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  1. Marauder

    another quick question

    How do i roleplay here? i dont wanna mess up other peoples posts (am i stupid)
  2. Raphael Gallustrade

    Another Worksh -- No, the OTHER one

    Placeholder for projects that I will wrk on cuz I totally did not forget that this place existed. RAPH projects RIVER prjects
  3. Onrai

    Private  From One Warlord to Another

    Urienz Tyrael Unknown Regions It was quite rare for Onrai to be fortunate enough to have a true precognitive moment. Certainly there was much she knew, particularly about things forbidden to most in the past and in the present, but the future, fickle as it was, still remained elusive. She had...
  4. Raphael Gallustrade

    Private  One Time to Another

    Before the Dark Empire's Subjugation of Tython He followed behind Onrai, their steps echoing in the nearly empty halls. He didn't know what, specifically, had brought this on; after all he knew that they were a creature of the dark, of potential corruption. Yet, at the same time, unlike with...
  5. Nerd Wizard

    Yet Another Return

    Back again, though not sure for how long, due to potential eye health issues. But I might be here on and off. We'll see.
  6. Khamul Kryze

    Private  Between A Mand'alor and Another

    BETWEEN A MAND'ALOR AND ANOTHER THE UNCHAINED Loadout: Mandalore's Lament, Regret, beskar'gam Engaging: Mia Monroe Her face upon New Mandalore.... The implications were extreme, to say the least. Khamul had long leaned on his declaration of Mand'alor, empowered by the raw ferocity of the...
  7. Casany Praxor

    Private  Another Adventure

    From wave and techno and electronica, to hip hop and hoppin’ hips, to Mandalorian folk metal blasting in the cockpit. Drunken Mandalorian given this galactic establishment’s equivalent of aspirin, bottle of Vod-Ka on the console, and whether the hair of the dog is a beverage with a better...
  8. GhostOfProtocol

    Private  The Closing of one Chapter is the Opening of Another

    The Outer Rim Written as Kei Raxis' Clone Tags - Revna (Darth Strosius to Observe) For weeks, he hadn't slept. Every time he had tried to finally get some sleep, he had what he could only describe as visions. They started as crystal clear memories of the day he was created, of the day he came...
  9. Kitter Bitters

    Question  Another codex question

    For NPC submission to the codex can you submit NPC's that are deceased? They would help flesh out notable members of a family but not be alive anymore.
  10. Maris Fero

    LFG  Another Angle [light side]

    Hello fine people of a galaxy far far away. So I'm not really having much luck with the old suitable dark side mentor for Maris Fero , thing I was hoping for. So for a change of pace and a shot out of left field I wondered if there might be a lightside or Jedi mentor out there who fancies a...
  11. Jon Dromon

    Private  Not Another Bounty Hunter

    Current Outfit Dead or alive. That’s how a bounty hunter like Jon Dromon survived day and night, wherever he was, however he moved, including space where hours were counted by the darkness between the stars far apart. Poetic nonsense, one target had taught him, but in truth he was sometimes...
  12. Zad Ruzed

    Private  Another Desert

    The suns of Tatooine were up, mountains on the horizon, like a picturesque painting. He was no poet, the man who gazed yonder, though he knew beauty when he saw it. It was no Mos Eisley, this settlement, hardly a city, yet Mos Maran was like its brother. Distant cousin maybe, far away. Who...
  13. "Jackal"

    Bounty  Just another job.

    fa-play fa-pause Equipment | In Bio Location | Coruscant Tag | Cailen Corso Far be it from one such as herself to understand the complexities between the chipper space wizards and the brooding ones, though one could say that Jackal was at the very least loosely connected to the Sith Order...
  14. Kahlil Noble

    Private  The Eve Of Another War

    Everything was snowballing. The skirmish against the Sith Empire, what happened with Lily Decoria, the confrontation with the Mandalorians. Kahlil had already resolved to take a more hands on approach with his Padawans in the coming conflicts, but now there was a whole different training...
  15. Kahlil Noble

      Hit 4k, So I Guess I'm Making Another Feedback Thread

    It's been a while since I last made one of these. I used to have a habit of tossing out at least one a month, just because I like getting feedback. And y'know, being told how great and awesome I am. Both are good. So yeah. Let me know what you like, what you don't, what you think I can improve...
  16. Noah Corek

    LFG  Another Stab at It: Looking for Lightside/Neutral Force Teachers and/or Soldiers/Merc Types for Adventures

    Alright! I am back at it and ready to roll! After a month long hiatus I’ve decided to return and try my hand at RPing once again! First thing first I’ll introduce myself so people know me! Hello I’m Noah, I’ve been on Chaos for about a decade now, god that makes me feel old, and for that entire...
  17. Glar Ulchtar

    LFG  Another Bank Robbery

    A long time ago, here on this website, I tried to organize a bank robbery thread. Long story short, it fell apart before it could get anywhere. Now, I want to try it again. This time however, I have the advantage of having already created the codex entries for the bank and the associated...
  18. Darth Malum of House Marr

    Private  A Meeting With A Triumvir

    The shower had refreshed him immediately, wiping away the grime and blood, and aches of his last battle. The Lochris again served as his home away from home, with all the creature comforts he would need to live independently on the ship. A kitchenette, bathroom, and toilet were the least of the...
  19. Briana Sal-Soren

    LOA  Yes, another one

    I feel I may have jumped the gun when I tried to come back from my LOA the last time. Between visiting family, taking care of our cat Luna, getting sick, trying to homeschool, and taking care of other responsibilities... I am beyond beat. Hence, I will be taking the next couple of weeks before...
  20. Zahara Myneto

    Private  War Council

    Secure Conference Room - Naval Command Complex Courscant There were very few drawbacks to being an Admiral. You got free food, a few paltry salutes here and there, perhaps even a Thank you for your service every once and a while. Aside from constantly fearing death by asphyxiation, and spending...
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