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corporate sector

  1. Marlon Sularen

    Private Ultimatum

    U L T I M A T U M FINAL DAWN ESSION, CORPORATE SECTOR A New Era had begun. With the Destruction of Exegol and the subsequent collapse of the Brotherhood of the Maw along with various other galactic powers, the geopolitical landscape of the galaxy had changed, with the balance of power...
  2. P

    Pentastar Alignment Foreign Affairs

    The Pentastar Alignment Foreign Affairs Standings EMBLEM DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS INFORMATION Faction: Galactic Alliance Standing: Neutral Status: Neutral Trade: Authorized Overview: Despite the regulations on corporate practices within the Galactic Alliance, The Corporate Sector Authority...
  3. T

    Minor Faction The Corporate Sector Authority

    New Opportunities Await! Join the Corporate Sector Authority Today!
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