Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. S

    Hello There

    Hello There I am sort of new to Role-Play so please don’t judge to much I will try my best.
  2. Jack Sandrow

    Private The Hungry Woods

    LAO-MON Near the outskirts of Goshen Jack took his first breath of Lao-mon air that day. He just stood there, two steps down the ramp of the Pod, parked on a little dirt patch outside the city. His eyes had closed, soaking in the new sensations, the raw organic data of the planet just...
  3. Kandosii

    Hello there

    I’m new here, how should I proceed?
  4. Arzee

    Hello there!

    Back from a long hiatus, looking to start over with some new characters
  5. Laphisto

    LFG getting out name out there

    hey everyone just poking in to see if anyone would be interested in threading with the Lilaste order? trying to get ourselves out there and better known, as well as possibly get a few more faces in our ranks
  6. Mirax

    Private There is Always a Bigger Fish

    || Free Trade Sector || Morelani System || Ferrix Dash Colton 72 hours after this chit-show began… “Feth!” Mirax gave a bloody curse, lips pursing in displeasure as she braced her back against the durasteel cargo crate, ducking her head to avoid getting a sizzling blaster hole in it. “This...
  7. Jay And F.1.U.F.F.Y

    I guess hello there

    Hello there, strangers on the wild web!
  8. C

    Hello, there!

    Hello everyone! Excited to join!
  9. Vismaya Kristel

    Hello there :)

    Hi! I'm very, very new! But I am excited to be here! But also completely unsure of how to make my character's posts look as cool as everyone else's...I feel a little out of place. Anyway, looking forward to roleplaying with you all in the future!
  10. Damion Dorian Tarkin

    Are Arms, arms, if they are weapons?

    I know some of the rules on mech suits and stuff. Mostly being "If it has arms then no" But Both as a clarification, and seeing what others think I am asking if having an "arm" that is entirely a sword or cannon is allowed, or even considered an arm. Like this Or this for example
  11. BudderMaster

    Hello There

    Hi, Im new. Happy to be here
  12. BarronFox

    Hello there!

    Hello everyone! BaronFox here, just to say hello!
  13. TheWebVagrant

    Hi There!

    Wanted to make sure I bopped on in and said hello properly! Hiya everyone! Lookin' forward to writing with you!
  14. Damion Dorian Tarkin

    Hello There

    Moving from another server, Hope to start great storys with all of you
  15. Adilynne Frose

    Throwing myself out there. A rookie looking for some threads.

    Hello every one! I am hoping to get started with some threads here in chaos. Mind you I am new to the whole forum posting thing and I was hoping to get started with some threads to get help me become more comfortable with my character. I am down with anything really, if anyone has any ideas...
  16. Adilynne Frose

    Hello there!

    Well I was looking for a star wars rpg, and I stumbled across your forum. Although I havent participated in an rp forum before and I thought I would give it go. I am not to sure what kind of character I will be creating, I have a little brainstorming to do. Lol Anyways hope to see you out there:)
  17. TevJierda

    Howdy there!

    Heyo! Thought I should post a little thread to say hi there! Happy to be here. Or at least I think I am right now aha. Been in the mood for a Star Wars RP for a while and so finding this place hopefully helps to scratch the itch! Either way, I hope everyone's having a good day!
  18. Fill

    Hello there!

    Hello there!
  19. Aculia Voland

    Hello there again and my apologies for suddenly dropping out!

    Hey there everyone, I'm thinking of coming back albeit at a kind of more chill level. I am so, so sorry for disappearing when I did and I sincerely apologize if I left anyone hanging! We had a death in the family, two almost near deaths soon after that took up a lot of my personal time in...
  20. Silas Vizsla

    Hello There!

    Hey, I just got started on this recently, I used to do tons of Star Wars RPs back when Google + was still in existence and I had a blast doing that, I'm sure I'll have loads of fun on here too.
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