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A New Shadow Rises (open to Sith)



Kaos walked off the public transport, the hood of his robes were up, hiding his face, he appeared to be looking down, he was glad no one seemed to notice him, he had come to learn the ways of the Sith. Kaos walked past a cantina, which looked uninteresting, just Smugglers having a few drinks talking about there illegal activities in the galaxy. Kaos walked along until he came face to face with a door, one tattooed red hand stretched out and opened it. This was was what he was looking for, he walked and faced the guard "let me in" he said in a harsh voice, of course the guard refused "I shall give you one last chance" Kaos threatened "let me in" the guard refused again, so Kaos turned to face him and looked up, his hand shot out to the back of the guards head, he pushed the head towards his knee, crushing the guards skull, he opened the door and entered the Sith Academy.