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the pit


    Dominion  The Pit | DE Dominion of Yinchorr

    The Pit - A COREWARD STORY fa-play fa-pause After their pyrrhic victory of Coruscant, the free peoples of the GALACTIC ALLIANCE have successfully blunted the advance of the sinister DARK EMPIRE. Their heroic actions, even if temporarily, have safeguarded the heart of the galaxy from...
  2. Kaleleon

    Private  I Don't Got Time For The Breaks And The Pit Stop

    Courscant Jedi Temple Driving the Blue Blur The Airspeeder flew through the Courscant skies. The throttle moving back and forth from open to closed. Changing every so often to accommodate the other air speeders in the area. The Main reason for this? I was driving the speeder with Cortana in...
  3. Eina L'lerim-Vandiir

    Open Market  Gryfjunni | The Pit

    Image Source: Logo; modified by me Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: Runar Ævar Corporation Name: Gryfjunni | The Pit Headquarters: Sanctuary | The Pit Locations: Various | Mostly in the Netherworld Masque | The Home of the Brave Operations: Open-market: Handmade products Foods Beverages and...
  4. Andromach Hemstagon

    Private  Feast of Blood: Into the Eye of the Storm

    Sith; The ancient nemesis of the Jedi. Said to be the very bane of the Galaxy, many times over have the stars suffered the atrocities and abominations born by the Sith. And yet, the latest darkness unveiled came not by Sith, nor by Imperial hands... But from the Galactic West; Beyond the reaches...
  5. Primal Architect

    Junction  Landfall | The Bryn'adûl and Silver Jedi Concord Junction of Charros IV & Nar Kaaga

    LANDFALL The Bryn'adûl and Silver Jedi Concord Junction of Charros IV & Nar Kaaga The Bryn'adûl are once again victorious against the fledgling Silver Jedi. Breaking their hold of a dozen star systems in the wake of the conflict at Sarka, crushing the Concordian military in a savage strike. Now...
  6. D

    The Best Way To Make A Culture.

    Recently I have been expanding on The Pit , I have made several npcs for it however I'd like to go further. I would like to flesh out a culture of not just the Pit but rather the very lowest "habitable" levels of Coruscant, but I'm some what at a loss on how to do it. I suppose I could use the...
  7. R

    Do You Even Lift?

    The sun was just beginning to peek above the mountains of Kashyyyk. Early morning was lovely here, Roona mused silently, watching as the light fell upon the base. Dressed in her PT gear, she felt the chill of the morning air. It was a nice way to wake up. With a towel and water bottle in hand...
  8. Reverance

    The Pit [Come here for pit fights]

    Welcome to the Pit. Here is how this will work: You will be given the opportunity to fight in a roulette style fight. The scenario: an underground fighting pit of my detailing. There will be four formats. Close Range Mid Range Long Range All Ranges The first three are self explanatory...
  9. Reverance

    The Pit - Weapon List and Link

    Close Combat: Damage Beskar Crushguants New Brass Knuckles Lightning Gloves Shockboxing gloves GenoHaradan Powergloves Knuckles of the Katarn Mid range combat: Dual Ryyk Blades Vibrorapier and vibrodagger combo Vibrosword VibroMace Sat'skar Dual Kerestian Deathsticks LongRange-Heavy...
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