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saria messoa

  1. Saria Messoa

    A Gun, A Job, and an Act of Mercy

    Saria worker alone. That was the rule. She had become... close to Koda before the Togruta had vanished. Ever since then, he rule was to travel alone, hire no other hands, and keep to herself. She didn't want to get close again to anyone just to get hurt again. That was the rule from here...
  2. Saria Messoa

    Saria Messoa, Captain of the Wonderlust-45 2.0

    NAME: Saria Messoa Aliases: Dancer-06 FACTION: Freelance--Open to Recruitment RANK: Captain of the ​Wonderlust-45, ​a modified YT-2000 Light Freighter SPECIES: Twe'lik AGE: Mid twenties SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5' 7" WEIGHT: 122 lbs EYES: Grey HAIR: None SKIN: Pale Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  3. Saria Messoa

    Running the Gambit

    Saria was a farm girl at heart. No matter how far she got from home, she would always be that, and she had a unique love of nature as a part of that. Lately, her life had been nothing but running here and there. And it was honestly, what she needed to do. Saria had to survive, and to survive she...
  4. Saria Messoa

    Take A Right Past Ansion

    Saria sat back waiting, tapping the pistol on the side of her belt nervously. Her life had taken more spins and changes than she had dreamed were possible lately. One second she was leaving home jobless with just a ship and a wishful thought. The next she was running cargo with Koda, the next...
  5. Saria Messoa

    Searching for the Legends

    Saria never expected finding her place in the galaxy would be easy, but she never expected it to be this hard. She was still a young woman coming from a small planet in a big galaxy, with hardly any experience contacting outsiders. She left, without really thinking about how it would affect her...
  6. Saria Messoa

    Saria Messoa The Empath Soceress

    NAME: Saria Messoa Aliases: The Flame of Hope, Sorceress of Her People FACTION: Freelance--Open to Recruitment RANK: None--work in progress SPECIES: Near Human AGE: Mid twenties SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5' 7" WEIGHT: 122 lbs EYES: Brown HAIR: Brunette SKIN: Tan as the sandy shores FORCE SENSITIVE...
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