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A Brutal Introduction

RIP Carlyle Rausgeber

"It's all been bloody marvellous..."
Location: The Edge of First Order Space
Time: 23:42, FIV Malice Time.
Admiral Carlyle Rausgeber strode through the deck of the pirate freighter, his cape gliding over the blaster scorched deck. His cold boots ignored the sickening crunch of broken bone as he stepped on the vessels dead occupants. His cold blue eyes showed no mercy to this sort of scum. "So, what you're telling me Lieutenant, is that the cargo wasn't all spice?" The admiral asked quizically.

"No sir," The stormtrooper reported, "Just slaves." The officer added, his orange pauldron glowing in the bright lights of the vessel.

"I suspect," Carlyle began, "That we may have interrupted some form of business arrangement," He drily replied, "Commodore Rellard found counterfeit credit machinery aboard the Hutt vessel," He continued, before stopping, the lieutenant jerked to a stop as well, "Download all communications, manifests, and data you can from this vessel. Tear it apart if need be, I want every bit analysed."

"Understood Admiral!" The Lieutenant replied, saluting, as Carlyle walked away, "Where are you headed sir?"

"To have a look at the slaves," Carlyle shot back, "See what, if any condition they're in." He added, before making a bee line for the cargo bay.

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