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A new Alliance, for a new Galaxy [Ronin & CIS]

The Black Flame
[this thread was intended to take place before Manaan as apart of the multiple alliances being setup by the Fel]​

The next stop on Ronin's long list of places to visit was Bothawui. The planet had long since been the place where the new Confederacy of Independent Systems had made its home and, unlike its predecessor, was a place of peace and justice. However, the CIS faced the same problems that the Republic did. In Ronin's eyes the Leadership Council was just as pathetic in its squabbling and fear as the Republican senate was, but there was no time to dwell on such feelings when it came to making alliances. There had been rumors that the CIS catered to darksiders, something that Ronin would need to look into during his stay with the leaders of the faction for if that was true...then this alliance may not be forever lasting. The Fel Imperium would make allies and use them well, but if they helped the darkside prosper in anyway then they could not be tolerated forever.

For their current purposes, however, Ronin would use the alliance with the CIS to coax them into fighting the Sith Empire and destroying it. As they said, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and the Sith Empire was currently the most dangerous group of Darksiders that the galaxy currently had to offer. With that in mind, Ronin would not do anything to find the Imperium in hot water until after the Sith had been defeated. After the common enemy was gone, however, Ronin would need to start considering other courses of action in the galaxy...

With all of these things in mind, Ronin sat in his personal corvette as it descended upon the CIS capital.