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A New Home Among The Stars (PM to join)

I'd been out on the ruins of Mandalore for the last several days with Joshua and while there I'd found an old Beskar plated space transport in the remains of the shipyards. The ship ID had been purged leaving it open for me to repair and fly off planet which I'd done. My plans to move my gear, and tools, out of the home I'd built on Voss remained though... Which meant that I'd need to use The Morrigan to load up my gear and belongings from that home while leaving my sister's things as they were. Most of the things I'd left her could be replaced but my armor, the blades I'd forged and trained with, and everything else that was mine needed to come with me....

So now I stood outside my old home about to enter it and remove my old belongings. I'd arranged for the things that my sister now owned but that I'd owned first to be replaced with exact duplicates so as not to alert her that I'd been there. Punching in the code to the hangar I triggered the landing sequence and unlocked the doors. I'd programmed the droids to begin grabbing my old belongings from the house itself while I attended to things they couldn't do.

Walking into the study I began a data transfer of all the things I'd picked up in my travels. There were quite a few things in my records that Selena shouldn't have access to, among them the Rakghoul research and cure notes. The digital copies of classified Jedi and Sith research as well... While I transferred the data to a hard copy storage node on The Morrigan's computer I also installed a program into the data drives and workstations here in the house that'd wipe them clean of all of those files and information if access was attempted.

While I ran the data transfer program I went into the workspace in the garage where I'd had secret weapon storage and began keying in the codes and running the bioscanner security unlocking them so that the weapons cases would be revealed. Signalling one of the droids I called it over and said "Charon please begin taking these crates and moving them to The Morrigan once the crates have emerged from the places I'd stored them."

The droid nodded and said "yes Mistress it will be done." I also would need to retrieve my AI from The Cherry Blossom once it landed back at the temple. There'd been a reason I'd coded the house and my ships to accept my biosigns even back then. I'd always had the feeling that I'd be leaving Voss at some point to make a home elsewhere in the galaxy and now it was time. Hopefully my sister wouldn't arrive back on Voss before I'd finished here at the house...

[member="Selena Drayven"]
Within a short time I'd gotten my secret weapon and gear caches loaded aboard The Morrigan and after taking a quick look at my gauntlet I saw that the data transfer was finishing up. I'd also had the droids load all my books loaded into crates and stored aboard The Morrigan as well as my bed frame and all. Walking back into the house I took stock of everything and after getting the last of my belongings stored in several crates I carried one of them as I floated the other two behind me. Stashing the crates aboard The Morrigan I got the droids to attach heavy cables to the production machinery in the garage including the lathes, grinding wheels, and other heavy machinery. With all of my tools in lockers and stashed aboard I boarded my small ship and flicked the engines on.

Pulling back on the steering yokes I lifted the machinery and after taking off pushed the throttle forward flying out further into the Voss wilds. Odds were I'd have to purge all flight and arrival data concerning The Morrigan around both the temple and at Selena's home. Sighing aloud I wished I could go out and find the woman I missed, while also realizing that of course I couldn't. Still though...I missed having someone to care about or who cared about me. I missed going on dates, wearing dresses, heels, and jewelry... After having Isolated myself for so long I wasn't sure I actually deserved such things anymore. Even with my promotion to Jedi Knight I thought I'd have someone by my side who cared for me. Brushing the thought away I saw my new ship come into view on sensors and began a landing sequence to set the machinery down closer to the ship before releasing the cables.

After having done that I landed and began a wireless data transfer from The Morrigan to my quarters aboard my new ship. While still at the controls of The Morrigan I patched into the command systems of the new ship and reprogrammed its transponder and ID renaming it The Valkyrie. Closing out of the controls in The Morrigan I began disembarking and signaled several of the droids aboard The Valkyrie to come and help get the heavy machinery transferred aboard. Channeling The Force I began lifting several crates of different things and started walking towards my new mobile home...
As I trudged up the ramp levitating boxes of books and other such things aboard. As I walked aboard I headed to the captain's cabin and once there I deposited the boxes of books and data discs on the floor next to my computer workstation. Taking a seat at the computer workstation I logged in and then began a data transfer of everything I'd copied from Selena's place including the restricted knowledge. As I began the transfer I also began setting up my workstation as encrypted and then set up a direct link to The Silver Jedi archive station. I knew that a large part of why we now had a mobile archive was because of both Connor and Aria...still thinking about her hurt but I realized that I couldn't save her unless she chose it.

Aside from that fact I began looking through my old contacts and chose to reach out to Zara and Brianne. I know that I'd left her to look after Selena but I desperately needed someone to lean on and Brianne and Zara were the only two women I knew who wouldn't have qualms about joining me out here. I also needed to gather up any recording devices I'd hidden in Selena's or at the very least get the data transferred here to my personal computer. Establishing a link to the house I connected the security cameras to my ship and began a download of all data in the recent past. Programming a pulse to destroy the cams after the footage was downloaded I got up to begin another task.

Leaving the link to my workstation open I headed down towards what the ship blueprints showed as the armory. I hoped that there'd be at least one set of Beskar'gam armor because when Selena returned I'd need mine back from her. Most of everything I owned I was fine with her keeping but that was not an option as I'd helped forge that armor for me and me alone. I'd left it for her as a stand in until I could get her her own set. Reaching the armory I spoke the authorization code to unlock all the gear compartments within and after having done so I found several things that surprised me. Another three sets of full Beskar'gam armor to start with, then even better were some tubes of Beskar iron itself. These would work perfectly in case I needed to machine out some lightsaber hilt shells...the idea of losing or having one or both of my sabers destroyed hurt to think about but if it were to happen then I'd at least have parts on hand to begin construction of another.

Grabbing several of the Beskar tubes and pocketing them I removed a full set of Beskar'gam armor and quickly carried it to The Morrigan. I'd need to leave this for Selena before returning to reclaim my armor anyways and this deserved to be delivered in person. Moving down to the workshop area of the Valkyrie I saw that the droids were setting things up in a very...logical manner. All the machinery was set up exactly as I would have set it up in such a space and there was a workbench in the middle of the room with the heavy machinery such as sanders, saws, and lathes on one side with spaces between them and the forging equipment on the other side again close together but with enough room between them to move things around if need be. A chime on my wrist gauntlet signaled that the camera's at the house had fully downloaded and the pulse was ready to send. Triggering the pulse from my gauntlet I remotely destroyed the cameras.

Now I had to deliver the armor to Selena's place and pickup the rest of my things and the droids as well. Briskly walking back to my cabin I slid the Beskar tubes into a storage container at my workstation and then headed back down to The Morrigan to make a delivery...

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