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A Midnight Walk in Coruscant (Open)


It's What's Inside That Counts
Coruscant. The gleaming jewel of the galaxy. It was the planet were dreams were realized and broken, fortunes were won and lost, and memories were made, good or bad. It was this allure that brought the two there.

In one of the many marketplaces that littered Galactic City, two Humans walked side by side, looking at the various wares offered. The male was a tall, bald, handsome man, with ice-blue eyes that bespoke intelligence and a face that made many women stare as he passed by. He looked sharp in his suit. The woman next to him had told him that multiple times already. She was clad in a long, peach dress, her hair up in a loose bun, a spitting image of nobility and wealth. The two stopped every now and then at a vendor or two, who were selling unusual trinkets and baubles. She laughed, and he smiled every now and then thinly.

"Ooh, Harvey! Look at that!"

A Twilek vendor had what appeared to be a holocron for sale. As the two got closer, he stood and announced to the duo:

"Ah, good sir and madam! I guarantee you, you will not find this rare artifact anywhere else! I have a genuine Jedi holocron here for sale. Normally, most would charge a fortune for this priceless artifact, but I will only charge 1000 credits, a bargain for such a device!"

The woman's face slowly grew sad as she turned to Harvey.

"I want it, but...we don't have that kind of money, do we?"

The well-dressed man picked up the holocron and inspected it briefly before setting it down.

"It's not real."

The Twilek flushed and got close to Harvey's face, angered that his ruse was discovered.

"How did you...bah! Go on, then! Say it louder so you can ruin an honest businessman's profession!"

The man took a step back and stared at the alien with his cold eyes.

"You are anything but honest, sir. Your profession is engineered around selling fake relics and artifacts to unsuspecting and uneducated people. In fact, in further analysis, I estimate that over half of your wares are not legitimate. I'm afraid I will have to-"

Harvey was interrupted by his female companion, who pulled him away. The Twilek looked as if he was about to have a heart attack.



"We talked about this before. You're not doing a very good job of blending in. Normal people don't go around rattling off statistics or looking at something for a second and knowing it's fake."

"With all due respect, Elsa, I was not programmed to emanate a normal organic. My primary function is advising. I was merely advising you of the negative consequences of purchasing that particular ware."

Elsa's face softened as she looked into Harvey's eyes.

"I know. I appreciate you looking out for me. Just please try to calm down. Try approaching things from a different perspective. Ok?"

"I'm more than qualified to do so. I offer many perspectives, including historical, scientific, militaristic, biological, chem-"

"Harv, you're doing it again!"

Elsa broke into laughter in the middle of the crowded marketplace, covering her mouth with a delicate hand. Harvey looked quite confused, quizzically raising an eyebrow.

"What did I say that you found humorous? I was merely listing my functions."

The woman wiped a tear away and reached for his hand, holding it in hers.

"Nothing, silly. Let's keep looking around, ok?"

"I never will comprehend organics and their sense of humor."
Jim hated the marketplace, Imagine if the blackmarket was loaded with fakes and items that don't work as they're intended, now imagine that on Coruscant. Why was Jim here then? He got a tip that there was an item being sold here that when smuggled onto Nal Hutta is worth 10x as much. It's a special kind of lum, great at getting Twi'leks drunk, but as for Hutts, one sip will nearly kill them. Something about the chemistry in the head-tails. Jim brought along his R2 unit. The droid was anxiously whistling while treading behind him. R2-3Z, the droid, hated large crowds, he always saw them as dangerous, especially when he was with Jim.

Suddenly a woman started bursting out laughing. Jim looked over at the commotion and saw her beautiful face, beautiful clothes, this was Jim's chance to make it into the big leagues, when nobility smuggles stuff, they almost always go for low risk, high pay. Jim saw the cold bald man with her. He wondered if that was her husband

"3Z, check if the bald man over there is wearing a ring of some sort."

3Z whistled in compliance. After scanning the man, 3Z whistled anxiously.

"A high-tech android? These Nobilities never cease to surprise me. R3 how do I look?"

The droid whistled in a lower frequency.

"I look like underworld scum? Bah! What do you know, you're just a droid."

Jim slicks his hair back as he walks toward the beautiful young woman.

"Excuse me, you're highness, what's a beautiful woman doing in an ugly place like this" Jim said giving his signature smirk.


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