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Character 1ST LT. Garrek Jensen [WIP-Editing]

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NAME: Garrek Kanos

FACTION: Eclipse Rebellion

RANK: 1st Lieutenant


AGE: 27

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'10"

WEIGHT: 179 lbs.

EYES: Hazel.

HAIR: Dark blonde/light brown, but the tips are sun bleached in summer climates.

SKIN: Fair/Caucasian

FORCE SENSITIVE: Affirmative. Light side alignment

Empathetic and generous, very gracious and merciful.
An insanely good pilot due to high reflex sensitivity and precognition ability. Quite adept at flying at dizzying speeds, sometimes to the chagrin of passengers.
An astute swordsman, as per consistent and required training at his home enclave with the best Masters.
-Exceptional Ataru and Art of Movement
-Intermediate Soresu
WEAKNESSES: Lets his impulsivity get the best of himself at times. More-so in words spoken than action, but not exempt from the latter either. May or may not procrastinate, and is inclined to avoids personal conflicts depending on the severity. Also, speeding even in highly populated or congested areas may or may not be a recurring problem, no matter what vehicle.

Me, pretty much. Naturally spiked hair, sun-bleached tips. Athletic build, trim enough. Wears traditional Guardian-based tunic (not too dissimilar from Anakin Skywalker's). Navy blue/dark blue/black leather scheme. Signature silver-clasp Master's belt (despite his rank).

Basically born into a culture of The Living Force being studied all around him,

Repainted (Light gray/Blue accents along the S-Foil edges and connecting pillars outside the cockpit) TIE-Hunter


Eclipse Rebellion

Homeworld: Yavin IV
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Force Alignment: Light Side

Two SF Bastion-class sabers, silver blades. Dual phase capability. Connect at ends for dual-sabre variant.
First saber crystal:
-Lorrdian (precog boost)
Second saber crystal:
-Jenruax (keen blaster deflection)

Curved hilt saber - yellow/gold blade
-Opila (powerful burn. Easier cutting)

2 DC-15s sidearm pistols

Force Powers: TK (Push, Pull, Jump, Throw, Saber Throw, Crush)
Force Sight
Force Flash/Blind
Art of Movement (adept, not expert)

Also write for:
Seros Darklighter
Serin Brood
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