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A meeting of minds

[member="Darth Abyss"]
[member="Benedict Rotadaria"]

There was fewer things she loved in the galaxy than credits. coming from a family line of mostly Jedi, Ellie was the odd woman out. She had some powers yes, but they were a select few. The science of navigation was a speciality of the young womans.

She'd spent some time navigating the holonet, reading and probing around for worthy associates. And she'd found something very interesting. A new leader had arisen. He wasn't necessarily her kin, Pirate folk, but their goals seemed to have some form of alignment.

Several days earlier she'd sent him a message.
[Begin// encryption Level 4]
[Greetings! I found a little blurb about you on the holonet. Seems some info chants have taken an interest in you and your doings. You are invited to meet with Eliza Raxis, Coalition of Brethren, Cragmaw station at your earliest convenience. Black Flag Trading Company believes they might have a mututal interest.]

That was it.

Eliza was in her office, in the belly of the lower levels. On her desk was an amber whiskey and a ledger, into which she was entering numbers as she sipped.
While Abyss had never heard the names of the person and groups mentioned in the message it was rather easy to deduce what they were. Pirates, who else would use the word Black Flag for anything? He himself was not a pirate, at least not primarily, but he had dealt with them on numerous occasions. Over the course of his live he had held his hand into many ventures of the underworld: Piracy, Drug and arms dealing, slavery and war, sometimes in the name of the sith, of Malachor or just for himself.

So it was no question if he would take up the opportunity of this meeting. Talented Pirates were hard to come by, and some of them had proven to be more dangerous than some entire fleets, by being smarted and more ruthless than any common naval force spread around the galaxy. Once read he boarded his small stealth vessel, locking in the coordinates of Cargmaw station.

Shrouded in his full sith attire, consisting of a ragged black robe, an odd looking wooden mask, a metal crown on his head and a collection of amulets he stepped into the office. Judging by his taste for fashion he had far more in common with pirate folk than most would expect. A slight, sly grin danced over the bit of his face that could be seen below his mask.

"You called?"

[member="Eliza Raxis"]
[member="Darth Abyss"]

Ellie looked up as he stepped through the door. Her eyes sized him up immediately. Long robe, big crown, lots of bling. This Abyss character was truly a theatric. With a gloved hand she brushed back a braid, with a feather in it and leaned back in her seat. Behind her on the all was a pair of ancient flintlock slugthrowers, crossed over a brown bonnet. Other small nick knacks were present, including and old rapier, some paintings and an antique star map on some flimsi. They were arrayed against the walls, each even and precise.

She thrived on Chaos, but preferred precision.

"I did call actually."

She then folded her hands and locked eyes with the guest. From the corner he silver protocol droid entered, riddled with scorch marks and dents.

"Shall I fetch drinks miss Eliza?"

"Yes TD. Bring whatever our guest requires."

At first it as never wise to assume too much about a man, be he friend or foe. So she would play it by his pace, opening up slowly u ntil they could strike an accord.

"Would you have a seat?"
[member="Eliza Raxis"] [member="Darth Abyss"]

Benedict was in the lavatory when the messing came through. "Crap, I gotta hurry!" He ran out the stall and washed quickly. The musketeer knew he would be at the meeting, but would anyone else be there? Surely more than just him would be there, seeing as how a Company wanted to do business. A quicker pace was used as Ben neared the meeting hall. "Oh hi, you must be Mr. Rotadaria! Eliza is expecting you!" said a receptionist as she lead him to the meeting. Darth Abyss was standing with Eliza. He spoke briefly. "Hello Eliza, Abyss. What is this about?"
"Corellian Whisky, with a few drops of cold water if possible."

His choice of drinks was another thing he had in common with many pirates. Other than most of his sith brethren he found enjoyment in a drink or two, despite the numbing effect it had on his connection to the force. Slowly he dropped on the seat offered waiting for his drink to arrive while closely analyzing the two figures in the room. It was best to be highly cautious when dealing with unknown elements. His eyes ended up on the ancient weapons behind [member="Eliza Raxis"], and a hunt of admiration glanced in his eyes from behind the mask. He liked things that had a piece of history attached to them.

"Tell me, why exactly did you invited me here?"

It was impossible to say if he was happy, sad, angry or if he even felt any emotion at all judging by his voice. This was business, so he had decided to wear another mask below his wooden one, at least for now.

[member="Benedict Rotadaria"]
[member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Benedict Rotadaria"]

Eliza had TD pull out another chair so Ben could take a seat as well. She gave him a curt nod, signaling.

"Welcome Abyss. Yes I know your name, I've got eyes in most ports. Seems like you have a little sortie up and coming, and I'll cut straight to the point. I like credits, and I like supporting Ill gotten gains. The only things you get in this galaxy are what you take yourself."

Ellie took a sip of her own whiskey, and set the glass back on the table.

"This is Benedict Rotadaria. I'd like to bring him in as my second mate and connection between our organizations. If that's ok with you Ben."

Then she continued, swiping upwards with two fingers to open up a shipping manifest. On it were pelts, guns, and some fuels that had been seized. It was a test, to determine what most Abyss would jump for, if at all.

"Black Flag Trading Co. as you might've guessed is more than just a Legit thing. It's a Front for moving the goods that get lifted by the Coalition of Bretheren. If you're interested we'd love to bring your organization into our business. We can repack all your stolen goods, sell them on the free market as clean. We can also provide fuel for your ships if you need it. Granted it'll be based on what our Raiders bring in."

Now the ball was in his court. She shot Ben a wry grin, signalling for him to watch and learn.
In return Abyss took a swig from his own drink, the stoic facade of his face falling apart to be replaced by another slight grin. It was an interesting offer, but ot felt like she misjudged his wealth to some degree. His money was made with ventures that laid outside the law anyway, clean packaging or not. Drugs, slaves and arms sold best on the black market, not on the open market. It could be of some use for the dead road, but their aim was straight on credits whenever possible instead of making the detour of selling goods.

"A very tempting offer, Ms. Raxis and a few years back I would have taken it without question. But today my methods have changed, I have little use for your fuel as well as for your service."

Again he sipped on his drink, a pause set deliberately. After a few years in the business he had learned how important it was to leave an impression with nothing more than words.

"Yet I believe that we could still come to mutually beneficial agreement. I would like to make an investment in your organization, and in return we forge an alliance, from one criminal to another."

The details of such an alliance were the most important part, but there was little use in discussing them before there was an interest for such a thing on both sides.

[member="Eliza Raxis"] [member="Benedict Rotadaria"]
[member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Benedict Rotadaria"]

Ellie leaned back now, locking her eyes on the masked man. She drew her cup to her lips and sipped deeply, and then set it down ont he table. She folded her hands, and nodded. She had expected he would want some shipping capacity. She had about three to four separate
Pirate crews who would have loved that contract.

She pushed it aside, and nodded.

"Very well, tell me what your Counteroffer is. What is this Criminal syndicate of yours all about and how can we be of assistance?"

It was a feint. She was opening the floor for him to move his pieces, but she was no pawn. If they couldn't reach an accord, they might very well clash interests in the near future. If it had to be brought to the Captains Council, she suspected he'd be swept off the board.

Discarded as a rook, or a bishop might be. Critical yes, but deadly important.
[member="Eliza Raxis"] [member="Darth Abyss"]

Ben's eyes opened with shock. "Me, second mate!? Thank you so much!" He was hearing the whole deal between the Sith and Eliza. Criminals, this was something Ben couldn't come to terms with. A privateer was more or less who he thought himself as. Commissioned to do it by a cause, not on free will. They'd have to remember he's still a gentleman, and he can't ruin his reputation. Darth Abyss had asked for an alliance to be made, interesting. Why would a Sith do business with a criminal party? Ben rose and addressed Abyss. "I like your offer. However, I want to make sure this isn't someone trying to take down. You aren't doing that, right?" Ben spotted the Sith's lightsaber. Hmm, perhaps I could duel him later.
(I actually want to duel you Abyss)
"You are mistaken Mrs. Raxis. The Dead Road is neither a syndicate nor a competitor to your organisation. People like us have enough enemies already, without wasting our time fighting each other."

Abyss downed the rest of his drink at once, before continuing his explanation with a winning grin below the mask.

"We see ourselves more a conclave than anything else. If groups like your coalition are ready to work with others, at least from time to time, we can flourish all together."

From his robe the sith lord reached for a datapad, placing it on the table in front of him. On it was a collection of intel about the dead road, the hyperlane as well about the organisation. Additional data was stored there as well, surveillance data that suggests a position of two old warships armed with the technology to create gravity wells.

"The Road needs fighters right now, not smugglers and merchants. If you would allow me, I would like to hire you and your men for a job. You can keep what you raid, besides the ships of course. But if your group ever needs them, the road is ready to share."

[member="Eliza Raxis"][member="Benedict Rotadaria"]
[member="Benedict Rotadaria"] [member="Darth Abyss"]

Ellies eyebrow raised and she gave a cheerful smile to Ben as he elated in his new promotion. He would make a fine addition to the Black flag Trading Co. Who knew, one day she might pass along the company to him, when the time was right and she was too old for this sort of thing.

She gave the contents of the Datapad a quick read and then nodded.

"I am grateful for the opportunity. However I'll make you a counter offer. Our Company is short of ships. Give me one ship, and thirty percent of the plunder. Our forfeiture of goods will be our payment for the vessel. If this contract goes off without a hitch, I will deem you an ally."

She paused, to refill all their glasses, since TD was busy somewhere.

"In addition, I understand you are looking for new Hyperlanes? Have you ever heard of a skill called, Instinctive Astrogation?"
"Then we have a deal."

Giving up one of the ships wasn't that much to ask, especially if this whole thing would lead into an alliance afterwards. A group of pirates would be more skilled at using it anyways, so having them on his side was an even better option than commanding it himself.

"I have indeed. The mask on my face is imbued with a ancient spell that allows me to use it despite my lack of talent for it."

Instinctive Astrogation was a fairly useful skill, as he had experienced many times, but ne never had understood it as much as many others. It was one of the things that were commonly found in spacers without formal training in the force, it was probably even what made this people spacers in the first place.

[member="Eliza Raxis"]

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