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Unreviewed A-BWD1, Black Wing Drop Pack

Sleek and compact. Space Diving Gear.

  • Has enough charge for about three days unused, and 5 hours active use. Requiring 10 Minutes to recharge. Powered by two energy cells, not liquid fuel.
  • Sturdy. Duranium casing can take a glancing hit from a lightsaber and several from a blaster. Duravlex also has good heat resistance, allowing the unit to be used multiple times in near orbital drops and remain functional. An Ionization Buffer makes it able to take a small amount of Ion or EMP damage long enough for the pack to land safely in most cases, and to go through a storm cloud. Replaceable Heat sinks allow for further extended operating life.
  • Speed. In zero-g with no resistance, subsequent jump bursts can accelerate the user to be almost as fast as a slower starfighter model. Care is required enduring g-forces the user experiences if pushed to that limit, their armor quality of paramount importance, and it should be noted that droids might be better suited for pushing this unit too far. Careful deceleration is required to turn at high speeds in zero-g, bringing its own hazards if the intended target quickly moves or changes direction.
  • In the atmosphere, the unit has increased aerodynamics with its wingspan, although it presents a larger target as a result. Sacrificing the ability for full flight, to instead gain a hardy unit with no liquid fuel source. Meaning on a combat drop unlike a traditional jetpack, the A-BWD1 can take more shots before exploding, resulting in fewer casualties when dropping on mass into a hot zone. The downside is without the liquid fuel element the potential mobility is decreased, allowing for 150-meter jumps or hovering then descent only.
  • Aesthetic. The pack can be worn as is over the top of any protective gear or fitted into armor directly. The color will usually match the design. PLA-CORR Coating and Finish, being 50% Anti-Corr and 50% Plasteel, offers superior scratch resistance and resistance to the natural elements it will be exposed to, an additional bottle is provided for regular maintenance.
  • Sturdy. Duranium casing can take a glancing hit from a lightsaber and several from blasters. Duravlex also has good heat resistance, allowing the unit to be used multiple times in atmospheric drops and remain functional. Ionization Buffers are able to take a small amount of Ion or EMP damage long enough for the pack to land safely in most cases, and to go through a fierce storm for example.
  • Less Flammable. Compared to a regular jet pack the jump or hover is powered by energy cells, meaning there is less explosive and certainly less-flammable potential if shot. Benefiting combat drops, when going through difficult atmospheric conditions, or when transporting the equipment.
  • Speed. In zero-g with no resistance, subsequent jumps can accelerate the user to be almost as fast as a starfighter. With careful deceleration required. Additionally, the unit has increased aerodynamics with its wingspan In the atmosphere, allowing for reduced turbulence and increased speed during atmospheric entry.
  • No Flight. Planetside, the black wing doesn't allow for an unrestricted flight like a jetpack. Instead, it functions somewhere in between a repulsor lift jump pack and a liquid fuel jetpack. Allowing for up to 150 meter jumps either up in a direction, or hovering and gliding back down.
  • More resistant than a standard jetpack but easier to hit because of the wingspan, armor-piercing weapons will have more success.
  • In zero-g fast acceleration brings with it hazards, actually hitting your target over the vast distances of space requires good judgment, and if possible a decent HUD system. Otherwise you'll either overshooting unable to decelerate quickly enough, or worse hit your target and end up a splatter on the side of their hull.
  • This is not a stealth unit. Its heat signature may be lower than a regular rocket pack, but there is no sensor blocking or masking capability so infiltration is less likely to work. The unit isn't loud but it isn't built to mask its sound either, especially when cutting the atmosphere in a drop.

The A-BWD1's wings can extend to give the user a better turn rate and descent speed through the atmosphere.


Directive 9T, Project Lead Kallas and Jalla Tann. Codename: High as a Kite.
Project Cost: 1.83 Million Credits
Total Time to Completion: 3 Years, 6 Months and 23 Days Galactic Standard Time.

Three technicians, two of which were part of the Tann family had an idea when watching old holo reruns. Jedi used to fly, jetpacks can fly but what isn’t commonly on the market is drop packs. Gear dedicated to atmospheric drop troopers. giving them speed and durability on the descent. Black and sleek, its two wings extend outward when in use, a long line of thrusters built into the frame.

Given the nature of this goal, the blackwing sits in line with Apex's current want for more durability over other concerns. There are some benefits to the energy cell being the power source over liquid fuel. Much like the jump pack the A-BWD1 propels itself a long distance before landing, unlike the jump pack the Black Wing can hover effectively, but unlike a jet pack it can’t then fly without landing again, instead the user directs themselves to the ground somewhere nearby with a short burst. A certain amount of turn or distance can be gained with the Drop Packs extended wings, which lends itself to faster gliding through the air or being able to maneuver more smoothly in high atmosphere drops.

The A-BWD1 is exceptional in space, both for near orbital planetary drops and boarding other ships without a support craft. With its Duravlex extra heat resistance and disposable heat sink the A-BWD1 can survive multiple re-entries, because changing the heat sink discards some of the punishment put on the unit from orbital drops. Of course, orbital drops will kill most living things, but droids or specialist flight suits might survive. There are applications for example in small escape capsules, micro fighters, and high atmosphere turrets or mines. Generally high atmosphere drops below the worst turbulence are recommended for more perishable users regardless, and that is where this unit excels beyond all other designs we have tested.

The wingspan of the blackwing allows the user to direct the drop much faster and more smoothly than a standard jetpack. Although you cannot fly, you can make a series of thrusting jumps in a specific direction, altering your rapid descent to eventually glide where you want to go. This is not the only benefit however, your heat signature is lower than with rocket fuel and being powered by an energy cell the pack is not as prone to exploding if hit, only further backed up by its sturdy Duranium casing. All in all for atmospheric drops, certainly combat ones, we believe this is the superior method for landing large amount of troops fast and safely.

When on the ground, Apex notes that the Drop Pack is simply not as good as a regular jetpack. It serves jump troopers very well who want to scale buildings for example, or just go over enemy lines, but won’t allow a quick escape or hit and run attack near as well as a full jetpack. That said it is better than a standard jump pack, as it not only goes higher but also allows for a limited hovering or rapid descent in a different direction. Some techs nicknamed the blackwing a swooper, gliding in to take out your opposition like a predatory bird of prey.

This particular admin officer considers that romantic notions of old holovid movies, somewhere between a flashing Gordon and a Blessed to be Brian, but others consider talk of fanciful cloud fighting, better reserved for the realities of a timely bespin sunset with memorable family reunions.

Jalla Tann had one thing to say as she jumped out of a starfighter at near subsonic speeds. DIVE

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