Star Wars RP

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  1. Kat Decoria

    LFG Seeking out RPers!

    Hey! So, been trying to figure out where to go next with my not-a-Jedi-but-is-a-Jedi character Kat and how to progress her story. Think her aim is to find her way back to being a Jedi and training others in how to use Force Heal and Ataru fighting style. She is also single, so any female...
  2. Kyrel Ren

    LFG Bad guy seeking Bad Guy stuff!

    Hello there! Been a while since I had Kyrel do other things outside of the SGHW. In the mood to seek out more enemies, and of course stir up more trouble. Hell, could even gain more allies or unexpected friends or anything. Who knows possibilities are endless I think! Kyrel as you all know is...
  3. Jho'Henig

    LFG Paaerduag smuggler seeking for threads

    Hi, everyone! My character is a Paaerduag smuggler and I'm currently looking for threads. Side of the conflict does not matter, money does.
  4. Wojkrol Losretn

    LFG For Those Seeking Cybernetic Implants

    Hello! While he's far from perfectly fleshed out (just a basic trait list, thus far), I'd be willing to RP a SHORT baptism of fire for this character (a handful of posts per each operation) with anyone who would like any sort of cybernetic prosthesis (illegally) installed, for a mere 4,000...
  5. Tamiko Sabo

    LFG Any mentors out there?

    On the prowl for someone interested in taking my mildly sardonic character under their wing so she doesn't have a nebulous NPC as a teacher. For anyone down to take on the challenge of turning this Coruscant street rat into a sensible force-user, it's sure to be an uphill battle. Leaning...
  6. doctorsimon4

    LFG Padawan seeking Master

    My character Iri Teteru is looking for a Master.
  7. Eliphas Dune

    LFG Seeking NJO Master

    Eliphant is about to be brought into the crazy world of the New Jedi Order, and I'm hoping to find him a Master! He's a bit of a blank slate right now, insofar as the Force is concerned, knowing only how to do very, very basic telepathy (thank you Kal <3) Outside of that he's a budding ship's...
  8. Kev'thari "Kev" Vefthu

    Request Seeking a Master

    ...For non-perverse reasons, of course. This is (for now) one of my two Force Sensitive characters, and the only Light Sider - I just joined the Silver Jedi, but it's probably best to make the request here instead! So, if any aged and wise Jedi Masters would like a youthful, one-eyed, former...
  9. Erick Pryde

    LFG To Build a Planet...

    My friends, the time has come. Since the recent Factory Update, something has been brewing in the back of my head. Binge watching the Expanse, didn't really help. Ceres served as the ultimate example for one of the weirdest Factory subs I have ever wanted to make. In short, I want to rebuild...
  10. Eliphas Dune

    LFG Eliphant Seeking RP

    Okay, so, hear me out... I give you 1 cookie ... and you give me 1 thread. Totally great deal right?
  11. Felix Aquila

    LFG Lightside Master Seeking Student & Schenanigans.

    Looking for a Padawan or new Knight keen to roleplay some of the Master Student Stuff. Felix is an interesting person, light sided, Works with the CIS fairly frequently, (though a person being the same isn't required.) He's an incredible Duelist and an expert in a rather obscure force power...
  12. Eliphas Dune

    LFG Student Seeking Master

    What's up. I'm back... Again. Death of the Sith Eternal sort of sapped my entire muse out of existence, but I am once again looking for threads. I've always had this grand idea of having a full blown Apprenticeship here on Chaos, but it's just... never happened? A one-on-one Master and Student...
  13. Eliphas Dune

    wrong place

    I am dumb wrong forum plz delete or ignore
  14. Jin Kyrel

    LFG New Sith seeking plots

    Hello all! Feeling the urge to write, and looking to dive into some fun stories with Jin Kyrel here! A former Imperial Knight of the New Imperial Order and traitor. Having embraced the way of the Sith and joined the ranks of the New Sith Order! Seeking to travel out within the galaxy, be it...
  15. Yunlun'uae

    LFG Sith Apprentice Seeking Sith Master

    As the title states I am seeking someone with a breadth of understanding in the Sith tradition and philosophies. I plan to have this character focusing heavily on the philosophical aspects of the Sith ideology, the nature of reality and the force in general but these are all things that could...
  16. Skullvez Vizsla

    Hello There️Game Dev Mandalorian seeking other Mandos - I hope....This is the way

    What's up fellow Star Wars fans! I am Skullvez Vizsla. I am a hobby video game developer using Unity 3D game engine to make Star Wars/Mandalorian content in my spare time. I've been doing it for about 1.75 years and been getting pretty good. I also just recently built and started my...
  17. Zoyût

    LFG Sith Seeking Supplicants

    Are you a Sith, or a Dark-Side user, or even an overly curious adept or Jedi, that wants to learn truly esoteric and mystical knowledge of the Force? Are you not put off by the idea that those secrets could come with a terrible price? Well, I think I can help with that.
  18. Alisteri Haxim

    LFG Sith Seeking Shenaniganery Again

    Hello there everyone and thank you for stopping by to read, or skim, my little post here. First of all I'd like to say that this post officially marks my 701st post on the site! Yay! Anyway, this milestone has gotten me thinking about how little I've actually done in terms of roleplay, so I'm...
  19. Darth Tennacus

    Sith seeking Sith

    Hey there! I'm a new member looking to join into a Sith faction and seek new action! I'm also new to the site so I apolgoise if I'm messaging somewhere in the wrong place. Please feel free to give me a shout if anywhere is recruiting!
  20. Max Wayne

    LFG Seeking a Jedi Teacher

    Max is looking for a Jedi Teacher to help him learn the ways of the Force, build his lightsaber, and most importantly control his powers. I'm looking for a Jedi that is either part of the Galactic Alliance or allied to them as I have a feeling Max will be joining that faction in the future.