

As an Infereti you are automatically on the side of the king who commands complete and utter control over the Infereti people, while as a player the majority of you will have a choice of where to crash when you are shot down. One would be a abandoned and ruined city, another the thick decidious forests that cover the entirety of the planet's landmass, or the third, right smack dab into the capital of the planet. Each has their drawbacks and their strengths, neither of which i will explain now so as to surprise you all.

With that said, post any questions you have and if you want to sign up i just need a few things in a post or you can contact me on Skype.

I need the following in your post if you want to join in.
  • Name:
  • Race:
  • Gender:
  • Faction:
  • Force Sensitivity:
  • And Any extra info you want to put.

Well, let the questions begin... but first the Roster.






Veino Garn

Very interesting. If I weren't going to spend 4 months at boarding school with much more limited internet time, I'd definitely join. Not sure I can keep up with it though.

Atlas Kane

Count me in.
Name: Yasuo
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Force sensitive: Yes