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3rd World Negotiation

Pzob, it was not a world Veiere was at all familiar with and yet the Admiral of the Chimaera, Vikras Ansion seemed confident that he could mediate between hyperlanes to get them where they needed to go. [member="Eddak Manod"], like his world, was not a man of whom Veiere was familiar with at all though with the days since his coronation as king regent over Ession, he'd been dealing with a great number of people that knew so little about him, he hoped this time would be a little more casual. Naturally they were to be meeting on business dealings, yet that didn't mean that Veiere had to roam about wearing the extremely embellished robes of the capital of the Dominion, instead he had taken the liberty to return to his former Jedi attire, the sand toned tunic with the leggings to match, as well as the boots and gloves both a fine dark brown leather to match the robe that hung loosely around his shoulders and flowed with his every step as he wandered the lower levels of the Stardestroyer.

It had crossed his mind that arriving with such a vessel might be in poor taste, Veiere hoping that it wouldn't intimidate the prospective colony world yet do more to reassure it's leader that though this was simply a first meeting and a diplomatic venture, the war-bird was well under Veiere's command and so were others between their fleet and that of their other colony world, Commenor. The Dominion was steadily paving the way in terms of founding it's own security over worlds within its sector. Those few that might come in to become Colony worlds would be of vital importance to the trade and transition across the galaxy map should they ever be so required, colony worlds exempt of most trade taxes to ensure to the continued relations between it and the Dominion; though there were always conditions to be met on both sides and Veiere was becoming increasingly curious as to what Eddak hoped to get out of this potential business relationship.

Passing him by, several of the crew members saluted him before continuing to move on their way, in them Veiere sensed a bit of confusion likely inspired around his less than formal attire given his new position. Being at the head of something so much larger than himself, he was expected to meet the needs and expectations of all those that would seek to enter into talks with him; yet Veiere had not asked for this and without the suffering of those on the world of Ession nor the boy Cedric of whom greatly needed guidence into becoming a man fit to rule with integrity, Veiere might have sooner declined it. He wasn't a man of great pride, more humbled in himself than anything and far more concerned about the well-being of the common people than most politicians and senators were that he'd come across in the past, he too wondered whether or not he'd see eye to eye with this new one.
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

"Sir, we have an in coming ship." A security officer suddenly chirped up over a small intercom Eddak had. Intercoms were rare on Pzob, being their price and the wealth that Galderra could muster. They were only needed militarily, and nothing more. So they were rare in general, and only used when absolutely needed. Eddak tended to put less money towards different things, mostly getting 'enough' for the populace and more for the military - but only because they were constantly dealing with threats, and at this moment anyone could come by and demand they all bow down and Galderra nor Eddak had the means to tell them no. Someone once done that already, more so proving Eddaks point. But that doesn't mean he is greedy or doesn't support his people; he's down there, with everyone, not on a throne. He's helping them himself. In fact, Eddaks next meeting could possibly prove fruitful to his ongoing efforts for protection and sustainability. Galderra is very needy from outside Pzob for standard technology, and hopefully this could help change that, or make them a little less. He was scheduled to meet a 'Veiere Arenais,' and with very little information on him. Except he had some sort of important role in a growing faction, including some widespread renown. But as Eddak doesn't shove his personal information unwillingly into the Holonet, he didn't read up too much into this man that he was to meet. He didn't want expectations or personal opinions created without even giving him a chance. He left the necessary information to his guards, and if anything stuck out enough, they would inform him. Otherwise, they handled security and customs, Eddak took care of his people.

"Report, soldier," Eddak pulled his wrist up to activate his communicator. "It's a large ...Star Destroyer class ship." This startled Eddak, he hoped the worst had not come to his door yet, he was severely under-prepared. Of course, for awhile, he would never be prepared, but maybe if Galderra was large enough he could hold his own... more so than if he just had a village with thatched roofs. "Well, uh, give them the typical word. Let them know they should follow Galderra law, have a representative meet me at the ship port if they agree." Was this Veiere, the man he was supposed to meet? Eddak had just been leaving the Tavern, getting ready to head to the Ship Port anyway to catch the individual he was supposed to meet, so this wasn't out of the way, but it was discouraging.

"Attention Star Destroyer classed Vessel. This is Galderra Galactic Security. We request you keep at a distance from the planet, and only continue towards us via shuttle. If you have come to Pzob, we request you follow Galderra Law, and go through customs. Your shuttle is only allowed to land within the Galderra Ship Port. Proceeding on with your large vessel or landing your shuttle anywhere else on the planet will come with severe repercussions. Do you comply?"

Even the security officer was nervous to make such demands to such a large ship. However, the people of Galderra had always been militaristic and brave, even the weak ones. The Gamorreans had forced them this way. The officer was only nervous because he could be saying words that could get the people of Galderra hurt, or those close to him. A show of might was not well received by the people of Galderra, by any means, in any shape or form. All military and security sectors were put on high alert and were made to gather weapons in preparation for any trouble. Soldiers gathered in the Ship Port just as Eddak had arrived while the officer on the subspace transmission was directing the newcomers should they have accepted the laws of Galderra and continued in shuttle. If they did, they would be directed to a specific landing bay with soldiers dressed in armor and armed with slugthrower rifles. "At ease, soldiers. You're not here to enact martial law, you're here just as a precaution. Let's hope they are civil..." Eddak stated, adjusting his jacket.
The Admiral[/ur] looked to his primary comm's station Officer, the younger man offering something of an uncertain shrug before turning back and responding to those down on Pzob. "Acknowledged, relaying identification tags immediately", the codes of which would signify the Chimaera as a vessel under The Dominion's banner being sent across to the world in which they might better understand the type of people they were dealing with. Vikras Ansion was by no means a warlord, though experienced in space combat, he sought nothing in the way of hostilities with these people; though they were right to be wary, the sector of space they inhabited neighbored upon the new imperial regime under Tanomas Graf, already the Imperial Emperors name had crossed the desk of the Archlord with diplomats seeking to affiliate with the Imperial power. It was his hope however, that such things wether fruitful or otherwise would not come between the Archlord and the imminent meeting of [member="Eddak Manod"], "Lord Arenais shall depart as instructed, the Chimaera remaining in Orbit of Pzob as per your request" the officer repeated the instructions given, so that there would be no room for misunderstandings. Compliance had been stressed in order to make this little meeting go as smoothly as possible. While the Dominion had certainly acquired a number of worthwhile tools for the art of war, having a former Jedi residing over it all ensured restraint in such things and a priority for diplomacy, where fighting could best be avoided.

Further below the bridge, heading towards the main garrison where the majority of the 501st legion were holed up and awaiting any instructions from the Archlord, Veiere Arenais slowed in pace as his comlink sounded in alert of an incoming communique. "This is Veiere..." He brought the device near to his mouth, the frequency coming from up top which usually meant that Vikras was contacting him personally. Through the brief static, the Admiral filled him in on the response they'd been given from Pzob's security and transit officials, "I'm afraid they won't allow us to bring the Chimaera in, Veiere...", he and the Admiral were always rather casual in their discussions yet only ever spoke on a first name basis outside of the crews company, "Scanners aren't indicating a great wealth of energies coming from the world, if they do have orbital defenses, they don't seem to be powering them up so for all intents and purposes, you are free to take the Sentinel down there. I would however advise you bring [member="Loken Decius"] with you, his experience may be of great benefit...".

Loken was one of the higher officers of the 501st yet his methods were too blunt for Veiere to feel comfortable about bringing the man along to a diplomatic meeting, "That won't be necessary, better I go this one alone, Vikras. Thank you for informing me, I'll leave at once...", on the other end of the line he could hear the Admiral sighing in frustration yet Veiere ended the call there before Vikras could argue his reasons. Veiere more than often 'went this one alone' and it frustrated the Admiral for reasons of Veiere's safety naturally, still, there was always that old saying that if you wanted something done with one hundred and ten percent, then you really ought to go the distance yourself.

Fifteen minutes spent walking back the way he had come, he found the smaller command hangar, reserved for higher officers like Vikras and himself, finding the Sentinel with the engineers rushing about to get her sorted for the short trip. Aboard the craft would be two of the pilots aboard the Chimaera, dressed in black naval uniforms, they would be restricted to the shuttle for the entirety of the trip. Veiere going the distance to remind them of such as he boarded and the far smaller craft whined into life, the engines firing and repulsors surging to lift the shuttle off of the main deck and eventually cross through the gravitational field keeping the crew from certain death.

With a much grander view of the planet, Pzob looked rather beautiful. Already from his view of the cockpit view screen, he could pick out green-lands of varying shades, the world seemingly rife with forests and fields and great oceans that covered much from their vector. From a political stand-point, the world held certain probably benefits in that itself, with a great climate typically came fair mining opportunitys, minerals and cave systems that might offer the government in charge a good piece of the galactic trade market, though Veiere was only able to guess as much. He would see it all for himself very shortly as their flight took them down through the atmosphere, the Jedi Lord's eyes never leaving their direction of flight, most often finding this the best way to avoid motion sickness. Flying still wasn't entirely his thing and aboard the Chimaera, the ignorance of the fact came far easier than being aboard such a small maneuverable craft.

"This should prove interesting..." He muttered quietly under his breath as the shuttle descended down upon the landing bay, the vessel hissing as it expressed steam from the engine ducts, the turbulent power winding down and returning the floor of the transport to a calm halt, the ceasefire of vibrations settling Veiere some more, soon turning to look towards the landing bay of which he triggered to lower via a brief wave at the controls within the cockpit, "Have her prepped for depature, I don't expect trouble here though any works done to the ship are to be closely monitored. Refuel and otherwise await my further word" He nodded in acknowledgement to the both of the pilots before descending the ramp and making his way back out into the open breeze.
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

Eddak watched as the shuttle made its way to descend through the Ship port, thankfully choosing the specific bay they were requested to use. Eddak held his hands behind his back.... For events like this, Galderra had absolutely no way of enforcing the law. But after what they've been through, they'd rather fight and die than to hand over anything. Eddak could only extend his reach over his people so far, this was their home. So even he was afraid, a little, to enforce such things on strangers. But laws were laws. If they didn't have some sort of decency, there would be total anarchy, mines would be emptied, fields would be destroyed for ores and natural resources. Gangs would take over. He had to continue some sort of control, even if that word was threatening. His soldiers beside him, prepared to take any order or return fire, they all stood quietly as the shuttle landed. The ship port was buzzing with life, but here it was like time had slowed, it was silent, and you could hear your breathing. Whoever would step off that shuttle may or may not understand or even accept while such a garrison had arrived, so everything could end faster than one would think. Thankfully, it didn't.

As Veiere stepped off the shuttle, Eddak nearly broke down. He gasped for breath as his arms hung low and he bent forward a little, "For karks sake Veiere, you had the entire Fort up in a holler! Jeezes." He waved the troopers down, then gave a hand gesture where the back of his hand waved toward them which signified them to return to their duties and report down the line. Majority of the troopers left while around six stayed behind, as general security. Eddak cracked his neck in the less obvious way, not showing strength, but for relief, and reached out his hand for a handshake. "Your messages of a meeting had no word of this, sir. I am King Eddak of Galderra, maybe you didn't expect me right here on the runway, haha!" After pleasantries were over and things had calmed down - no more tension - Eddak chirped up as to continue. "Well, I'm absolutely free now, we can discuss the Star Destroyer later. Where would you like to chat? I'm afraid the only real private place would take an hour by horse and carriage, which I don't mind, but you galactic types like to be rather speedy, yeah? We've got the local tavern, we could hit up the Inn which has some good food, take a spot around here - in the waiting area, or take a ride to my estate, my Keep where we can have the privacy, if you need it. But uh, one question if you don't mind before we continue," he looked to the side, clutching his chin in thought as he looked back, "are you carrying a weapon? And if not... why? I can authorize you, though most people get it checked in customs and are still allowed to have it just... well, humor me, would you?" Eddak was graced with the power of discernment, a great ability, although really it was just his way of saying he could read minds. But as it became known to others, Eddak still didn't know he was actually reading any minds. So for those that could sense the passive looking into their thoughts, Eddak had no realization of what he was doing, therefore it wasn't very strong, but also wasn't hidden. When it came to level of ability, Veiere could tell Eddak was using a weak ability to read minds, if he could sense it. It was due to his Umbaran lineage, but because it was so weak and he hadn't trained it, he could only tell when people were lying... not the ability to look into their mind and know everything about them.
There were a number of curiousities within the greeting, though Veiere couldn't tell which stood out the larger between [member="Eddak Manod"]'s surprise and astonishment for Veiere's chosen entrance, or the way the force seemed to contort around the mans untrained and seemingly passive use of telepathy, or at-least that's what it resembled. Veiere's gaze took him in, studying the man though trying not to make it quite so obvious, a little taken back in himself, Veiere instead smiled through his intrigue and dipped his head in greeting. "It's good to finally meet you in person, Eddak..." He spoke gently, stepping further away from his shuttles landing pad and moving to his hosts side while he soon turned his attention to the gracious world that had invited him there, naturally through Eddak's own welcome; "I apologize in advance, it seems the Chimaera ruffled a few more feathers than I'd anticipated. I must admit, most systems are used to seeing a vessel of that size during such envoys; Often, even a single Stardestroyer can raise questions as compared to many other fleets out there, the single vessel, even as large as the Chimaera, can be ambushed if only to cross the wrong sector...-But I digress, thank you for allowing me to come and visit your world, you'll find no lack of co-operation from my people both within the shuttle and above".

The mention of a horse and carriage might have influenced something of a laugh in Veiere, had his attention not been distracted by the impending curiosity around what arms he carried. His smile faded a little as the matter of weaponry required something of a more serious of mind, his eyes glancing to the private guard behind Eddak, lifting his head in a half nod to them, speaking gently so not to arouse any suspicion; "Allow me the benefit of the doubt for a moment...". His hands reached to either side of his cloak, pulling back the thick robe to bring into view the sides of his leather belt of which both of his lightsabers were holstered. On his left, the first of the two, the lightsaber of his former apprentice since believed to have died on Svivren. The hilt was traditional in shape and form, the typical single bladed lightsaber that were more common among those of the Jedi Order. On his right however was a hilt almost double in size, connected in the center by a specially designed coupling, the lightsaber was of Veiere's own design and with closer inspection, might have looked as if the two sides could be disconnected and used independently of one another. "I trust this won't be a problem...-As is the way of any member of the Jedi Order, I don't leave home without them...".

Returning his attention to their environment, he found the people of Pzob both curious and yet admirable. There was a notable lack of technology in their present surroundings and weather or not this spanned the entirety of the planet, Veiere found this rather refreshing. To hear that they still used animals for aid in transit across their terrain was again another welcome surprise. "I must say...-You were not joking during your holo-transmission when you said your people were of simplistic living...-How far across your world does this extend, this lack of artificial aid is quite invigorating...-Most people take the basics of life for granted and yet here it seems so humble" He smiled to himself a moment, truly appreciating the concept before turning back to glance to Eddak, Veiere suspecting he looked the complete image of a tourist in his first impressions of Pzob. "As for our destination, I believe that decision is best left to the man who knows best, hm?" He chuckled softly, "I am in no rush and the more we see, the more I learn of this place. A peaceful ride would be a stark change from the days spent aboard the chimaera...".
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

Eddak pulled his hand back and once more adjusted his coat after growing a slight grimaced face from the choice of not shaking hands. But, perhaps it is the mans culture, as Eddaks is exceedingly different from the rest of the galaxy. Either way, he didn't let the decision effect him. "To add - yes, I'm sure a Star Destroyer can probably be flanked and ambushed - if one has the assets to accomplish such a task. As you can tell," he continued, extending his arm out to show the rest of the ship port. "The largest ships we have are merchant ships, that aren't even half the size of a Star Destroyer, and most we don't even own." Giving such a secret away could very well compromise Galderra, which made the soldiers glance toward each other, pondering. "Your business deal will hopefully change that in some degree. But, I thank you for your cooperation. Rest assured, we won't pressure you beyond what we need to." Which the laws have, more or less, already been communicated.

The next subject of the conversation being on Veiere's weapons, which Eddak did not whole-heartedly anticipate. The man presented to him two lightsabers, one of simple design, and another of a more powerful look. Eddaks eyes widened, but not joyously. He wasn't upset, it's just not something he really wanted to see, nor the people of Galderra. After Veiere was finished exposing his weapons, Eddak turned to his soldiers and put a hand up, looking them in the eyes before turning back to Veiere. He took a step forward and began to whisper, "Veiere, are you one with the Force?" He glanced around, continuing, "I must warn you, the people of Galderra have an issue with any people of the Force. We've never entirely been graced with their power, but they dislike your culture in that they feel it is invasive. I will not confiscate them, and I must admit I am gracious of your honesty. I am welcomed by your trust, but it may be best not to flash them like that. Do not think that I can not calm my people, but this is a favorable monarchy, not a forced monarchy. Of course, born and raised on Pzob I think the same, but you know as well as I do that the entire flock may not always be dignified." Eddak took a step back and took a breath, loosening up his arms from the tension and took a moment of silence and closed eyes for a few seconds, just to clear his mind. "Either way, thanks for your honesty, Veiere. Now, yes... our Culture."

The soldiers watched Veiere as Eddak made a gesture to follow him, to both Veiere and the soldiers, heading towards the ship port main entrance. "Yes, the reasoning for the low technology is because of both price and culture. We love our ways, and don't want to give them up. Price is also a problem. I split the coffers between helping the people and maintaining a strong military force. We are heavily influenced by the military because of our forts lifelong history with the local Gamorreans - another... problem." As he continued to talk, they made their way to the entrance and left. Between the ship port and the main part of town it was just a long, sleek walkway, like a bridge, that stretched only about fifty meters, or a hundred and sixty feet. "If we supply our people with standard galactic technology, we wouldn't be equipping our soldiers with enough to enforce laws, and the people could do as they wish without fear, perhaps even take over. Our galactic currency is also lacking... since for years our wealth is made of local metal, primitive currency, it's hard to create things or sell things that galactic credits will buy, to flush into our economy.... although the Deuterium supply helps in that regard, it's not enough to help us encompass the galactic standard. And unfortunately, due to the Gamorrean tribes that fill Pzob, I can't say, truthfully, that I completely own the planet. We have several settlements outside of Pzob, but it's a true trek to get them sustainable and continue to run with the constant raids. You may even witness one today. The tribes fair a lot less than us, exceedingly more primitive, but they can take a shot to the gut and keep fighting, and they are numerous. They strive to rid any non-Gamorrean from Pzob, and they have generations before I was born. The people that started Galderra came here to escape the tragedies and plagues of the galaxy early on, so we're not leaving. However, don't believe we're equal to primitives, Veiere. Standard plumbing, water, hygiene, food supply and health, standards I require for all of our people. However, in some of our ... less developed settlements, you may find that boiled water poured into a tub is your closest to finding cleanliness," he started a laugh, "but here in Galderra we have power, pure water, safe food practices, solar energy. Behind the stone walls you'll find you can easily live here with less adaptation than you would think."

As they entered the town, it was near as busy as Coruscant, like a medieval capital village with clear markets, fresh food, there was no paste here. You smelled pies, spices, tea, everything. "As for our little chat area? Why should I bore you with a carriage? Why not just go into the local tavern? I more or less run it, we haven't had any takers on it, so don't be upset if it isn't special and infested with our culture. You find almost every kind of person in there." His arm extended outward as stopped, showing the tavern, with the inside being fairly simply once they entered. Other than the ship port, everything else was in a classic-era construction. "It's now a standard, hopefully, that we have galactic-wide beverages. Although I'm not much of a drinker myself, my favorite drink has always been Moogan Tea. It's got a bit of fizz to it, though, so I'm not sure it's up your alley."
Veiere understood what [member="Eddak Manod"] was saying, the means in which Veiere had come to Pzob apparently dwarfed the common travel of the people here, it was only natural that given the situation and the differences between their worlds, that they be somewhat on edge. To his knowledge, the Chimaera itself was dwarfed by others within the Dominion's fleet, as well as many other fleets of governments dotted across the galactic charts. It was in this that Veiere got his first eye opener to the worlds means of defending itself. If Pzob could not defend itself against an armada amassed against it then the Dominions assets here would require further reinforcement as well...-He was about to delve further into the subject of their soon to be defined arrangement when Eddak instead asked him about the nature of which he carried such weapons, his lightsabers of which had indeed been constructed within the walls of one of the Jedi Order's enclaves, one much closer to Pzob than the Dominion was. Apparently something of a discrepancy among their people, Veiere nodded gently, his thoughts going to [member="Lady Kay"] and how she often spoke of hiding her sensitivity to the Force out of fear that others might degrade her for it. "I was, yes" He admitted quite openly, he wouldn't hide the last three decades of his life to anyone, pretending to be something that he wasn't, wasn't within his character. "While I understand your peoples criticism of Force Users, I must emphasis that there are many others out there, some in similar positions as mine. With all due respect, your world and my people can benefit from one another but we have plenty of people within our domain that fall in league with the Force for whatever their reasons. These people help to defend the Dominion and all worlds that would hope to fall under our banner for support and prosperity...". Pzob and the people of Galderra wouldn't be the first to jump to conclusions around the Jedi Order and most especially those outside of the Order, Veiere understood their indifference as easily as he had their hesitance to accept the presence of a starship such as the Chimaera, still if they were to work together there would need to be some sort of compromise had they an issue with those of force sensitivity; the majority of leaders within the Dominion held some connection to the Force that surpassed typical sentience; "I would hope that the people here might see beyond this matter of inexperience, so that we might work together well as two governments co-operating for the same cause?" was he asking or suggesting this...-Veiere's words suggested a bit of both yet he concluded before Eddak could misunderstand; "I respect your peoples need to protect themselves, your world here is beautiful and I'd not want to let it go either. We are of different views however and many of the people you suggest that they fear, would make up the back bone of our military support. We're in the process of re-establishing the Jedi Order on the world of Eol Sha...-Should you ever need our aid, it would be likely that some of these people would be put to work for your benefit" that wasn't to say however that their strength was solely built on the backs of the Jedi, just that the Jedi would be the first resort to any need for diplomacy before setting the armies of the dominion to work. Veiere firmly believed in diplomatic talks, any attempt to cease the path of destruction that war held. If it kept these people alive then that was the larger priority than appeasing the judgments of those that knew their kind not. Alas, Eddak was in the same position as Veiere, forced to appease to certain standards in order to keep the officials and upper class of his world happy, to retain his position of leadership as all Politicians tried to do, "Rest assured, the chances of seeing other Jedi will be very limited, least you require our support against foreign governments...".

In agreement with their intended destination, Veiere continued to discuss the nature of their visit now that the matter of his prowess in the Force was out of the way, or atleast as far as he was concerned on the matter. "I'm greatly interested in this agreement of ours, most specifically on what you're hoping to get out of it. The Dominion is quickly expanding across the northern territories yet we are finding ourselves steadily approaching the borders of other groups, some not so hospitable of our company. A matter of politics in the galaxy, of course..." He waved a hand as if to suggest that they'd no doubt butt heads with someone out there sooner or later, shrugging off the notion as it had little to do with Eddak himself, rather the course of their agreement might inflict on the Dominion financially during such high stress times, "What are you hoping to gain from the Dominion's presence on Pzob?".
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

Eddak shook his head while he walked over to a table, grabbing the chair and pulling it out, "No, no, mister Veiere, you misunderstand me." He walked around the table to the other side and pulled out the other chair, sitting in it as he offered Veiere the other he pulled out. "We don't hate people who use energy swords and wave their hand about, no. We distrust them." He looked over to a tavern waitress and waved them over, "It's very different you see. We wouldn't outcast you, we wouldn't throw you out, or ban you from any shop. Hell, we just let in a droid about a week ago. He followed the rules, went through customs, had his guns registered - we're weary of droids walkin' on their own, but he didn't make any trouble. We let him do as he pleased. I only suggested ya don't flash or daunt yourself amongst my people. Flashing that sword of yours is liable to get you a lot of eyes, lest ya come off as arrogant." Eddak leaned back as he asked for some moogan tea to be ordered from the waitress as he got comfortable in his seat. "I don't wear a crown when I go out, I don't sit in a carriage everywhere and order for a red carpet to emerge from it when I exit," he continued as his soldiers surrounded the two sparsely, to guard them. Pzob wasn't a criminal town, but Eddak did give them a lot of freedom, so it wouldn't be hard for any enemies of the Dominion to enter. "I don't carry around a royal cane or staff, and thwack my people over the head when they don't do what I ask, correctly. But all in all, that's just a culture, a belief, how things are lived and portrayed, yeah? What's ever wrong with it? Nothing? Someone like you, mister Veiere, I'm sure that's how you think. Walking around in your wise-robes, your lightsabers hanging on your belt for all to see, you're just here for peace." And before Veiere could respond, Eddak leaned quickly forward, even to interrupt him if he started talking, "I'm not sayin' you're a bad man, Veiere, I'm not sayin' the Jedi are. I was just asking you not to flaunt your stuff 'round here, not even the King flashes his vast wealth, ya see?"

Eddak slowly leaned back once more and shrugged, "I'm just a simple man, mister Veiere, being wise and helping out a fellow man, that's not bad, is it? Your tone comes off as very pushy. I respect that. You've got the guns, don't let people tell you how to live your life. But if you think you;re such a step above me, why don't we have a little one on one to see how much we're equal?" He grinned, giving a huff a little as his head turned, eyes looking over at the man as the guards tilted their head, questioning that statement from their King. Eddak took a breath and shook his head, "those guns would be all I'm after, mister Veiere, the ones you've showed off since you entered the system, and still showing now. Galderra Space Yards are still in the planning phase, but we'll get there. But the galaxy already has another wave of the fabled Empire, and more. And we've just not got the ability to stem off an invasion. Trade, supplies, materials; we lack Durasteel and what it takes to make it. We're even short of the old Titanium, even old Glasteel. Your alliance could give us the ability to get our 'Yards built in record time, ships pushed out to patrol and protect us. You brought us a Star Destroyer, Veiere, the most we can throw at it is a Shuttle. But as soon as we get something Berthed, I have the men and women to field it, man it, fire it, and they wouldn't think twice about defending their home. Of course, we could always offer the same to you, workers, trade, Deuterium, and also a fighting force to support your efforts."

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