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  1. Natalie LaForte

    A commonly over-used pun

    Commenor Royal Palace It was often that Natalie was given a the pleasure of meeting with her superiors. Usually, that meant one of two things. The first being a stern telling off from her company's directors for overspending on frivolous investments, or the second, and this being the case...
  2. HK-36

    Are You Not Entertained? [Riktar Tei'ram]

    [member="Riktar Tei'ram"], It seemed that there was an especially large influx of traffic around Denon lately as many smaller business owners and faction representatives have been invited to meet with one of the Metal Lords, an effort made by HK to expand the industry in droid-controlled space...
  3. Eugen Aker

    SJO - Offering Contracts and Major Sponsorships

    One of the Silver Jedi's objectives in its latest dominion is the reconstruction of Togoria. Taking a page from the GA book, we are offering contracts and sponsorships to all Lightside and Neutral companies that participate on the Togoria objective. I suppose this can count as a major project as...
  4. Magdalena Lethe

    Wherever We Go [GUIDE]

    At times she felt like a shooting star; careening haphazardly through the galaxy, setting the skies ablaze with a growing vibrance of success, of growth. GUIDE had proven itself viable. It had Investors, it had backing, it had sponsors, it had ships, it had employees, it had more opportunity...
  5. Alric Kuhn

    See The Future

    [member="Anja Aj'Rou"] Alric stood once more in the sanctuary halls of Bastion, its massive durasteel columns and its huge high ceilings seemed to be freeing, though constricting in a way that Alric couldn't quite explain. It was odd. He had been here several times, more than a dozen, yet none...
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