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A Formal Favor


The meeting place was Ansion. It was a humble little world just outside of the boundaries of Galactic Republic space, though by right it was still under the authority of the Monarchy and the shaman queen. The young queen chose such a place because it was safe, it was near and it wasn't a place where @[member="Circe Savan"] would be arrested. It did not violate the formal agreement between the former Dominion and the Republic.
In one of the recent Mnenchei cities, the kind that altogether nearly hundredfolded the global population before the defense draft and the merge, Alachei waited in peaceful solitude for her invited guest to arrive. She was the kind to tell a person of the lengths she'd gone for them face to face. The queen stood arms crossed standing stoically over the edge of a marble bridge. Below it was a drop and a lesser part of the city which appeared upon first glace to be primitive and turn-of-the-century. In fact, it was modern and cutting-edge in its own right and there were occasions in the past where its looks had deceived others. High above the clouds, flights of Ventus patrolled the skies subtly as a means of defense for the queen's visit. Untill Ansion, Obredaan and Esfandia could be brought under true Republic control, it could only be assumed that none were safe from a clever and well-planned assault.