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A meeting with a Benefactor


The Galaxy's Shadow dropped out of hyperspace along with several smaller Recusant Light Destroyer as escort ships, a transmission sent towards the other ship in the sector. The Astral Horizon would simply receive this transmission. "Send your commanding officer over, you have my word he will not be harmed in any ways." Should any transmissions be sent back, nothing would respond to it.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
The Astral Horizon hung at the borders of the fringe. Fringe territory was not easily tread upon, even taking consideration of its namesake. It was not alone, however. Several Permanence-class Battleships lingered at its flanks, the entire fleet's scanners working constantly to detect any movement happen outside of their perimeter. The Horizon picked up a few anomalies, and the rest of the fleet most likely did as well. And so, acting within standard operating procedure, the whole karking place went up like a Hallowe'en party. Thousands of heavy guns alone sat prepared on the Horizon as hundreds more prepped for battle on the accompanying vessels. It was all standard procedure up until the incoming group lurched out of hyperspace, ending up planted directly in front of the Fringer systems group.

"Admiral, the unknown fleet is patching through to us." A young bridge officer called out, flicking his gaze down the bay at the strolling Lord Admiral.
Dranok turned to him, "Well, let's hear it by all means."
"Yes, sir."

It played through, the Lord Admiral listening intently. Within moments, he'd made his decision.

"I think I'll meet them."
"But, si-"
"Don't worry, Lieutenant. I can handle myself."

Minutes passed, nothing eventful happening save for Dranok boarding a shuttle and heading over to the unknown vessel.

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Aithne Charr

Heir of Fire
Greeted Dranok as he landed, waiting with his arms behind him, "Hello, my name is Captain Naur of the Maw Consortium, i assume you are here to meet with out Leader?" The Chiss grinned, his eyes would be seen studying Dranok carefully. "Follow me please human." He turned, the action swiftly done, hinting towards a small amount of military training. He also walked with his arms behind him and hands crossed one over the other. "What is your name by the way?"

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Aithne Charr

Heir of Fire
Juthan brought Dranok through the ship, not even trying to hide any of the weapons systems or ships on it as they walked. He stopped by a turbo lift and looked at the man, "Get in, itll take you up to the conference room."