Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Aspect of Resolve

    Dominion  Belsavis Blues | (SO Dominion of Belsavis/Council/Varonat)

    Dominion of Belsavis What once was a prison can now provide a new means of freedom. Belsavis served as a prison world for the ancient Rakatan and Jedi alike in its ancient past, however in more recent times it has become home to vagabonds and corrupt agricultural corporations. Taking control of...
  2. Gerwald Lechner

    Private  Rise of the Wolf: Belsavis

    WEARING: xxx WEAPONS: Ferrum Solus | Blodmåne | Strømafbryder TAG: Lunara Azure There were three who could claim to know the Dread Wolf more than he knew himself. The first and primary would always be Naedira Darcrath. The merging of their minds during a battle meld made it so that nothing...
  3. W

    Private  Locks and Keys

    The Tomb / Belsavis Onith It was not difficult to get past the patrols and stations of the Eternal Fleet. Everyone knew how the Empire of Kalidan was on the verge of collapse. A once great Empire led by iron will and uncompromising ideology, harsh and strict, found its way to decadence, to...
  4. EFCOM

    Junction  The Outer Rim Campaign: Crisis Over Belsavis (Eternal Empire and Elysium Empire Junction - Belsavis, Pamarthe)

    Crisis Over Belsavis While the Second Great Hyperspace War begins to heat up within the galactic-north, yet another conflict threatens to boil over from a developing crisis over the planet of Belsavis. Over the past few centuries, Belsavis was ruled by a constitutional monarchy which...
  5. Imperator Sarilia Ellwin

    Campaign  Liberation of Belsavis: The Big Freeze

    Spindle VI Imperator Sarilia was as tired as she was far from home. Having spent the last three years aboard the Archduke was exhausting for her and the numerous refugees that put the capacity of her ship to the test. Admirably, her crew rose to the challenge to care for their people. Even with...
  6. Luther Lewis

    Writer's Challenge - Belsavis Trials

    Upon Request, I have provided a OOC thread the in the roleplay dicussion. You can find it here. To clarify, you can either post your actual roleplay posts in this thread or open a private roleplay and complete the challenge from there. I will be posting in this thread, just so an example of how...
  7. Jamie Pyne

    The Anger Of Angels

    Belsavis // Orbit // Stupid, incessant beeping! The blonde looked down to one of the panels behind the control column to see a few indicators blinking. Two were red, the other was orange. Moments later the Star Skiff dropped out of hyperspace rather abruptly. Oh that....That can't be good. A...
  8. Jamie Pyne

    Archive Please...

    Hit post by mistake. Please archive.
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