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clone trooper

  1. Tango112

    Character  Capt. Voxer

    name: Captain Voxer Faction: the Galactic alliance Rank: Captain Species: human/clone Age: 902 Sex: Male Height: 1.83m (6 ft) tall weight: 79 kilograms eyes: brown hair: black with a stubble and a crew cut Skin: white Force: low - average sensitivity Strength and weakness...
  2. ?


  3. Marcad

    Character  CT-3902

    Summary Name: CT-3902 Species: Human (Clone) Age: 3 (Chronologically) | 20s (Biologically). Gender: Male. Height: 1.82 Meters Weight: 73 kgs. Physique: Bulk; Toned. Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Skin Color: Tanned Known Medical History: TBD Primary Allegiance(s): Clone Brethren...
  4. Commander Firestorm

    Reporting in

    Hello Everyone, ARC-5257 reporting in, I'm new in the faction.
  5. Caesar Valen

    Trained by a Clone Trooper

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... STAR WARS SURVIVAL SCHOOL Aldrenek Valen has taken his son to spend the summer on his homeworld of Rishi, he hopes there he will learn to overcome his fears, and be able to survive. Caesar Valen has mastered piloting a starship, but he still has...
  6. Tanith Alde

    Clone Trooper DS-772

    NAME: Clone DS-772 FACTION: The Republic RANK: Captain (Presumeably) SPECIES: Mandalorian Clone AGE: 26 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'2 WEIGHT: 180 lbs EYES: Blue HAIR: Black SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: No Voice Sample: STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES + Extensive...
  7. C


    NAME: CT-3817 NICKNAME: Mike FACTION: RANK: Corporal (During Clone Wars) SPECIES: Human (Clone) AGE: 30 (10) SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6"1 WEIGHT: 179 lb EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown SKIN: Tan FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS: Clone - Mike was a clone from the Clone Wars. He is an elite soldier, he is a...
  8. DV8-420

    Clone without a cause

    I'm a soldier without an army, Without a cause. Help find me one
  9. Jerodman

    CC-4245 "Tex"

    NAME: CC-4245 Or "Tex" FACTION: The galactic republic RANK: Commander SPECIES: Clone AGE: 22 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6 Foot WEIGHT: 170 EYES: Brown HAIR: Bald SKIN: White (I would say brownish) FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  10. Sawbones

    CT-0723 "Sawbones" Dark Trooper Phase Zero

    Subject: CT-0723 " Sawbones" Race: Human (Clone) Age: 61 (Clone Years) Hair: Black Eyes: Gold ( Defects in Cloning Pod) Occupation: Medic (ex) Head Surgeon (ex) Dark Trooper Phase Zero Background: Subject CT-0723 was made on Kamino like most clones where he was trained in field medicine and...
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