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90 Bristol Court

Dharma Vessia

Lords of the Fringe
Life always seemed to be a straight path but it really isn’t. The ups and down, left and right turns on the path always were surprises to so many. It was not a life if there were not any surprises. That could be debated in length about Dharma’s own life. A life in which was told to her over the years by the force. The surprises of life were ruined, but she found fun in other ways to fill that gap. This path crossing was going to be fun for her since the other had plans, dreams, and other desires for the future they were walking towards. Dharma was going to add a surprise or two in form of turns or hills. The exact details of her plans were not completely formed, but she had a good idea of what she would do.

It was all planned to cross in the empty office building. To be more exact in the declaration of the building being empty, the fact was the place had people until Dharma decided to use it for her little meeting. The people were given a gift and it torn them into pieces. The ones that could not handle everything talking to them and the singing about bananas in pajamas were first to go. Dharma had to check the floors for the ones that were curled up in a ball and singing too. After that, she made herself comfortable at the front desk as she waited for the one she called up.

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As she sat six sith assassins would drop their respective cloaks; versatility amongst them in weapons from lightsabers, to pikes and twin sabers. They would begin to close in the perimeter around Dharma as they have been instructed too. The people who now lain on the ground cowering in pain and few were slowly drawn upon for those very facts the assassins channeling it for strength. They seemed to ready themselves forming force shields around their bodies before closing in on Dharma. Suddenly, they halted and their backs stiffened in refined fear and respect.

"You know you could have knocked? But I guess time for pleasantries are over due."

She had just come from announcing her gala and now this woman dare walk into her domain; and show the disrespect of claiming lives that belonged to her. She ripped her dress off revealing a light fiber armor but nothing compared to the comfort of her Rancor Armor. Kiyala called her two sabers from one of her assassins while switching her style to Makashi. She pounced forward the force aiding her movement to go faster and faster as she brought up one saber to deflect a retort while her other saber behind her as custom. As she approached Dharma she would slash toward her neck in an over head vertical strike. However, she would cut off her saber when Dharma tried to defend her saber and instead sending a anger fueled telekinetic rage towards her stomach.

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