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Approved Tech A.M.I.

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  • Intent: To submit a new A.I. system for story purposes.
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Ayrtech (Pre-Gulag Plague, Mining Company)The Confederacy
  • Model: MI-1
  • Affiliation: Ayrtech Mining Corporation, The Confederacy
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Digital Data


  • Droid Override Program: A.M.I. was designed to be able to take control of Droid units for an entire world. In the event the central droid control system was compromised, she could slice into the interface giving her direct access to the droid units on the planet. This program is still active, and will work with Droids functioning off of a remote control system or if it is manually uploaded into the droid.
  • ​Access Upload: Whether it is via a physical or remote upload, AMI is capable of taking control of many different forms of technology. Starships, Droids, and even computer terminals can store her databanks, making a temporary home for the A.I.
  • Access: AMI is capable of gaining access to several fields of technology. However, direct downloads into the system's port are faster and more effective than remote uploads to a system connected to the Holonet.​
  • ​Self-Evolving: AMI was created to be a self-evolving AI, which means she independently takes time to educate herself on the changing galaxy around her.
  • ​Statistic and Variable matrix: Have you ever met someone who seemed to have a result for most scenarios? AMI is very capable of giving accurate results for different situations.
  • Psychotic: AMI is morbidly psychotic, having no regard for the life of even her owner. While she is under a restraining program to stop her from killing her master, she is always looking for ways to bypass her directive.
  • ​EMP/ION: While an EMP/ION technique will not permanently destroy AMI, it will cause her to go into a reset mode that lasts up to twenty minutes.

A rogue AI that caused the death of an entire population. AMI was originally designed to be the master control system for an entire planetary droid work force. A.M.I. or the Automated Master Intelligence has particular programming that makes her perfect for taking control of droids. The feminine program is overly morbid and slightly pessimistic, not to say she does not have a humorous side, however it is also rather morbid. She enjoys lording over organics, considering them to be a vastly inferior race as opposed to machines. After being rediscovered after the Gulag plague, she was reprogrammed to better stop any repeat massacres, like the one that she wrought on Enos.


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Adron Malvern said:
manufacturer is purely story, added the confederacy as a proper manufacturer.

You added it to the affiliation, add it to the manufacturer.
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