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  1. Gherron Dragovalor

    Stan Lee tribute thread

    Since I noticed a serious abundance of pictures celebrating Stan Lee's life, I figured why not have our very own tribute here on Chaos! Game is simple, just post what you find :)
  2. Jsc

    [Guide] These Hands (Outdated)

    These Hands
  3. Voices of The Deep

    Create Your Family Sigil

    Create Yours Here Alright so because i am a total Game of Thrones nerd i thought this might be a fun game since a lot of characters out there have families and such that seem pretty developed. This banner represents Winters family a bit. Made this in like ten minutes of messing with stuff. I...
  4. Jorus Merrill

    Weekend Gif Party!!!!!1!

  5. Valiens Nantaris

    Jyn's GIF Thread

    Here Jyn will post GIFs. GIFS unending.
  6. C

    SWRP Chibi Edition

    So i found this thing where you can design your own Chibi, So i figuered i'd be fun to see what you all come up with for your characters. Sadly, it is not an advanced game, thus. Aliens and full body armored characters would be harder to make. But i think it's fun, so here ya go, have a C.C...
  7. M


    I feel like there isn't an avenue for friendly, amusing, sometimes terrifying nonsense. I'm making one. Post things that give you a giggle, m8, because we can't just wait until that perfect time to use that .gif you've been saving. PG-13 or die.
  8. Garza

    Here for the Star wars memorabilia!

    Alright people, here is were you can post things that have a starwars theme to them, yet are completely weird, or just awesome! here are a few that I saw. Nothing like taking your morning dump with a lightsaber plunger next to ya! Go outside in the rain with the Empire's standard umbrella...
  9. J

    Star Wars Apparel!

    Alright so I found this shirt at a Mall thats cloe by me. Thought I should share it. If any ove you guys find Shirts, pants, tats, or anything else Star Wars Share it!!!
  10. C

    Scandelous Pic and Gif thread!

    OH NO! SCANDEL! Post some (PG 13) gifs or funny pictures of your characters! Clearly Kassey Draclau, Seth and kid are celebrating Sithmas... :P
  11. C

    Post your Character Playby Thread

    Post the IC pictures of your character! Keep it PG13 folks!
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