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dark lord

  1. Archlord Dryas

    Character  Dryas[/URL]') 30; font-family: Arial; font-size:100%; color: #c0c0c0; overflow: auto;"] DRYAS Age 66 Species Siniteen Gender Male Height 2.5 meters Weight 120 kilograms Force Sensitive...
  2. W

    Character  Nyâsh - Warlord of the An'fâug'lir

    Lord Nyâsh Name: Magyar Iravraks Title(s): Lord Nyâsh, Warmaster of An'fâug'lir Species: Baedurin-Aeravali Halfbreed Age: 47 Years (claimed) Height: ~ 2,88 meters Body: Muscular Skin: Unknown Eyes: Unknown Hair: Unknown Nyâsh is devoted to the ideal of the Fell, an approach to...
  3. Halketh

    Character  Darth Caelitus, the Mercurial Saint

    Darth Caelitus Formerly Lord Halketh Title(s) Dark Lord of the Sith Class(es) Sith Sorcerer & Necromancer Birthplace Alpheridies Age Forties* Virtue(s) Compassion Independence Annihilation Rank(s) Master, Dark Lord Apprentice Laoth Faction(s) The Brotherhood of the Maw...
  4. Drystan Marakos

    "The Devourer" Darth Phagos

    NAME: "The Ravenous One", "The Starving Child", "The Corpulant King" FACTION: Darkness RANK: Great Old One SPECIES: Anzat (Appears Human) AGE: Unknown SEX: Appearing Male HEIGHT: 1.9 m (6'2) WEIGHT: 365 kg (805 lb) EYES: Yellow-green HAIR: None SKIN: A sickly, cold grey...
  5. Lord Nexus

    Lord Nexus (WIP)

    Darth Nexus (Malakaii Concordia) NAME: Malakaii Concordia (Sith Name: Darth Nexus) FACTION: N/A RANK: Currently None, Previously Dark Lord of the Sith SPECIES: Arkanian/Kiffar Hybrid AGE: 43 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'7 WEIGHT: 300lbs EYES: Light (Ice) Blue HAIR: Silver SKIN: Fair (Caucasian) FORCE...
  6. Darth Carnifex

    Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni

    Outer Rim Territories Mygeeto The Blade of Fate hung once again over the icy world of Mygeeto, but this time it had not come to threaten the native people with annihilation. In the time since the pacification of Mygeeto the planet had become fully Imperialized, and the banners of the Sith...
  7. Lief

    Dark Lord Funk [Harry Potter Music Parody] THIS. IS. GOLD.
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