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A New Chapter

Am I awake? Am I alive? Asha slowly regained conciousness, but felt too weak to even open her eyes. Her mind was hazy and clouded, and she had no idea where she was or how she got there. What... What happened? Memories slowly started flowing back, remembering her and Jace running. Running from people who wanted them dead. Jace was hit, he fell lifeless to the floor and she tried to drag him to safety, but their hunters noticed her. She kept running, and running, and running. Then, she screamed in agony. After that her memory went dark, and now she was here. She wasn't entirely sure what 'here' was, however. The woman wondered if she still was on the same planet, or even alive for that matter. She kept her eyes closed, trying to regain some kind of strength to get back up. It was no avail, however.

As she slowly woke up two sources of pain shot into the front of her mind. One was a burning sensation in her back, the other the lingering pain of a bite. More memories came back to her, connecting the pain in her back to a direct blaster hit. The sensation of the bite however was something she couldn't place, however. How did I survive that? And why does it feel like I was bit by something? Asha's confusion rose by the second, every discovery raising more questions than it answered them. She pushed them aside, a certain survival instinct bubbling to the surface. If she was wounded, she needed to get it looked at somehow.

When her senses became clearer, things got even more confusing. She was in a bed, and her wounds were bandaged up. Someone found me? I'm-I'm alive. What is going on...

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
The girl had been lucky, an hour later and she would have died. It was unfortunate that she wasn't able to get to her friend, he was long gone before she arrived at the body. Still the girl was lucky, the blaster bolt having missed many of her vital organs. When she heard a small noise, he golden hues fell upon the young woman laying in the bed, slowly turning to face her before stepping forward.

"Don't move."

Amelia said as she placed her hand on the girl's shoulder, slightly pushing her back down as she sat on the edge of the bed. Her yellow hues slowly moving over the young woman's figure before her hands went to work. Pushing the sheet away and pulling the shirt up, she checked the bandages, seeing only a small hint of blood, though nothing that wouldn't be healed in a couple of days.

"Youre lucky, it went straight through, just missed your stomach and spine as well."

[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
Asha heard the unfamiliar voice voice of a woman and she opened her eyes, looking to find the source of the words. "Who... Who is there?" She was still a bit woozy but she could see the figure of a person coming closer. When she felt a hand on her shoulder pushing her back down her vision became clearer, allowing her to see who had sat down on the edge of the bed. The first thing that the woman noticed were her eyes, a yellow hue that she had never seen before. Something felt off, but she couldn't place it. Still, her wounds were tended to and she was safe. By all accounts she should have died out there, yet she was here. She must've been the one to find me there, Asha thought to herself. If she went through these lenghts to get me here and keep me alive, I don't see her having any ill intent. She trusted the stranger, although she did not have much of a choice.

"I'm alive. Did you..." She watched as the stranger checked up on her injury. "Were you the one who found me?" The woman paused for a moment to let the her finish looking over her wounds. "I thought I was dead. You must've performed a miracle." She wanted to ask about Jace, but was too afraid to do so. Deep down she knew he was gone, he also stopped breathing when she ran, but she did not want to face it yet. She held in her emotions trying to stay strong. He was like a brother to her, despite his shortcomings. He was brash, made deal he really shouldn't have made and got himself in trouble more than what was good for anyone, but deep down he was a good person. I told you to not take a loan from those people...

Her mind snapped back to reality when the woman at the edge of the bed spoke again. "That's not the only reason I got lucky. If you weren't there it wouldn't have mattered where I was hit." Her voice was a bit meek, indicating she wasn't in the best of states if her physical appearance didn't give that away already. "How, how did you do it? How did you save my life? There must have been a medical facility very close to where you found me, but I don't remember coming across any in the time I was there. Before I got hunted down, of course." Asha told herself to stop rambling. It wouldn't help anything, even if she was confused about everything she saw and remembered.

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
"All your questions will be answered in due time. For now, rest."

The woman said as she placed her hand upon the girl's shoulder, those golden hues falling upon her as she stood up. The armored figure smirking slightly as she nodded for a moment.

"We shall speak when you're feeling stronger."

She said before lightly placing a damp cloth upon the girl's forehead, though it wasn't for any reason as a fever, more as a test. The woman turned from the bed, slipping away, only stopping when she was approached by one of the doctors. A soft nod was followed by the hushed tones and whispers of a conversation. The woman looking back towards the bedridden girl before she turned back to the doctor.

"Inform me when she shows any tangible progress..."

It was loud enough for her to hear, and done such on purpose. Giving a soft nod to her, the woman slipped from the room as the doctor approached. The man giving a small smile, the hint of a fang being revealed as he leaned over her to check the bandages himself.

[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
Asha figured the woman was right. She still felt tired and sleepy, making it so most of the answers likely wouldn't stick in her memory. She noticed the smirk and nod as she felt the somehow reassuring hand on her shoulder and give a meek smile in return. She inspected her yellow eyes as a cloth was laid on her forehead, feeling the fact it was wet immediately. She wasn't burning up, in fact it was quite the opposite and the sensation was one she had never felt before, which caused her to internally question why such a thing was done. It wasn't contested however, not only because her exhausted state wouldn't let her but also because she thought it was for some reason or another.

The gold-eyed woman turned to leave until she was met by a man. They were talking about something, but Asha was unable to make out much. She did hear the last sentence spoken however, one that was slightly odd. She wondered if it was about her recovery, but she was sure that would take quite some time. Much like the cloth she would just wait it out, hoping she would get the answer eventually. She noticed the final nod from the woman and she smiled back once again The situation confused the white-haired woman and she felt there were certain things being kept from her, but that mattered little. They saved her life and that was what mattered most.

While they were conversing an odd wave of pain slowly crept up. Something in Asha's mouth felt like it was trying to push its way through, causing her to curl up her toes underneath the sheets. The pain didn't seem to subside, which made her a bit uncomfortable. She tried to figure out what the source of it could have been, but quickly ran out of ideas. Another question left unanswered, at least for now.

The man approached Asha and checked on her bandages while giving her a slight smile, revealing something what seemed like a fang to her. It caught her off-guard and wasn't entirely sure how to react to it. She thought she may have just been seeing things, but her mind kept nagging at her that it was very much there. Another smile when she stood back up straight revealed it once again, confirming the woman's suspicions that she wasn't imagining it. She smiled back but kept her lips pressed together, perhaps a bit harder than necessary due to the pain she was feeling. It made her grimace look a bit awkward and quickly went back to a neutral visage. Instead she gave the man a slight nod, making sure the cloth wouldn't fall off of her forehead. "How is it looking?" A slight crackiness was present in her voice while she tried to fend off the pressuring feeling in her mouth.

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
The doctor leaned over her without a word for the moment as he drew the sheet back. Slowly bringing his hands over the bandage he lightly lift it up to reveal where the wound had been. His eyes moving over the area as he pulled the damp cloth from her forehead. Using it to wipe away the blood, all that remained was a smaller wound which brought a small smirk to his lips. Pulling off the dirty bandages, he set fresh ones on before he sat down next to the bed.

"It looks good. You should be up in no time."

He said before he leaned over her again, this time though his hand moved to her mouth.

"Open please."

The doctor requested of her before he ran his fingers along her gums, feeling the new growth. Lightly he pressed against her teeth, watching a couple of them wobble slightly as he nodded before leaning back. Pulling her chart from the end of the bed, he made a quick couple of notes before setting it back aside. Standing up, he looked down at her, his hand lightly touching her shoulder as he pulled the sheet back over her to cover her body once more.

"Your questions will be answered in the morning. For now, rest."

The man would give a soft smile before slipping from the room, leaving her to wonder.

[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
Asha simply watched the doctor work, replacing the bandages and using the cloth that was put on her forehead to clean up any leftover blood. She remained silent and just laid back to not get in the way of what he was doing. As she took a quick glance at the wound while the bandages were being replaced left her quite surprised, however. It had healed way quicker than any other injury she had gotten before and the only explanation she could give was that they had put her through some kind of medical procedure while she was still unconcious. The woman remembered the other person's words, her questions would be answered later, and so she stored the thought for now.

When the doctor started checking on her teeth it didn't help the pain she was feeling. She winced a little bit at the pressing and resisted the urge to clench down on her jaw. The white-haired woman was on the verge of asking what the reason for it was, especially considering the pain was feeling in the exact places he was feeling things out, but he said the same thing she had heard before. Her questions would be answered later. Being so in the dark, literally as well she had realized, was something she was not very happy with.

She was left on her own now and part of her wanted to leave the bed and figure out where she was, or at least answer one of her many questions. Her legs were on the side of the bed when she felt her fatigue blocking her. With a groan she put them back and closed her eyes, doing what was recommended. Rest.

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
The next morning the woman returned, though rather than dressed in the armor she had been in, she was adorned in a rather tight form fitting gown. Her golden hues falling upon the young woman as she stepped forward and lightly sat on the edge of the bed. Bringing her hands up, she lightly pulled the sheet back, carefully lifting the bandages up and smirking slightly.


Amelia said as she carefully removed the bandages, her hand lightly touching the young woman's shoulder. Giving her a soft look, she returned to her task at hand. As the bandages were completely removed, all that remained was a few stains of dried blood. Amelia reached over, lifting a damp cloth from where it rest to remove the dried blood before placing it back.

Sitting up so she was no longer leaned over the girl, she permitted her golden hues to fall upon her. In that moment she appeared to be studying the girl before she brought her hands together in her lap.

"How do you feel?"

[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
Sleepy eyes opened when Asha felt that someone had sat down on the bed. The woman had returned, although now in a different attire. She silently watched as the bandages were checked up on once again while she rubbed the grogginess out of her eyes, the simple statement that was made indicating the healing process was going into the right direction. "I haven't been able to introduce myself yet," the white-haired woman said as she made the realization and exchange of names had not been made yet, "I am Asha. Thank you for saving my life."

Her bandages were removed and when she looked she was utterly confused by what she saw. With a damp cloth the remaining stains of blood were cleaned up, leaving basically no indication she was gravely injured just... Asha had no idea how long it had been, but she was certain something was going on. Despite that the light touch on her shoulder was somehow comforting, knowing she was no longer in danger. The night's rest had done her wonders as well, the feeling of fatigue no longer present.

When the woman asked Asha how she was doing, she needed a moment to formulate an answer. The smallest things felt different, things she couldn't place. "Well. I'm doing well. There's just something, off somehow? I can't lay my finger on it." As she finished the sentence she realized what one of the things that had changed were. She felt it while talking and now that she brushed her tongue past it she felt it again. She figured that she was either going insane, or some of her teeth had gotten larger. The awkward silence she was leaving was picked up by her, causing her to scramble to say more. She had finished her last sentence with an intonation that implied she was about to say more, and she was planning on doing so before she focussed on her teeth. She figured it would have to be looked at on her own later. "It's just... Uh, hum. It's difficult to explain. But I'm well, because of you. Thank you."

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
"You are healed, though you are still weak."

The woman motioned for a moment, her attention turning towards the door as an individual came in, holding a tray before setting it down next to the bed. Amelia nodded quietly before standing up, escorting the individual from the room before closing the doors. A small sigh escaped her lips before she locked the doors, her attention returning to the woman upon the bed. Stepping forward she took her place once more, sitting on the edge.

With a helping hand she aided the woman in sitting up, slipping the pillows behind her to keep her in a sat position. Just from watching her Amelia could tell that she was already discovering some of the changes. Looking to the decanter on the tray and the two glasses, her nimble fingers slipped around the vessel, the other hand slowly pulling the stopper from its place.

"There are two liquids in the galaxy this color."

She spoke simply as she slowly poured the sanguine liquid into the first glass. Her attention fell upon the woman in bed, watching for her reaction before she filled the second glass to the appropriate mark. Setting the decanter back, the stopper returned to its home within the neck of the vessel. Slowly she would lift one of the glasses up, taking a sip from it, enjoying the liquid as it slipped down her throat.

"I am Amelia Sorenn-Syrush and you may want to keep your thanks for now. I'm sure you must be hungry, thirsty at the least, though you'll find that you wont be sated from simple foods or drinks anymore. They will be more of a pleasure than a necessity."

Amelia said before motioning for the woman to take the second glass. Her attention now focused upon her completely. A soft smile revealed her fangs for a moment before her tongue gracefully slipped along her lips.

[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
The woman wasn't wrong. As much as Asha wanted to get up and walk, she was still not strong enough to do so. She hoped that the impairment wouldn't keep her bedridden for too long, wanting to be no burden to the one who had brought her here. When another person entered the room, carrying a tray with a decanter and two glasses, the white-haired woman eyed the individual and meekly smiled as her way of greeting. The person was quickly escorted back out after delivering what was brought and when the door was locked she assumed the woman wanted to keep their conversation private. Why that was she did not know, but she figured that would be revealed eventually.

When she got to sit up straight, Asha immediately felt a lot better. To say she was thirsty was a bit of an understatement, so having something to drink was very much appreciated. When the liquid was poured into the first glass however she first thought her eyes were deceiving her. The comment on the color of the decanter's contents confirmed her suspicion, it most definitely wasn't wine. As she watched the woman who afterwards introduced herself as Amelia take a sip from one of the glasses Asha tried to feel some kind of reluctance, but she couldn't. Something made her want to take the other glass herself, but waited until she was invited to do so. Being told 'simple' foods and drinks would no longer provide satiation was something that in her mind tied into this.

The younger woman took up the glass and looked at its contents for a moment before slowly putting it to her lips and letting a bit of the sanguine liquid slip into her mouth. The taste was odd, but not in a bad way. While still having the glass there she took a good sip, gladly letting it go down her throat. "What was it you did to save me, then? It is obvious it was no ordinary thing," Asha said after swallowing, holding the glass at her stomach, both of her hands cupping it. "I have noticed things changed. I saw your... fangs, and I felt some of my own teeth have grown. The doctor who visited earlier had checked them too." The glass was lifted once more as the woman took another sip, her thirst still strong. "I apologize for asking so many questions. I am just a bit confused by the fact I am even alive."

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
"What you've just consumed is blood. That is how we saved you."

Amelia said simply, her own hand bringing the glass back up as she took another sip. A soft sigh escaping her lips as she set the glass down before permitting her golden hues to fall upon the young woman again. For the moment she was trying to find the exact words, those that she could make this situation appear better than it was, though perhaps it was the truth that was the best for this moment.

"When we discovered you there was little life remaining. Your friend was already gone and pass any point of saving."

Closing her eyes for a moment she took a shallow breath, her eyes slipping open again. Now was the time to be frank, to be direct and tell this young woman what had happened.

"There was no time to bring you to any medical facility, there was a single option. I turned you. I fed you my blood and made you my daughter. That is why your wounds have healed in just rapid time. You are a vampire now."

Amelia said as she brought the glass back up, taking a sip of the sanguine liquid before setting the glass down. Her attention remained upon her as she now waited for the anger or hatred to rise up from within.

[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
After Amelia confirmed that the contents of her glass was indeed blood, which made her look down into it once more, Asha's mind was grinding its gears meticulously. It was clear whatever was done to save her had lasting effects, and as much as she wanted to say the stories she had been told about were simply make-believe, the enlongated teeth and the craving for blood fit the description of a being she previously believed to not exist perfectly; a vampire. The woman remained silent and kept looking down into the red liquid before deciding to take another sip. The temptation had simply become too strong and she didn't exactly know how to feel when she couldn't help but savor the taste.

Her fears were then confirmed as Amelia told her that Jace indeed hadn't made it. Asha let out a saddened sigh as she heard the news and remained silent for a moment. "I told him to stop getting into trouble with these people..." were the words that broke the silence as she blankly looked out in front of her for a moment. "He was like a brother to me, the last bit of family I had left." Through her fatigue and all the changes she had been going through she didn't fully grasp the fact he was indeed dead, but it would no doubt hit her later.

With the word 'family' still in her mind, when Amelia explained what she exactly did, she felt a mix of emotions wash over her. It was an overwhelming thing to realize, despite her tired state. On the one hand she was slightly afraid of what she had become, the thought being that feeding on blood was rarely an innocent thing, and a tinge of anger over being resigned to such a fate, she also felt gratitude. She was alive, and this was the only way of saving her. Amelia only had one option, and she took it. "I," the silver-haired woman said as she struggled to find the words to say, "I see. You had no other choice. I am still alive however, and for that I am still just as grateful. It will be..." once again she stumbled over her words, "tough, adjusting to the changes. I hope you can help me with that. I have not much to offer as my thanks, but if there is anything I can help with it would be the least I can do."

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
Amelia set her own glass down as stood up for a moment, stretching slightly, her hand brushed out a few of the wrinkles in the gown that had formed from her time sitting on the edge of the bed. Nodding silently to the young woman, she held her hand out, offering to help her up further. Though she was still likely to be weak, she should have no problem holding herself up for a short period of time at least.

"A few questions first before I make the decision of accepting your offer of help."

Her golden hues remained upon the young woman as she offered a smile. Slender fingers pulled up the datapad that was resting upon the stand next to the bed, her attention shifting for a moment before looking back at the young woman. Once more her attention fell upon the area in which her wound had been, examining it for a moment before her fingers clicked a few buttons upon the screen.

"Your name. Your full name Asha."

She said before looking back to the datapad, holding it in one hand before she carefully slipped her other arm around the woman's waist, helping her remaining standing.

"Just take it slow, you're still recovering, though laying in bed all day won't be productive to your recovery."

[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
The held out hand was gladly taken as Asha slowly and carefully got up, making sure not to spill anything out of the glass she still had in one hand. "Thank you," she said as she got to her feet, taking one more sip of the sanguine liquid before setting down the glass next to Amelia's. While standing on her feet she felt her knees tremble a little, but she was determined to stay standing. The woman wanted to burden the one who saved her as little possible beyond what had been done already.

Amelia then took a datapad and said she needed to ask some questions, to which the white-haired woman nodded. "Ask me anything." She had nothing to hide. her life had been nothing of note. The first question was a simple one, one that she didn't need to think about. "Asha Mataya is my full name." For a moment she thought her knees were going to give out, but the arm that was slipped around her waist helped her to stay standing, giving the woman a smile and another nod.

"Laying down all day bores me too much, so any excuse to stay out of bed is good enough for me." Asha wanted to recover as quickly as possible, so whatever was recommended she would do. "Anything else you need to know?"

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
"Do you have any family? Living relatives, siblings, long lost loves of a youthful bygone days?"

Amelia asked as she looked back to the datapad before returning her golden hues upon the young woman, helping to keep her steady. Moving towards a cabinet in the corner, she kept her hold upon the young woman before helping her sit on the stool. Setting the datapad down on the table, she opened the cabinet, revealing a few bodygloves within as she offered a smile.

"If we're going to have you walking around, it would be best to not have you in that gown."

She said before helping the young woman out of the rather unflattering hospital style gown. Throwing the flimsy cloth gown to the side, she pulled out a bodyglove, holding it up to make sure it would fit before the difficult task began. Carefully moving her or rather making sure that her movement was minimal and unlabored, she nodded quietly when it was completed.


[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
The question that came after was one Asha should've expected, but did not. It took her aback for a moment as she realized she would have to talk about her not-so-simple family situation, but it had to be done. Sighing deeply, she went to explain. "I was born into a small family. The only child, only one aunt and uncle, all of my grandparents passed away before I was born. My aunt fell ill and never recovered, and my father..." The thought of her father gave her mixed feelings. "Officially it was a hunting accident, but it turned out he secretly worked in the spice trade. My mother and I didn't know about that until he passed away, and we both think his death likely had to do with that."

The woman looked at the contents of the cabinet and then peered down to the hospital gown she was wearing before letting out a slight chuckle. "I suppose you're right." It was an odd scenario to be in, wearing next to nothing, but luckily that was being remedied. She carefully sat down, relieved to put the weight off her legs. While being helped into one of the bodygloves she continued answering the question. "It has been two years since I have last spoken to my mother, but if nothing happened to her in the meantime she should still be alive. We are not on speaking terms anymore, however. The fact I lost contact with my uncle is an unfortunate side effect of that." A defeated look washed over Asha's face as she let out another sigh. "My father's death put a lot of pressure on us and it made our relationship unsustainable. I left one day and haven't gone back to Selvaris since."

When the bodyglove was put on the white-haired woman peered down once more before nodding. "Thank you. That is much better." She groaned the slightest amount as she tried to stand back up, her stubborn will flaring up once more. "That's all the family I have. Like I said, a small family."

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
"Then it is safe to say that not many would miss you, or otherwise show concern?"
Amelia understood that it was a horrible thing to say to this young woman after she told her story of how she ended up in the room with her. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she sat down on the stool, her golden hues falling upon the young woman. One hand lightly touching her cheek as she offered a soft smile of comfort. As she stood though, her other hand lightly rest upon her hip, making sure that she was steady, though still not taking her hand away completely.
"It may take some time to recover. While your wounds have been healed, the pain never really goes away. You'll just learn to cope with it or tune it out as the years go on."
Her own mind flooded with the ancient thoughts and memories of her long life, from the moment of birth to even now. It had been years since she saw anyone from her family, extended or otherwise. She had another daughter out there, though she was never sure if she were still alive or not. Taking a moment to steady her own mind, she offered another smile.
"My own family is much like yours, though in their own aspects separate. Unlike myself, you did not have to kill your own sibling after she lashed out one night and killed the rest of your family."
A sigh escaped once more as she looked down for a moment before looking back to the young woman. Her golden hues now a more vibrant blue as the emotions of that night poured into her, her right hand shaking slightly as she held back the fear and rage she had felt that night.
[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
The words were perhaps a bit harsh, but they were nevertheless accurate. If Asha had to speak the truth she would have to admit that it hurt a little. The light touch and the smile were a bit jarring at first immediately following up on those words but despite that it made it clear that Amelia was realistic yet supportive, something that Asha appreciated. "I don't think they are very concerned, no." She gave the woman a faint smile back, grateful for the help she had been given already. Standing a bit more steady now she was able to stand on her own for at least a short period of time, the hand on her hip reassuring her she didn't stand alone.

"It beats being dead at the very least." Her tone was one of slight humor trying to lift spirit, although that wasn't her strong suit. The pain wasn't comfortable but the fact she could still feel it made Asha appreciate the fact she was still breathing. "I'll give it some time, then. I'm no stranger to being in pain for extended periods of time."

The tone of the conversation shifted quickly however as Amelia explained why their families had some similarities, but it seemed her history was much more tragic that Asha's. It made her feel a small pang of guilt over her own feelings, not even able to imagine what it would be like to have to do such a thing. "I- I am so sorry to hear that," she replied as she watched the woman's eyecolor change. Not entirely sure what to do she went to hold her right hand with both of her own, hoping to calm her back down somehow. "That must have been terrible."

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes for a moment, feeling her own hand held by the young woman's. Taking a deep breath, she let out a heavy sigh before opening her eyes again, her golden hues falling upon the young woman once more as she offered a smile. It took a moment for her to find the words, though she merely nodded before her lips parted as she spoke once again.
"It is in the past, hundreds of years ago... There is nothing to be done beyond remembering the event and burying it deep."
Amelia said before letting out another soft sigh as she kept her eyes upon the woman. Standing up from the stool she had sat upon, her eyes moved over Asha's figure, making sure that her stance didn't reveal any additional injuries or otherwise problems that the doctors may have missed in their initial inspection from when she was brought in.
"It will take time, and as I said, the pain will always be there. For now look forward to the simple fact that you are indeed living, albeit it a different kind of life now than what you had previously."
[member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]

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