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morna imura

  1. Chaaj Priest

    Ra'syn Imura

    || THE BASICS || Full name: Ra'syn Ryujin Dai Imura Preferred Name: Ra'syn Alias: N/A Titles: N/A Species: Variese Race: Sakai Homeworld: Kro Var Faction(s): Atrisian Commonwealth (Loose connections) Galactic Alliance (Loose Connections) Jakku Jedi Enclave (Member) Je'daii Order (Journeyer)...
  2. Garza

    A Chapel in Flames (Wedding of Morna Imura and Lexa Kimene)

    Today was the ceremony of two people who would bond their lives together to become Husband and Wife. This was a special day for the couple that were tying the knot, Getting an arrow to the knee, placing bands, or whatever you wanted to call it. it was where two people had come together and...
  3. Garza

    A little less posting.

    Sorry guys, but I will have less posts to go around to people. Recently I have been working more often and am stuck with more school work. So I will have less posts for the for seeable future. For anyone who has my characters that are rping with them, I want to say that I am sorry for the...
  4. Garza

    Alchemists, doctors, and whoever else!

    Alright as per of my transformation to a female. I was thinking that an Alchemist and maybe a Doctor would come and preform the operation. And a few others may be invited to see me as a woman. And if there are any people that happen to be in warring factions, then they are not allowed to fight...
  5. Vora Kaar

    Unexpected LOA

    Sorry guys, First of all My internet cable was chewed on by my dogs. and Some family emergencies came up so I was gone for the past two days. I'll try and catch up on some stuff. and already from my notifications I can see that I have alot to catch up on. I might be able to do stuff today, for a...
  6. Q

    The Red Sands of Gromas 16

    This is a one-v-one match @[member="Morna Imura"] _____________________ Phrikite Mine #004-565 on Gromas 16 ___________________ I had traveled to Gromas 16 to collect phrikite from its mines to utilize in the construction of my own, personal lightsaber. The ore, when combined with...
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