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A Common Station in Un-Common Space


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
[member="Kail Ragnar"]

Just outside of Hutt Cartel space, and in between that and Commenor stood the Kwenn Space Station. For a time it had been taken over by pirates, until a joint task force of Commenori soldiers and members of Kay's staff had liberated it. The pirates were removed and the station was repaired.

Given that Kay had supplied a lot of credits, ships, men and supplies, Commenor was now part owner of the station. It was a little safe haven in otherwise hostile territory. She had never been there, had never seen much of it, and now that the repairs were finished, she was eager to see what she had invested in.

Kay didn't take The Free Lady to get there as this wasn't a diplomatic trip. And given that there were still slavers and pirates that wanted her in chains, she wasn't about to go in that region of space announced. So she took a couple of guards with her and the trio dressed in plain clothes, looking more like smugglers than a Queen with her guards. There wasn't much of a plan. She just wanted to check it out and then come back home before she was greatly missed. It was a good distraction for her as her wedding ceremony planning, the coronations, the promotions, all of that was taking up far too much of her time. She needed a break. One of her friends had said that she was a slave to her position and Kay was trying to do everything that she could to prove him wrong.

So here she was, dressed in black slacks, light blue top and a long black leather coat cinched at the waist with a belt that also holstered a small blaster. Her hair was up in a ponytail and her features were partly obscured by wild coloured make-up. The two men with her were much taller and more intimidating, their faces hard to read as they walked behind her through the station.

Once they reached one of the three bars located in the station, the two guards made their rounds through the room, while Kay approached the barkeep and sat on one of the stools. "Commenor brandy please." It wasn't as though she was going to ask for tea in a place like this.
The perfect stop from the Mara Corridor route in the Mid Rim was the Kwenn Space Station. Public transport was tough at times, but it was safe and predictable. Kail knew the transport would stop at the station, and it was perfect to stretch his legs and simply take a break from his travelling.

Waving his identification and license for the rifle and pistol…pistols…fixed to his outfit, he fit the part of an explorer and hired hand for sure. He wasn’t out to appear as suave and debonair gent; he was a mercenary, and he wasn’t here to paint a picture of anything other than himself.

He wanted a drink, and the first bar he came to looked a fairly decent establishment and he could keep an eye on the docking station from there as to when it was time to leave. Stepping through, he kept himself to himself as he headed for the bar, avoiding any looks that came his way.

Kail took a seat beside a woman - [member="Lady Kay"] – ordering for herself, not taking note of her or the man hanging around her.

”Adumair beer,” he said, shifting his items to get comfortable.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay glanced over to [member="Kail Ragnar"] as he sat down and ordered his beer. Eww. She hated that stuff, the smell, the taste. Her nose scrunched up a bit at the thought. But at least it wasn't what she had ordered.

The barkeep set her brandy in front of her. Kay fished out the credits from her pocket and slid them on the bartop towards him. She picked up her drink and had a small sip before turning around on her stool and looking around. It was better to not have her back so exposed and she wanted to get a good feel for the place to see how well it was running.

The atmosphere was pleasant enough. It was busy as space stations tend to be. Kay wondered how long people tended to stay in places like this. She had only stayed just a few hours beforehand, before she was caught by the Cartel. At least she didn't have to worry about them right now.

"This station sure cleaned up good." Kay spoke to no one in particular. She was just voicing her thoughts before having another sip of her drink.

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