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A new era

Two weeks after the 'council rebellion'

Over the two weeks a unease has set over the people then subsided, the queen and the now king, stardust raxis and [member="Bartic Myth'rand"] , had been busy. First was reassurimg the people that now internal war was gonna happen and that they cpuld go about their normal lives again without feaf...that all had been taken care of

Meanwhile the two lived separate for the moment till they cpuld smooth things over, however with the trail of the traitors awaiting star felt that maybe she could give it a shot....besides things were looking up maybe, so she invited the king to her house to she didn't know him much and he probably didn't k ow much about her as well

She sat up a table outside then some drinks, her favorite tea and the local wine that she always enjoyed was to just wait
Bartic had been working remotely for the last couple weeks dealing with the political fallout from the party. He knew the Niether the First Order or the Dominion would full appreciate his work here, for the most part he had been successful but it kept him busy, normally he would have had time for R&R but every waking moment of his life was smoothing out the situation. It didn't give him much time to deal, on a personal level, with what had happened, Stardust had agreed to marry him and he would be responsible for helping her rule an entire world, an entirely different type of responsibility than what he was used to.

When the invitation came through from Stardust come come visit everything collapsed in on him and the situation felt very real for the first time since that night. He was certain that this meeting would be about getting to know eachother better, Bartic had promised to be open and honest with her and now it was time to make good on that promise.

He arrived dressed nicely but he hopped that it wasn't too much, rather than like at the party he arrived alone he didn't even bring a driver, when he knocked to the door he was greeted by a servant and guided to a beautiful garden where Stardust was waiting for him at a small table.

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]

She stood as she watched the servant guide bartic in yo the garden she had, she gave a bow a light smile on her face however a tired look as she had been busy dealing with the fallout as well

hello bartic, I hope works been easier to you then me

She said as she waved him to sit down, she brought a servant over and whispered to him before he left to go and prepare some food

I figured since I had a pause and I hope I didn't swipe you away from any work...maybe saved you hahah

She said with a light laugh before she sat down herself and waited for him to before morning to the drinks

wine and tea all grown on the planet

She said in a gentle time
Bartic returned the simile that Stardust gave him, he could see the tired look in her eye and was sure that he had he exact same look in his.

As he sat down he responded to her joke, "You definitely saved me, I don't know how the bureaucrats do it. I really need to learn to delegate better."

What a show it was that night was, it had been a lot of work cleaning it up and Bartic refused to lay that on anyone else's feet, Bartic gave the orders at Stardust's behest, it would be the two of them who would deal with the fallout of it.

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]

well we haaaaad a council for that but ya know traitors and all hahahah

She said with a laugh as she poured some wine and took a sip as she relaxed and sighed as she rubbed her temples

I'll say one thing for certain, sure beats being bored, but enough of that we ain't here for business we are here to learn how each of us works

She said as she motioned to the drinks

first off tell me a little of you
Bartic took a drink of the wine in front of him and started to tell his story, "I guess it would be best to start from the beginning, I was born in the core somewhere, my parents never bothered telling me where, we were cargo haulers, always moving,right up until I was nineteen, no, twenty. It was when the Sith Empire collapsed, we were part of a convoy that was under escort by military vessels, which made us a target, only a few of us survived, we were 'rescued' interrogated and dumped on Corellia, with what little cash the grope of us had was bought a CR90 corvette, we started raiding GA military transports, not out of loyalty or anything, we just wanted revenge, most of us lost everything and had no plans or goals."

If anything was going to turn Stardust away it was going to be the next part, the part that made up the the largest and worst part of his adult life, "I'm not particularly proud of this next part but it's what made me who I am now. When life in the core started to stabilise we found targets few and far between, so we joined up with a group of pirates, during my time there I learned all the skills I use now, the backstabbing, the blackmailing, and secrecy, between that raiding, civilians now, not military, I started working my way up, killing and causing men to lose faith in their captains mainly, eventually I made my way to the top and was presented with a way out. Heofon Industries needed someone to captain their newest ship in order to protect their ship yards, so I used my resources to get myself and my most loyal men hired. It gave me some stability in my life and helped me find out what I really wanted, stability, it was then when I heard about the Dominion back when Cyril Grayson was in charge, hey was offering what I wanted, so I took my ship and my crew and met with him, joined with him and the rest is history."

Bartic stopped there, from that point forward in his life his actions were fairly public and Stardust would at the very least know the basics, and if she wanted him to expand on anything then he would if she asked.

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]

She listened to his story as she sat back, lmost seemed like her story almost almost. She nidded and frowned at the next part but closed her eyes and nodded to herself, she wouldn't lie to herself she had done horrible things herself

Well I guess it's my turn huh? Let's see, I was born on naboo my pare rd stayed planet side till I was eight years old, both travelled for business so they took me along with them on the business trips so till I was 14 we travelled on a ship...we stopped on nar shadda one day and we got caught in a fight between two gang' of them fired a rocket or something and it landed by us...killed my parents instantly and sent me flying...busted my head opened...a kind doctor managed to find me and put my head back together with mostly cybernetics, this included my eyes as it damaged that part

She paused and sighed

after that I learned to fight for myself and learned to fly, took up transporting stuff to get money for myself...ended up buying a xwing and left...this part I can't say I'm proud of nor will I deny I did it...i ended up finding a vong who recruited me...i went on to kill people in his name innocents...women men children...

She closed her eyes and took breath in

however the vong fell and I ended up joining a empire that started my force training I was 19 at the time....i went on to become a knight and after that I moved around from faction to faction watching them rise and fall I loved and I lost...and well now here we are
"Life's been rather, interesting I suppose would be the best way to put it, for the both of us." Bartic stopped and took a drink of the wine, it was nice to just just sit and talk without having to worry about pushing any sort of agenda.

"Would you mind telling me about your force training? I'm curious mainly the other trained force users I've spoken to have all said they the method of training is unique to the individual."

There it was, his old habits were starting to kick in, there seemed to be no way to escape them it was far too engrained in him to push for as much information as possible. He made the decision now that he would not push [member="Stardust Raxis"] to speak any further on a topic she started to show any resistance towards.

"It's actually quite embarrassing how little I know about you."
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]

She nodded as she sipped her wine with a soft smile

hmmmm...when those who wish to look back on our life will say it is interesting...i will agree with them

She chuckled, truly she had trained in several different ways, she couldn't quite explain it easily as she thought for a moment and spoke

I've done the usual when I was a appretince...gad a master who taught me both dark and light, then I left when I became a knight and I drifted, picking up knowledge from different things training myself...eventually when I was in a order they gave me master then I left..and here I am

She said as she gave smile, she wasn't very well known throughout the galaxy...really she had only appeared in the big of things at random

I'm not well known bartic, as for me I don't know much about you either, then again this dominion is a new faction to me...hehe..ive seen plenty

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