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  1. Arla Rodarch

    Approved Vehicle  [PKA] HA-3 "Lightbearer" Artillery Vehicle

    Image Source SPECIAL FEATURES Ablative Armor CIWS Turrets Primary Lightbringer Weapon Quad-Laser Turrets Shield Generator STRENGTHS Multiple vehicles can combine for a larger coordinated blast Very tough WEAKNESSES Legs are vulnerable and exposed Very slow Vulnerable main weapon firing...
  2. Arla Rodarch

    Approved Ranged Weapon  [PKA] VSH-7 "Lightbringer" Heavy Composite Beam

    Image Source SPECIAL FEATURES Advanced Composite beam technology STRENGTHS Can combine with others of its kind for a bigger pew Extremely powerful energy beam WEAKNESSES Slow rate of fire Vulnerable firing mechanism DESCRIPTION Though the SIH-4 dubbed Overlight by Panther's Arsenal...
  3. Tefka

    Staff  Minor Factory 7.0 Update

    Self-appointed Factory Emperor here, the following has been added as part of the 7.0 Early Access update, titled "TEF HAS CROSSED THE RUBICON". 8. All BBcode is allowed in submissions, to include spoilers. This new rule can be found in the Factory Rules article and is effective immediately.
  4. Arla Rodarch

    Approved Ranged Weapon  [PKA] Mandalorian ER-5 E-beamer

    Source for Image SPECIAL FEATURES Advanced Ssi-ruuk beam technology Energy collection reservoir Variable intensity settings STRENGTHS Deadly to living beings Exotic method of attack WEAKNESSES Completely useless against droids Heavier than standard infantry weapons DESCRIPTION Most...
  5. Arla Rodarch

    Approved Ranged Weapon  [PKA] PH-1 "Barve Stopper" Heavy Revolver (2.0)

    Source SPECIAL FEATURES Advanced Computerized Sensor Scope Inertial Compensator Very high muzzle velocity allows projectiles to be launched at absurd velocity STRENGTHS EMP Resistant Very resistant to wear and external damage WEAKNESSES Loud as hell, and still a little recoil even with...
  6. Arla Rodarch

    Approved Ranged Weapon  [PKA] PL-1 "Ghost Stalker" Heavy Sniper Rifle (2.0)

    Sourced SPECIAL FEATURES Advanced Computerized Sensor Scope Inertial Compensator Molecular Furnace STRENGTHS At full power, it is likely to kill whatever it is aimed at Completely silent (except for full-power blast) Extreme range provided by weapon power and advanced optics Fully...
  7. Tempo

    LFG  Proactive Mandolorian Force User PC's for Minor Faction

    Description: This is a burgeoning faction that seeks to meld the proud warrior traditions of the Mandalorians with the mystical ways of the Force. Founded on the principle of embracing diversity and unity, this faction welcomes Mandalorians of all backgrounds who possess a connection to the...
  8. Tefka

    What Minor Factions are currently active and developing storylines?

    Just curious, feel free to advertise, Major Factions will get banned.
  9. Pyeth Raffinki

    2024 - Going Minor

    Hello As you may know we recently had a invasion of our Capital led by the nefarious Sith Order. This was a prelude to take our faction away from the map game and allow our members to pursue more niche storylines. That being said, I would like to gauge the overall opinions of our membership...
  10. Arla Rodarch

    Approved Tech  [PKA] PH-1 "Barve Stopper" Heavy Revolver

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A quality personal weapon for the discerning market Image Source: Link Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Panther's Arsenal Affiliation: Panther's Arsenal, Mandalorian Protectors Market Status...
  11. Vren Rook

    Vote to go Minor

    I'M FREE Suum ca'nara... Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our respects... Kidding! In all seriousness though: We all knew this day would come. There has been long discussions on the faction staff team (including with The Quartermaster via email, so this decision is blessed...
  12. Arla Rodarch

    Approved Tech  (NSLR) Federation Phaser

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A signature weapon system for the United Galactic Federation Image Source: Img Source Canon Link: Particle Beam Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Phaser PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: NSLR Affiliation: NSLR, UGF, PKA Market Status: Closed-Market...
  13. Arla Rodarch

    Approved Tech  [PKA] PL-1 "Ghost Stalker" Heavy Sniper Rifle

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A quality long range weapon for the discerning market Image Source: Link Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Molecular Furnace PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Panther's Arsenal Affiliation: Panther's Arsenal, Mandalorian Protectors Market...
  14. Jack Sandrow

    Resolved  Minor Faction ruleset

    Hey, either I'm blind or the links are all gone - where could I find the minor faction ruleset? I've seen plenty of Major Faction rulesets, and I do see the requirements of submitting to become Major Factions, but I'm struggling to find any sort of minor faction ruleset defined. If there...
  15. Arla Rodarch

    LFG  Calling minor factions and small groups

    Hi there, In looking for recruits and new writers for the NSLR, a faction i started as 'Doctors without Borders', i have found it hit and miss when it comes to interesting people in various concepts for building a new faction. My thought came to the fact that there may be other groups out there...
  16. Raona Cadera

    LFG  Manda'yaim Freedom Corps - Minor Faction Interest Check

    Ivirk Tavlar aided us in our time of need, releasing us from the shackles of the Sith. Our world was scarred and broken, our people scattered to the wind like the seeds of the Ironweed. But the Empire's Iron Will shared amongst our people helped us persevere. Times would change. Or so we...
  17. Rulonom Laborr

    Public  Galactic Exhibition on Skako Minor

    The Galactic Expo Liin Terallo Amanda braska Lukan Rath Darth Temerant Wendell Mortimer Glolmark The World of Skako Minor had always played an important if controversial role since the Clone Wars with it being controlled by the Trade Federation for a considerable time before the illegal...
  18. Rulonom Laborr

    LFG  Skako Minor Galactic Fair

    Skako Minor Galactic Fair Greetings! I recently had in mind a Social Thread on the world of Skako Minor. The main idea would be to have a Galactic Fair hosted by the Trade Federation and the Senator of Skako where inventions and chaos market products can be showcased to guests and military...
  19. Tefka

    New Feature  Minor Site Alters

    1. Transitions added to prefix hover for aesthetic. 2. Blogs and faction blogs finally re-merged into one sidebar block now that the community has stopped spamming propaganda posters. 3. Most recent First Reply thread has been added to the top of the sidebar block for highest visibility on...
  20. S

    LFG  Minor Faction - Kaminoan Ruling Council

    [Faction Page] [Discord] Hello everyone! I've been in a great mood lately to flesh out Kamino as it's own proper faction on the site. I'm looking for writers eager to help form a proper government and scientific caste, as well as those looking to roleplay Clone Troopers part of the newly...
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