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  1. Maris Fero

    LFG Apprentice looking for a Sith master.

    Hey, so I recently returned to the site and was looking for spots to start writing with my previous character, street rat ganger turned dark side apprentice, Maris Fero. She’s currently looking for something, and OOC I’m looking for someone (or more than one) to make her an actual Sith rather...
  2. Valery Noble

    LFG Jedi Master looking for threads

    It me again! Looking for a thread or two for Valery here! I'm down for most things, so I'd be happy to plot something if there's a specific character you'd like to write with. Can be Jedi, Sith or NFU - I'm up for anything! But if you have an idea for a thread you'd love, feel free to shoot...
  3. Asha Hex

    Character Asha Vynea-Hex | Master of the Je'daii Order

    Asha Vynea-Hex Music hopeless wanderer dreamer Aliases Keoz Title(s) Voidwalker The Eternal Wanderer Child of the Void The Dandelion Prophet Class(es) Akar Kesh (Balance) Qigong Kesh (The Force) Mahara Kesh (Healing) Birthplace Space Age Mid Twenties Virtue(s) Moderation...
  4. Dar'rak

    Question Speeder Bike / Master Dar'rak's equipment.

    So, I came back after losing my computer in a fire and wanted to see about the rules regarding his Padawan Speeder bikes, his Lightsabers, and eventually his "Ship". I remember before my "absence" that I think I was working on getting material for Dar'rak's personal starship and I think also...
  5. Tamiko Sabo

    LFG Any mentors out there?

    On the prowl for someone interested in taking my mildly sardonic character under their wing so she doesn't have a nebulous NPC as a teacher. For anyone down to take on the challenge of turning this Coruscant street rat into a sensible force-user, it's sure to be an uphill battle. Leaning...
  6. doctorsimon4

    LFG Padawan seeking Master

    My character Iri Teteru is looking for a Master.
  7. Master Glez Zugehor

    Character Jedi Master Glez Zugehor

    NAME: Glez Zugehor FACTION: independent (interested in the Elysium Empire) RANK: Jedi Master SPECIES: Human AGE: 44 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5’10 WEIGHT: 156 lbs EYES: Blue HAIR: Brunette SKIN: Olive tan FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Strengths: Shii-Cho...
  8. Eliphas Dune

    LFG Seeking NJO Master

    Eliphant is about to be brought into the crazy world of the New Jedi Order, and I'm hoping to find him a Master! He's a bit of a blank slate right now, insofar as the Force is concerned, knowing only how to do very, very basic telepathy (thank you Kal <3) Outside of that he's a budding ship's...
  9. Darth Themis

    Plague Era Light Side Sith Master Sword

    Intent: A standard Semi Unique Sword Image Source: Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Sith Sword PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Affiliation: Market Status: Closed-Market Model: N/A Modularity: No...
  10. Darth Themis

    Plague Era Light Side Sith Master Armor

    Intent: To Sub a Semi Unique Heavy Armor Image Source: Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Heavy Armor PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Affiliation: Market Status: Closed-Market Model: N/A...
  11. Darth Themis

    Light Side Sith Master Armor

    Intent: To Sub a standard Heavy Armor for Serpent Masters Image Source: Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Heavy Armor PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Affiliation: Market Status: Closed-Market...
  12. Kev'thari "Kev" Vefthu

    Request Seeking a Master

    ...For non-perverse reasons, of course. This is (for now) one of my two Force Sensitive characters, and the only Light Sider - I just joined the Silver Jedi, but it's probably best to make the request here instead! So, if any aged and wise Jedi Masters would like a youthful, one-eyed, former...
  13. Thalia Senn

    LFG In need of Jedi Master

    Master is a little tied up/indisposed right now. Maybe even just dead. New Jedi Order is still trying to find itself. Thalia needs a master that knows what they are about at least and can guide her on a path to being a Jedi Knight.
  14. Valery Noble

    Private A different Master for a Day

    Location: Ossus Valery: Appearance Outfit: Factory Link Lightsabers: Link! Tag: Rhemti Totriddiam Ever since the baby was born, Kahlil Zambrano and Valery had to balance their duties with taking care of the baby carefully. At first, both spent the vast majority of their time watching little...
  15. Daedros

    I am looking for a master.

    Daedros is a very special boy who was found a few years after the clone wars by the empire. The origin of this boy is unknown and very much a mystery but because of his Mediclorians count sensed by the dark lords of the empire he was taken in "Log one, speaker Hamisen of the clone army." "Lord...
  16. Felix Aquila

    LFG Lightside Master Seeking Student & Schenanigans.

    Looking for a Padawan or new Knight keen to roleplay some of the Master Student Stuff. Felix is an interesting person, light sided, Works with the CIS fairly frequently, (though a person being the same isn't required.) He's an incredible Duelist and an expert in a rather obscure force power...
  17. Eliphas Dune

    LFG Student Seeking Master

    What's up. I'm back... Again. Death of the Sith Eternal sort of sapped my entire muse out of existence, but I am once again looking for threads. I've always had this grand idea of having a full blown Apprenticeship here on Chaos, but it's just... never happened? A one-on-one Master and Student...
  18. Eliphas Dune

    wrong place

    I am dumb wrong forum plz delete or ignore
  19. Yunlun'uae

    LFG Sith Apprentice Seeking Sith Master

    As the title states I am seeking someone with a breadth of understanding in the Sith tradition and philosophies. I plan to have this character focusing heavily on the philosophical aspects of the Sith ideology, the nature of reality and the force in general but these are all things that could...
  20. Arlo Renard

    Approved Location The Yellow Plains

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub a location for future RP. Image Credit: Pablo Carpio "The Whisperer" | tsonline "Cloudspillargrassfield" | Seven-teenth "Sitala" Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION Landmark Name: The Yellow Plains; also known as the "Great...