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a new life forms a strong bond with the force (Training Elijah)

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
Their dueling went on for some time and Tarika was growing restless to end it, she was also growing exhausted since she was not designed for combat so she decided to end it by parrying his blade away and then deactivating her own, it would be nice for a change and she knew one way she could better train him to allow him to hone his abilities.

as she deactivated her own saber she used the force to try and forcibly shut his own down and then relaxed herself Now we need to relax and meditate, meditation can be a good way to better hone your abilities and your mind... so follow me to the meditation mat she responded in kind and then began to walk toward the mats that lay on the ground, getting to one she offered him a seat and then sat down and waited for @[member="Elijah Rowlin"] to do the same.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
As he swung for her once more, he saw her blade deactivate, so he halted his motion, allowing himself to come to a stop.

Breathing heavily, he acknowledged her quitting the exercise with a grin and a deep breath. She was smaller than him, and, being a Zabrak, had less energy than a plant-human hybrid. As long as he could get constant sunlight, he had infinite energy. More or less.

Nevertheless, he recognized his inferiority; she had been a Knight longer than he, and was much more versed in the ways of the Force. Sitting down across from her, he retreated into the place of his mind that was home to his Force ability.

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
She seen him retreat into meditation and then did the same and she spoke to him trying to offer him guidance Elijah, take a few moments to gather your mind and to focus, take calming deep breathes and just relax your body....I am sure you have taken this route before but just let me instruct you, as there is none better way to find your power than to do in meditation. she said and then focused her own mind letting a bond grow between the two as master and student.

@[member="Elijah Rowlin"]