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roll call

  1. N

    [SIA & Law Enforcement] Roll Call!

    As we begin to build out our SIA and Law Enforcement plots and missions going forward, I'd like to get a general idea of who we have currently and what you'd like to see as far as missions and storylines (i.e. infiltration, internal affairs, assassination, inter-faction), gadgets, etc. Please...
  2. Zenva Vrotoa


    Is anyone here? Checking in.
  3. Eralam

    Roll Call

    Anyone still following in here? Trying to figure out if we've got any judges left who still pay attention.
  4. Kyber Salurra

    Roll Call - December 2015

    Techno Union December 2015 Roll Call Hello everyone! About that time of the year again, Roll Call time! Everyone who has the Techno Union as their character's faction just post below and we'll add you right onto our roster! Now, considering the rumors of the new major faction rule that may go...
  5. Boethiah

    Roll Call (July)

    If you're here and active, let us know! Please only respond on one account and if you have multiple accounts within the faction itself tag them in your response. If you do not want to be added to our tag list please say, "don't add me to the tag list."
  6. Cira

    Omega Pyre and Omega Protectorate Roll Call

    Alright folks, I'll be going through the member list, seeing who is active, who wants to continue with the Pyre, who is happy being a civilian, and what have you. There are many roles to play in OP; Medic, Scientist, Explorer, Freelancer, Civilian, Fugitive recovery service, Escort and...
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