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[4] History

[3] - [5]​
Why would I move from martial to scholarly?

I know that's what you're thinking. When do I get to learn about this mystical Force? Why is she making me sit through a history lesson? It's simple.

If we do not know what lay in the past, we are damned to repeat the worst actions of our forefathers. The Galaxy has never truly known peace, and as long as individuals with the gift to aid keep making the same mistakes it never shall.

This is not a full compendium of Galactic History, students... To compile every single event, every single battle, would take several lifetimes. Instead I give you some of the key events in Jedi History, in the hopes that you will learn how to better avoid repeats in the future.

Go forth, seek further information on each of these events, try to understand both sides of the story. History is defined by the victor, but that does not make it accurate. As we previously covered, a Jedi must be capable of opening their eyes to what otherwise may not be apparent.

Deduce from this what you will.
  1. Timeline of Events
  2. The Start of the Jedi Order
  3. The Force Wars on Tython
  4. The First Great Schism
  5. The Second Great Schism
  6. The Great Hyperspace War
  7. The Third Great Schism
  8. The Freedon Nadd Uprising
  9. The War Against Exar Kun
  10. The Great Hunt
  11. The Mandalorian Wars
  12. The Jedi Civil War
  13. The First Jedi Purge
  14. The Great War
  15. The Cold War
  16. The New Sith Wars
  17. Post-Ruusan Reformation
  18. The Phantom Menace
  19. The Clone Wars
  20. Order 66 and The Great Jedi Purge
  21. The Empire
  22. The First Galactic Civil War
  23. Return of the Jedi
  24. Yuzzahn Vong War
Timeline of Events

Before The Battle of Yavin:
  • 25,0000 BBY
    Force Wars on Tython
  • Founding of the Jedi Order
  • Founding of the Republic

[*]24,000 BBY
  • The First Great Schism

[*]7,003 BBY
  • The Second Great Schism
  • The Hundred Year Darkness

[*]7,000 BBY
  • The Prophecy of the Chosen One is told for the first time

[*]6,900 BBY
  • Hundred Year Darkness Ends
  • The Exiled Dark Jedi discover the Sith Empire on Korriban

[*]5,032 BBY
  • The Future Jedi Odan-Urr is born

[*]5,000 BBY
  • The Great Hyperspace War begins
  • The Republic are victorious

[*]4,996 BBY
  • Odan-Urr creates the Great Jedi Library

[*]4,400 BBY
  • Exar Kun, Jedi Knight, falls to the Darkside and studies Naga Sadow's tomb

[*]4,350 BBY
  • The Beast Wars begin

[*]4,250 BBY
  • The Third Great Schism begins
  • The Vultar Cataclysm occurs

[*]4,015 BBY
  • The Old Sith Wars begin

[*]4,000 BBY
  • The Beast Wars end
  • The Great Sith Wars begin on the Battle of Iziz

[*]3,995 BBY
  • The Great Hunt begins
  • Mandalorian Wars are said to have begun

[*]3,993 BBY
  • The Great Hunt ends

[*]3,963 BBY
  • The Revanchist begins and the defying Jedi leave for the Mandalorian Wars

[*]3,960 BBY
  • The Mandalorian Wars end

  • The Jedi Civil War begins

[*]3,956 BBY
  • The Jedi Civil War ends

[*]3,955 BBY
  • The First Jedi Purge begins

[*]3,951 BBY
  • End of the Old Sith Wars
  • End of the First Jedi Purge

[*]2,000 BBY
  • The New Sith Wars begin

[*]1,000 BBY
  • The 7 Battles of Ruusan occur

[*]350 BBY
  • The Trade Federation is established

[*]22 BBY
  • The Clone Wars begin

[*]18 BBY
  • The Birth of the Galactic Empire
  • The Great Jedi Purge occurs

[*]2 BBY
  • The Galactic Civil War begins

After the Battle of Yavin:
  • 4 ABY
    The Prophecy of the One is fulfilled by Anakin Skywalker

[*]5 ABY
  • The New Republic is established

[*]11 ABY
  • Luke Skywalker established the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV

[*]25-29 ABY
  • The Yuuzhan Vong War begins

[*]35 ABY
  • The Swarm War occurs
The Start of the Jedi Order
Location: Tython, The Deep Core
Year: Roughly 25,783 BBY

The year 36,453 BBY; The Tho Yor appear and all ‘force sensitives’ are taken to Tython. There in the Je'daii were formed, to learn of this strange and mystic energy called "The Force. The Je’daii sought out Balance within the Force, following both the Bogan and the Ashla, the two Moons found orbiting Tython that represented both dark and light. Millenia passed before a splinter group of the Je'daii came forward, in roughly 25,783 BBY, and believed that Ashla was stronger than Bogan, and the better path to walk. They then left the Je'daii and their teachings and named themselves Jedi, forming a Jedi Council which consisted of the founding members: Jedi Masters Rajivari, Garon Jard, Cala Brin and Ters Sendon.

These Jedi believed they were given command over the Force to assist those in need, and wished to destroy those who used Bogan and the Dark. However Master Rajivari decided to break away from the Jedi and encouraged his own followers to walk the path of Bogan instead. Due to the darksided nature of Rajivari's "True Dark Sons of Tython" the Jedi attacked them, and thus the Force Wars began. The Force Wars lasted over a decade before the Jedi were victorious, the True Dark Sons of Tython scattered. However the Balance of Tython had been compromised and the planet reacted badly, the ecosystem destroyed. The Jedi decided to leave Tython with all the remaining Je'daii texts and scriptures that remained.

The Jedi left the Deep Core to instead journey to the Wild Space, a galaxy yet to be explored. They discovered a planet that was much like Tython had been before the Force Wars and so the Jedi colonized it and named it Ossus. There the Jedi founded an Academy, in seclusion where they devoted their time to the study of Ashla, and warnings agasint Bogan and the Dark. The Jedi purposely distanced themselves from the Galactic Republic, which at this point was newly formed.
They welcomed members of other force traditions, merging their philosophies and they carried on some traditions of the Je'daii. As such they continued to craft their durasteel blades as part of the initiation ceremony, where they would imbue them with the Force. A man had appeared in the years just before the Jedi left Tython, with a weapon called a Forcesaber and the jedi used this technology and advanced it using laser technology, thus creating the Lightsaber. Whilst the Jedi mainly used the durasteel blades they continued to work secretly upon the creation of the Lightsaber.

The Jedi joined the Republic in 24,953 BBY, but remained isolated on Ossus. The Order began to welcome others to Ossus and their leaders began to be influenced by those who had been in the galactic affairs for longer than they themselves had. The greatest influence was from a group of Caamasi whose teachings eventually led to the Jedi Orders views on justice and the role of peacekeeper.

The Jedi High Council began to assert their authority over the other Order members, limiting their individuality and who, effectively, could join. At this time, 24,500 BBY, an exiled Kashi Mer named Xendor gained a following on Ossus and eventually broke peacefully from the Order where he founded his own academy on Lettow. Many of the Orders members followed Xendor, and thusly claimed that the "Legions of Lettow" as they became known were too close to Bogan studies. This became known as the Great Schism.

The Jedi forced Xendor and his followers into conflict and the Jedi formed an army, with this they sought to crush the Legion of Lettow. Xendor, however, was the first to attack, landing ships on Ossus. The Legion were driven to the Core by the Jedi during the conflict. As the war broke out Xendor tried to spread propaganda about the Jedi throughout the republic, warning against the Jedi and their "false peacekeeping" ways. However, the Republic saw through the attempts of propaganda and thus began to aid the Jedi in their efforts against Xendor and the Legions.

As the war waged on conflict began on other planets, such as Coruscant, until finally Jedi Master Awdrysta Pina confronted Xendor at the Battle of Columus, therein slaying him and leaving the Legion of Lettow leaderless. Xendors lover, Arden Lyn, had her heart slowed by Jedi Master Awdrysta Pina before Xendor and the Legion were defeated, using Morichro, and she passed into the Force. In the months that past the Legion was driven away by the Jedi like the True Dark Sons of Tython had been, and the Great Schism ended. The conflict lasted one year.
The Force Wars on Tython
Location: Tython, The Deep Core
Year: 25,000 BBY

This was a 10 year conflict that took place on the deep core planet of Tython. By this time in the galaxy two firm beliefs of the Force had become apparent and conflict arose between the followers of Ashla, also known as the Light side, and Bogan, also known as the Dark side. In the aftermath of the conflict the Disciples of Ashla had won the battles and vowed to bring peace and order to the galaxy by founding a monastic society of guardians upon Ossus. These were the first Jedi. The three proposed forerunners of the Order were the Order of Dai Bendu, Chatos academy and The Followers of Palawa. The Order of Dai Bendu were chosen to found it.
The First Great Schism
Year: 24,500 BBY
This was the origin of the first split between the Light and Dark Jedi. The schism was formed by Jedi who believed that power could be achieved through emotion rather than meditation taught by Jedi Masters. From this the tension rose and the Dark Jedi were exiled and led by Dark Jedi Xendor and Arden Lyn. Together they established the Legions of Lettow which practiced the Dark side. The Legion of Lettow waged war with the Jedi Order, one famous battle was the Battle of Colomus which occurred just before Xendor and Arden Lyns death. Xendor was slain and Jedi Awdrysta Pina stopped Ardens heart with Morichro.
The Second Great Schism
Year: 7,003 BBY
This all began when a group of ambitious Jedi Knights discovered they could use the Force to bend and twist life itself. The Council discovered this and exiled the Jedi. In fury the exiles used the powers they had learned to create an army of animalistic Dark side creatures known as "Korriban Zombies". Many grueling battles ensued between the Jedi Order and the exiles. The exiles and their creatures were easily beaten back each time by the Jedi and by the second half of the war the exiles could see no chance of winning. Refusing to surrender the exiles pooled all of their resources and knowledge together, creating even more Dark sided creatures and, aided by the monstrous creatures the Leviathan the Dark Jedi's armies were replenished as their opponents were beaten down by the Leviathan creatures.

Luckily the Jedi were still able to withstand the fearsome attacks of the new Dark Jedi, and were able to push them back to the world of Corbos, where the final battle occurred. After bombardments and vigorous combat, the Dark Jedi were made to surrender. After gathering up all the last Dark Jedi the Republic were prepared to execute every single one of them, however on the Jedi's mercy and wisdom, the Dark Jedi were banished into the unknown regions in hopes that the Dark Jedi would see the errors of their ways. The Hundred Year Darkness was over and peace was restored.

However, the banished Dark Jedi exiting hyperspace in the unknown regions came upon an unknown planet with and inhabitant species called the Sith. The Sith'ari, King of the Sith race, was astounded by the Dark Jedi, seeing their powers and advanced technology. With the help of the Force the Dark Jedi soon became Gods on the planet, and rulers of the Sith people. Ajunta Pall, the most powerful of the Dark Jedi, became the Dark Lord of the Sith. As years passed giant monuments and temples were built in the Dark Lord's honour, the Valley of the Lords was created and so began the illusive dark reign of the Sith. As time went on the Sith species died out and the term Sith was known as those Dark siders originating from Ajunta Pall.
The Great Hyperspace War
Year: 5,000 BBY
This is an ancient battle between the Republic and the Sith Empire. During the isolated height of the Sith Empire two Republic hyperspace explorers came upon Korriban looking for a new profitable hyperspace route. The travelers, Gav and Jori, unfortunately arrived on planet during a tense time. The Sith Lords Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh were, at the time of the travelers arrival, in the midst of a duel for mastery over the Sith as Dark Lord. Upon landing Gav and Jori were captured and brought before Kressh and Sadow. Deemed as spies Kressh sentenced them to death, however Sadow dreamed to conquor the galaxy for the Sith Empire, so he sent Gav and Jori Daragon offworld behind the backs of the other Sith, planting evidence.

Republic agents rescued them. Later Sadow visited the Daragons on Khar Shian, pretending to be their ally. Sadow trained Gav in the arts of Sith sorcery, hoping to spark a war with the Republic. However Ludo Kressh soon discovered Sadows subterfuge and launched an attack on Sadow's Sith Fortress. When Kressh arrived with his fleet Sadow told Jori to run from the battle and warn the Republic of the invasion. All had gone according to Sadow's plans. When Jori left into hyperspace Sadow launched a huge armada against Kressh and presumably defeating him. With his competition 'dead' Sadow united the Sith military and made himself Dark Lord.

Following the homing beacon he left on Jori's ship, Sadow launched an invasion on the Galactic Republic. Many battles entailed and Sadows forces swiftly overwhelmed the Republic Navy. However as the battles continued the Sith Empire slowly began to lose more and more battles. Realising the tide of war had turned against him Sadow abandoned his forces and retreated back to the Sith Empire, but awaiting for him was Ludo Kressh alive and ready to ambush Sadow. A battle began upon Korriban, both Sadow and Kressh's forces in frenzy. However the battle was soon over when one of Sadow's vessels slammed into Kressh's ship, killing him. Luckily the Galactic Republic arrived on the scene, catching the Sith in a crossfire. Sadow sacrificed the remains of his fleet to escape.

Once Naga sent his fleet towards Coruscant he went into his sphere to meditate on the battle and, using Force Illusion, he made his army seem bigger. But this did not stop the republic from winning. After Naga betrayed Gav by fleeing the battle, Gav warned the Republic to flee away from the sun; afterwards Gav sent his ship towards it to explode it, and Naga's Sphere in the process. However, Naga escaped from the explosion, yet the explosion killed Gav. Naga Sadow and his remaining Massassi Warriors fled to the Yavin system on the moon of Yavin IV. There he placed his body into stasis while his servants slowly degenerated into barbarianism. The Jedi and the Galactic Republic were victorious.
The Third Great Schism
Year: 4,250 BBY
Jedi underwent into a civil war on Coruscant which marked the beginning of the Third Great Schism. Not much is known on the event but Dark Jedi were defeated and retreated to the Core World system of Vultar. There they found ancient technology, one being the Cosmic Turbine. Unable to control the devices, due to the Darksiders ignorance, they ended up annihilating themselves and the entire Vultar System, marking the Vultar Cataclysm.
The Freedon Nadd Uprising
Year: 3,998 BBY
This was a series of battles fought during the Old Sith Wars, that occurred on the planet Onderon. The uprising began when, in an attempt to cleanse Onderon of the Dark Side, after the Dark reign of the Sith Lord Freedon Naad, a fallen Jedi who creased control of the planet Onderon. Eventually he was killed during a series of campaigns. Time later whilst cleansing the planet the Jedi confiscated the remains of Naga Sadow.

However during Queen Amonea's funeral the Cult of Naddists rose up on the planet. Naddists gained the upper hand by gaining the remnants of the Dark Lord and capturing Jedi Master Arca Jeth, taking control of the city Izis. However, soon after the Republic arrived with its fleets and ended the uprising, and feed Jedi Master Arca Jeth. After the Naddists were put down, Satal and Aleema Keto arrived on Onderon, gaining valuable knowledge on the Sith including texts and artifacts of Nadds and Omnins Spirit. They used this to establish the Krath cult.
The War Against Exar Kun
Year: 4,000 BBY

The Great Sith War saw the Sith rise up once again in opposition to the Jedi Knights. This began during the Freedon Nadd uprising which planted seeds for the Krath to grow in strength. Exar Kun, a Jedi Padawan, began to investigate the lore of the Ancient Sith, against the wishes of his Master, Vodo-Siosk Baas. He fled the Jedi Order and was lured to the Dark Side of the Force by the spirit of Freedon Nadd himself. On Yavin IV, Kun discovered a wealth of Sith treasures, and set out to become the Dark Lord of the Sith. He confronted Ulic Qel-Droma on Cinnigar, where the former Jedi had also fallen to the Dark Side after battling the Keto's and the Krath.

Rather than have the two great warriors destroy each other in battle the ancient Sith Spirits declared Exar Kun the Dark Lord of the Sith and Qel-Droma to be his apprentice. Together they launched a series of campaigns against the Old Republic and the Jedi, eventually reaching Coruscant. There Exar Kun killed his former Master and ordered his followers to murder their old Masters also.

Kun and Qel-Dromathen launched an assault on Ossus in an effort to destroy the Jedi Archives. Kun was defeated on Ossus and he fled to Yavin IV while Qel-Droma was severed of his connection to the Force by Nomi Sunrider. He agreed to lead the combined forces of the Republic and the Jedi to Yavni IV to take battle on Exar Kun. At Yavin IV, the Jedi won the battle but at a great cost. They had to unite as a single force, and wiped out much of the jungle on Yavin IV in order to destroy Kun's body.

Kun, however, managed to escape to the spiritual plane by draining life energy from the enslaved Massassi. Now Exar Kun was dead the Jedi and Republic sought to clear up the last of the war with the Sith, Mandalorian allies routed. The sole threat left was the Krath. The Republic lay siege to the Krath base worlds ending with the assault on Empress Teta. The Republic won and the Koros system was in their control again.
The Great Hunt
Year: 3,995 BBY
Following the end of the Great Sith War, many Jedi were sent out into various parts of the galaxy to help with the restoration efforts after the war. However, an alarming number of Jedi had disappeared and only after their savage remains were found was it apparent Terentateks were behind the killings. Terentateks were creatures warped by the Sith Magic of Exar Kun.

These creatures fed on the blood of force-sensitives and in turn were resistant to then Force. Terentateks were known to be fond of areas tainted by the Darkside and the places touched by the Sith Wars were ideal grounds for them. Due to their threat the Jedi made extermination of these their highest priority. With the majority of the hunts never truly successful, as the Terentateks kept resurfacing, the trio of Knights, Duron Qel-Droma, Shaela Nurr and GuunHan Saresh were sent to finish off the hunt, knowing that these three Jedi would overcome the Terentateks on the final hunt.

The hunt lasted for several years and the three Jedi were sent to the Sith world of Korriban to destroy what they believed to be the last known Terentatek. However, upon Korriban the Darkside effected their bond as a trio and the three went their seperate ways. As a result Guun was killed in the Shadowlands, Duron killed in the Shyrack cave and Shaela killed in the tomb of Naga Sadow.
The Mandalorian Wars
Year: 3,976 BBY
The Mandalorian Wars marked the rise of the Mandalorian Neo-crusader clans under the leadership of Mandalore the Ultimate. The Mandalorians set out to conquer the Republic and take up positions of leaders of the Galaxy. The Jedi Order later entered the war, keen on avoiding conflict and attempting to guide the war from afar, scared of the Jedi coming into chaos like in the Sith Wars. However some Jedi disagreed with the Councils resolve on the matter. Jedi Knight, Revan, renamed the "Revanchist", lead a faction of Jedi who wished to take a more proactive role in the war. Many who left the fight were among Malak and the Jedi Exile.

The last battle ensued on the planet of Malachor V. Revan, arriving late to the conflict, called upon the irresistable Darkside energies of the planet to augment his power and defeat single handedly the Mandalore leader. Furthermore, the other battling Jedi could not resist the call of the Darkside and in turn too fell to the Darkside. As the Dark Jedi fought, they pushed the Mandalorians closer towards Malachor V. The Mandalorians had fallen into Revans and the exiles' trap.

The Jedi Exile commanded Bao-Dur to activate the Mass Shadow Generator. They watched in horror as Mandalorian and Republic vessels were sucked into a gasping vortex of gravity. During the ensuing cataclysm countless ships were pulled into orbit and destroying the planet almost to its very core. In this event there were few survivors, but the Mandalorians admitted defeat and surrendered. Winning the war, Revan and Malak were seen as heroes, but as the teachings of the Sith loomed over them they disappeared with the rest of the Revanchist Jedi into the unknown regions.
The Jedi Civil War
Year: 3,959 BBY
Leaving into the Unknown Regions, Revan sought to find a mythical battlestation known as the Star Forge, a creation of the Rakata infinite Empire. Revan set on a quest to worlds to find Star Maps to reveal the Star Forge's location on Rakata Prime. Soon after, Revan returned with Malak into known Space with a fearsome army and with the power of the Darkside and the Sith with them. Revan was the new Dark Lord of the Sith, and Malak his apprentice. A second war raged and Revans seemingly limitless forces barraged the Republic. It was said thsat Revan was doing this, embracing the Darkside and waging war, to protect the galaxy from a greater threat to be the True Sith.

During one fateful battle, a small Jedi strike team led by Bastila Shan infiltrated Darth Revan's command ship to capture the Dark Lord. During the caputure Darth Malak, aboard a separate ship, saw the ability to destroy his Master and his Jedi enemies in one foul swoop, unleashing fire upon Revan's ship. The Jedi managed to escape with Revan's body. However now Malak was the Dark Lord, or so it seemed, and he carried on his old masters quest to dominate the Galaxy, but he was ignorant to Revan's true goal.

Malak had become insane into tracking down Bastila. Finally on orbit around Taris, Malak unleashed an ambush over Bastila's ship the Endar Spire. Onboard was also the now amnesiac Revan unknown to his true identity. Bastila managed to escape the attack in an escape pod as later did Carth Onasi and Revan.

On Taris below, Bastila was captured by a Swoop Gang and, sought on killing Bastila, Malak ordered the destruction of Taris. Ships bombarded the planet however Bastila, Revan and his companions were able to escaoe. Leaving to Dantooine, a safe haven for Jedi, they learnt of the Star Forge and the High Council commissioned Bastila, Revan and their companions out to seek the Star Maps to find it. During the quest they were captured again by Malak aboard the Leviathan.

Here, Malak brought startling truth and revealed to the rest of them who Revan was. The High Council had wiped Revans memory and manipulated it so he would serve the Jedi to defeat Malak. Upon escaping Malak, Revan was eager to complete his mission and destroy Malak. Eventually they found the Star Forge and launched an attack against it. Revan boarded the Star Forge and killed Darth Malak, scoring victory for the Republic. However, soon again Revan disappeared oncemore and new Sith Lords took his place.
The First Jedi Purge
Year: 3,954 BBY
After Revans disappearance Sith Lords Darth Traya, Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus took control of the Sith Empire, forming the Sith Triumvirate. Soon Traya was exiled by Sion and Nihilus combined and they both used their power to hunt out the Jedi and kill them one by one. Notable events were the conclave of Katarr where Nihilus destroyed the planet with hundreds of Jedi upon. The remaining High Councillors of the Jedi, Vrook Lamar, Kevar, Zez-Kai Ell and Lonna Vash decided to take the Jedi into exile, hoping to lull the Sith into a false sense of victory and reveal themselves.

By 3,951 BBY almost all the Jedi had been eliminated. One survivor known as the Jedi exile had returned from the Unknown regions. From arriving he was tracked by the Sith Lord Sion narrowly evading capture each time their paths met. With Kreia, Mandalore and many other allies the Exile managed to defeat Nihilus in Telos IV then leaving to Malachor V to the Trayus academy to confront Sion, eventually killing him too. The Exile then made her way to confront Darth Traya on formerly allied Kreia.

After a fierce battle the Exile defeated the Sith Lord, but in an act of mercy spared her life. Traya refused to give up and attacked the exile again., However once more the Exile defeated her and in doing so redeemed Kreia, bringing her back to the light. Before dying, Kreia gave information on Revans locations in the Unknown regions and about the fates of the Exiles allies.

Shortly after Bao-Durs remote reactivated the Mass Shadow Generator, completely destroying the planet. With the Sith defeated and the Exile restoring the Jedi Order, the Exile left the Republic and began her journey to find Revan in the unknown regions.
The Great War
Year: ??? BBY

Three Hundred Years after Revans departure the True Sith revealed themselves. Under the leadership of their Emperor they invaded the Republic and the Great War escalated. After years of fighting the Sith sacked Coruscant and forced the Republic to give up many worlds under a dark treaty. The Jedi left to the planet of Tython, the origin of their order, recommitting to their timeless principles, helping to restore balance and bring peace and order.
The Cold War
Year: ??? BBY

After the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, forcing the Republic to give up many of its worlds, the Republic and Sith Empire existed as two separate governments in a state of cold war. A series of proxy wars entailed as each side was not fully committed to go to into full scale galactic war.
The New Sith Wars
Year: 2,000 BBY

A Product of the second Sith Civil War, sparked by Darth Ruin, the Sith named Kaan steped up, defeating his enemies in the Sith and founded the Brotherhood of Darkness, Kaan and his armies brought the Republic and Sith to their knees until there came a time when the Jedi regrouped and formed the legendary Army of Light led by Lord Hoth.

The Jedi took the war to the Siths central worlds, knocking them back and ultimately dominating the Sith. From here the Sith regrouped onto the world of Ruusan under the leadership of Kaan. Hoth and the Army of Light followed Kaan there and seven fierce battles ensued. On the seventh battle, Kaan in near defeat unleashed a thought bomb, cleverly taught to him by Bane, killing every single Force User on the planet except for Bane who would instate the Sith oncemore under the vise of the Rule of Two, planning the ultimate revenge upon the Jedi.
Post-Ruusan Reformation
Year: ??? BBY
With the Sith thought to be extinct, the Jedi believed that they had at last forged a long-lasting Peace in the galaxy. With the Reformation, both the Jedi and the Republic renounced their militaries and instead used the smaller judicial forces to help the Jedi keep peace. The Jedi also enforced strict guidelines to ensure the Council would avoid making mistakes of the past. They renounced ties from the outside world, wealth, material possessions and even families. Training was made on a one to one basis and centralized on Coruscant and voiding all temptation of forbidden knowledge by effectively writing it out of the Galactic history.
The Phantom Menace
Year: 32 BBY
The Presence of the Sith once again became known to the Jedi. The Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, secretly contacted the members of the Trade Federation, persuading Nute Gunray to blockade the planet of Naboo.; The current Chancellor dispatched Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi to negotiate. All did not go as planned as the Federation tried to kill the two Jedi who were forced to hide in an invasion craft going down on Naboo below. Here they found a huge army ready to assault Naboo. Finding a gungan named Jar-Jar, the Jedi were taken to the underwater city of Otoh Gunga, here the Jedi were allowed to take a craft to the capital city of Naboo to warn the Queen, Padmé Amidala. Theed was already being held hostage, along with the Queen.

The Jedi managed to free her and escape the planet. Amidala realised that the Senate could not solve the problem so she and the Jedi returned and defeated the Federation with help from the Gungan Grand Army and a young boy named Anakin Skywalker who they saved from Tatooine. However, Darth Sidious' apprentice Darth Maul arrived on the scene. Maul, Jinn and Kenobi began a climatic lightsaber duel. Kenobi's Master Jinn was killed. Stung by his master's death Kenobi launched an attack at Maul, cutting him clean in half. However, the Jedi knew that there was still one more Sith out there, unaware of the identity of Darth Sidious.
The Clone Wars
Year: 22BBY - 19BBY

This was a great conflict between the Galactic Republic with the help of the Jedi Knights, against the Confederacy of Independent systems backed in the shadows by the Sith and fronted by the fallen Jedi Count Dooku. The conflict was named after the clone troopers, created by the Kaminoans for the Galactic Republic to combat against the CIS's battle droids.

Many great conflicts arose between each side, the largest war in galactic history. It was unknown to the galaxy that the entire war was the mastery of the evil Sith Lords, under command of Darth Sidious and his alias as the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. By 19 BBY the Jedi, during a mission to save the Chancellor, killed Count Dooku and shortly after Grevious was killed on the planet Utapau, marking the end of the war. With the war over, this would lead into Palpatine bringing the Sith secretly into power under the guise of a New Galactic Empire.

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