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Private A Little Touch of Joy



TAG: Oleander Webb Oleander Webb
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There were typically so many things to do and get done in a day's time. Little bits of training that always seemed more like chores than actual training, and yet there was never a complaint from Eenia about it. At least not anything she said aloud. She was ever the diligent student, always doing what was instructed of her, because that was why she had agreed to learn from a new Master in the first place. Dimitri Voltura Dimitri Voltura was kind to her, he treated her well, but he was most definitely her teacher. Despite whatever spats that may crop up between them...

But today was not one of those days. No, today her Master was off saving the galaxy, and considering the fact that Nia herself had no Lotus jobs or training to do today for the Knights Obsidian? She had taken the day for herself.

Now normally, this would have consisted of eating too many sweet things and getting lost in some long, fantasy-esque literature. But day the weather was pleasant, with a comfortable breeze, and that led the blonde woman outside into the fresh air. And more than that? She had found her way to a patch of ground within KO territory that was sorely in need of some color and a little life. Was it necessary to sit and plant flowers? No, of course not. But was it hurting anyone for Eenia to be doing it? Also no.

Nia made sure she wasn't seated in any path, or going to be in the way of any sort of exorcise - training or otherwise. She may have the day off, but it was in the blonde's nature to give back. It came naturally to her, considering her specialty with healing and tending to others. So with nothing else to do today, why not dig in the dirt, add some color, and maybe bring a little joy to those who pass by now and again?

...Once the flowers started to grow and bloom properly, of course.


waking nightmare


TAG: Eenia Vahn Eenia Vahn

There was something about afternoons - the midday sun shining on all, the gentle breeze - all of it made for a tempting setup to put everything aside for a quick nap. For Oleander, who if not for work schedule, would likely operate more on a nocturnal timetable, that was doubly so. The Anzat's specialized skillset, along with dietary restrictions and general existence that lead to him joining the Knights Obsidian, had set him apart from other knights. This left the knight with an often open afternoon schedule, with the understanding that he was still almost permanently on call.

And so he often wandered in his free time, committing the nooks and crevices of the area to memory, slowly but surely adjusting to the modern world by way of observation, seldom an active participant. He handled busy streets well enough, was quite experienced in navigating through a crowd (such was a boon of traveling mostly unseen), yet also found himself taking to more quiet areas from time to time.

He was an embodiment of death. That which, by extension, was an embodiment of nature itself. And with that in mind, he took refuge among nature in his off-hours. He wasn't one to plant, no, he lacked the green thumb or the knowledge to get into that himself, but that didn't stop him from spending the occasional afternoon laying in grass, watching clouds pass by above him.

Today had been such a day. He'd planned, at least, to just lay there for a few minutes - half an hour at most. Yet as the sun bore down on him and that breeze filled the air with the calming noise of foliage interacting with other foliage, it hadn't been too long before his eyes had grown heavy. It could have been an off-putting sight, his skin pale with grey undertones, cold to the touch. Even in slumber, his breathing was subtle, composed, meant to avoid drawing attention to himself.